Don't Get Stuck In The Comparison Trap on Social Media

How many times have you been scrolling social media and had these thoughts run through your brain…

Wow. She’s really got her shiz together. Wish I could figure out how she’s doing that. 

Or… she’s made WAY more progress in her biz than me and has half the followers I do. 

Or… no one ever comments on my stuff. Which means they hate it. Which means my life is boring AF and I don’t actually know what I’m doing. 

Hear me when I say this: there isn’t anything wrong with social media. Not at all.

But it’s a very real fact that social media is an easy place for the best of us to get discouraged. 

Sometimes it sneaks up on you when you’re scrolling Insta, but other times it’s a pervasive feeling that you just can’t shake.

It’s the comparison trap and if you get stuck in it, it can hijack your work. 

But when you own who you are online and come to social media with your own brand of creative expression… that gives you a level of confidence.

And that confidence is what will keep you secure in your mindset as you work at bringing visibility to your biz day after day.

Here are 3 strategies you can use to prevent yourself from getting stuck in the comparison trap on social media.