Bring Your Online Business to Life with Special Guest Adam Zucco of 3 Step Solutions

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Hey my friends! Hayley Hobson here and welcome to the Whole You where we embrace consciously watching your thoughts, your dreams, so you can live your life your way.

Wes and I have a lot of friends. We’re both social people: my friends come from Pilates and Yoga and Wes’s friends come from the Triathlon world and I think the two world mesh pretty good.

It’s fun when we all get together and reminiscence about the good ol’ days.

Adam Zucco is one of those friends. Adam and Wes have been friends since their days training and competing in Triathlons and when he told us about his new web development business a few years back Wes and I were both excited.

I love to see my friends become Entrepreneurs. It’s so motivating to see your friends creating, strategizing, collaborating in business.

I feel like it makes me better, rubbing shoulders with entrepreneurs only fuels my fire and keeps me on my A game.

I would love to share a little more about Adam with you.

Adam started out at 240 lbs. in 1994 and couldn’t run 1.5 miles to join the Marines. He has since lost 80 lbs. and has developed into an elite level triathlete. He owns a coaching biz called SuperFly Coaching and loves coaching elite olympics athletes.

Adam has a motto: Surround Myself with Great People

Adam is a born entrepreneur and started 3SS 3 years ago with several partners. 
3SS is the first all-in-one platform for building, marketing and growing your business. 3SS takes care of the hard stuff so entrepreneurs can focus on their business. Anything you want to do can be done in 3 steps.