Unconventional Ways You Can Hack Your Sleep, The Holistic Way

I’m here today to talk with you about something that sounds a little boring but is arguably one of THE biggest ways to improve your productivity as an entrepreneur: the time you spend in your bedroom.

And I do not mean that kind of time. I mean time spent sleeping. Which is the main purpose of your bedroom, right? It’s supposed to be a restful, peaceful environment that gives you a place to recharge at night so you can start the next day feeling your best.

Now if you clicked on this podcast episode based on the title, thinking you were gonna hear stuff like “get 8 hours of sleep” or “get a better mattress!” then this may not be the podcast for you. Maybe hop on Google and find an article with normal sleeping tips.

I’m not gonna give you normal. I’m gonna give you cool hacks with exceptional value.

We’re not going to be talking about that stuff you hear every place else.

I’ve got 3 unconventional ways you can hack your sleep, the holistic way, that will result in you having better performance.