How to Start Taking Action and Stop Making Excuses

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I’ve heard them all....

“I can’t make our appointment today because my cousin’s mailman’s butcher lost the keys to his sailboat and I need to help him find them and support him emotionally through this difficult time…”

Okay, maybe that’s going a bit too far…but you would be shocked at the wild tales I hear as to why people need to cancel their appointments last minute.

“I got a sunburn.”

“I forgot my email password.”

“My dog thinks he’s a bird.”

I got one of these last-minute “I’m definitely making this up” excuses the other morning as I was getting ready to meet the client and it inspired me to use my newly freed up time to record a new podcast on this topic.

Click above to listen to the latest episode, How to Start Taking Action and Stop Making Excuses, and learn how to overcome that little voice in your head that loves avoiding the things that can help you grow.