Creating an Unfair Advantage For Your Personal Brand Using the Power of Photography

Photography is one of the most critical parts of my brand.

Whatever I put out into the world on my Instagram, website, emails, has to accurately represent my brand. And it’s gotta look goooood.

You wouldn’t leave the house with rollers in your hair or your makeup half done, so don’t put anything out into the world that you’re not super proud of either.

When it comes to personal brand photography, just like your written copy, it’s all about storytelling and converting your audience into paying customers.

Your personal brand photos need to visually tell YOUR story and look aesthetically pleasing.

On the podcast today I have my own lifestyle photographer, Jenn Hernandez. 

Jenn is a brand expert, a photography master, and so much fun to listen to. 

And if you love this interview with Jenn as much as I have, you're in luck! 

Because she’s speaking at my event, Consciously Creating Your Whole You Live Experience, this November 16th in Boulder Colorado.

The theme of the event this year is centered on learning how to understand and communicate with people outside of my OWN generation. You know, you’ve heard of most of them right?  The Silent Generation? Baby Boomers? Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials?

For example, how do I communicate with my team, who are all millennials, and help them understand and implement my vision for my business.

Or how do I sell to someone like my mom, who doesn’t trust the internet, when most of my business is based online.

This marketing strategy that I call called Generationally Authentic Storytelling.

It is an organized format that follows a sales process and deeply indoctrines your audience no matter what age and allows you to enroll them into working with you, joining your membership or buying your product with a lot less resistance.  

Because you are communicating with them the way that their generation hears and processes information.

I’ve become so fascinated by this way of Marketing and communicating to different generations that I’ve decided to make it the theme of my 2nd Annual Consciously Creating Your Whole You Live Experience Event.

And I’m so excited to invite you to join me November 16th, 2019 in Boulder Colorado for a day of learning to communicate with your ideal customer across generational lines.

Tickets are on sale now over for only $247, which is a $50 discount.

But don’t wait around to get your ticket, because the discount is going away and the price is going up on Saturday!

I’ll be joined by a panel of expert speakers in teaching you in depth about this concept of Generationally Authentic Storytelling and how to implement it into your marketing.

I cannot wait for this event, because this is a game changer for your business.

Here’s to building a brand that radiates your brilliance!