Unconventional Ways to Change Your Vibe & Release Limiting Beliefs with Emily Hirsh

Today’s show has me just a little bit excited because I will be introducing you to an entrepreneur who’s pretty impressive. 

Her name is Emily Hirsh and she’s spent the last several years building her empire - first as a virtual assistant and now as CEO of a Facebook Ads agency, Hirsh Marketing. She built her company from the ground up in her 20s and has grown it into a six figure empire ... all before age 30. Impressive, right?

But that isn't why I interviewed her for today's episode. I wanted her on the show so she could share her tips on removing her limiting beliefs so she could really soar... and the transformation that happened personally and professionally as a result.

How many times have we believed things about ourselves that just aren't true, and as a result missed out on something great?

Check out today's episode with my special guest, Emily Hirsh, to learn more.