Personal Branding 101: How to Build a Brand that Attracts All the Right Clients and Customers with Special Guest Kristie Keever

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Hey my friends! Hayley Hobson here and welcome to the Whole You where we embrace consciously watching your thoughts, your dreams, so you can live your life your way.

So, I have a little story to share. A friend of a friend recommended I look into hiring a branding consultant to give my website and brand a facelift. 

I have to admit I was really curious. Branding sounded fun! 

So, my friend put me in touch with Kristie Keever from

She is local to me here in Boulder and we met up and chatted. 

I liked Kristie from the beginning and we hit it off talking branding, biz strategy, next level website etc. 

I was super excited!! 

4 months later I have this new and improved Hayley Hobson brand look and feel. 

The best part was Kristie didn’t change who I was, she just tweaked my brand a little.

It actually just reflects more of who I really am. 

Clean, fresh, white-whites, blues, happy, beachy, foodie, Mommy. All the things. 

When I launched my podcast, Kristie was at the top of my list for guests. 

I love her style and she has a great mind for business. 

Kristie is a brand stylist and business strategist. 
She’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs and small businesses gain clarity in their messaging and experience success in their marketing and in their business.