Stop Losing Track of Time

I thought today we’d talk about something that impacts everyone… TIME.

I even heard it in a song this morning.

The lyric goes, “Time is money but money can’t make no time.”

Yes, it was the incomparable Justin Bieber.

He’s so wise, don’t you think? LOL

Or maybe DJ Khaled is wise. Which one do you think wrote that line?

Anyway… time is our most valuable resource.

And it’s actually the one that stresses most of us out the most.

We never seem to have enough of it to do what we wanna do.

It goes by so fast… and yet we waste A LOT of it on the daily.

So many of us have really unhealthy relationships with time.

But what if I were to tell you that shifting your relationship with time is the SECRET to actually getting more of it?

I’ve been talking about this with my friend, Marie Forleo.

‘Cause we’re putting together a fun FREE online event called Get Your Life Back: Simple solutions to take control of your time, shift your mindset +

It’s all going down on Wednesday, September 28th at 10:00 Pacific, which is 1 in the afternoon Eastern.

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I’ll shoot you over all the details right away – including a calendar reminder you can add so you get pinged when it’s time for the event.

You’d be shocked at how many people say they’re going to come to something… and then just don’t show up.

THAT is an example of a poor relationship with time.

The moment you sign up, you’re committing your time to learning something new. 

In this case, you’re learning how to actually create more time… release your stress and compression about it… and use your precious time for things you actually LOVE to do. But tell yourself you don’t have the time FOR.

Like having lunch with your girlfriends… going to a movie – like in a real theater… or working out daily.

Whatever you wanna do – whatever makes YOU happy and fulfilled – but you decide, usually at the last minute…

You lose track of time.
It literally disappears in front of you. Poof. It’s gone.  

And you tell yourself you no longer have time..

My friends, Marie and I are gonna help you bust through this myth – and create a healthy relationship with time.

Based on what’s important to YOU. While still completing all the tasks, to-dos, and adulting things on your plate.

Now, I know you’ve heard me singing the praises of a technique I personally use called Time Blocking.

It’s where you organize your calendar into blocks of time dedicated to specific tasks.

For example, 2 hours for grocery shopping and errands every Tuesday. 

Or 90 minutes for working out – ‘cause I’ve actually learned a 50-minute workout actually takes me about 90 minutes.

Once I factor in getting ready… filling my water bottle up… drive time… 

Getting up the stairs to the studio… getting myself situated… then taking the actual class.

And then the whole process of getting back home. Finding my car in the parking lot. Driving back. Hitting every light. Maybe grabbing a juice on the way home…

That 50-minute class time is doubled. But if I hadn’t actually paid attention to how much time it took… I wouldn’t time block my calendar appropriately.

And I’d be stressed the eff out.

And in fact – that used to be what happened to me.

Like wayyyyyy too many times for me to tell you about.

And when I lived life this way, I actually created a really contentious relationship with time.

Until I realized… it’s not a time problem. It’s a ME problem.

And while I can’t control TIME… I can control me. And how I choose to approach time.

So I started actually documenting how long things took me.

And OMG my brain nearly exploded when I saw how long this ONE thing actually took me.

But yennow what?

It meant I got to adjust my time block. Extending it to as long as it actually took me.

And… I stopped being stressed out.

I stopped overbooking myself. Committing to things I couldn’t actually do.

And I found PEACE.

So when I hear people complaining about how time blocking doesn’t work for them and their lifestyle…

This is usually the reason.

And I get it. 

Time-blocking can be super restrictive.

If you choose to look at it that way.

And you don’t actually know how long things take you – OR you time block and don’t actually follow the blocks!

So I’m gonna offer you a new time blocking technique I think may help you out more.

Especially if you are someone who needs a bit more time to create flow in your day.

Give yourself bigger blocks.

Now, I know this goes against what I’ve taught you in the past about not making your time blocks longer than 2 hours.

And that’s because there’s an exception.

And the exception is when you’re CREATING.

I’m talkin’ about brainstorming… researching… coming up with new ideas… producing.

Then you should definitely give yourself longer chunks of time.

Because unlike things like:
  • Answering emails.
  • Attending meetings.
  • Running to Target.
  • Or doctor’s appointments…
Which are very tactical and don’t require real focus or the creative side of your brain…

When you are in creation mode, you actually need more time to slip into that flow state.

Here’s an example.

Have you ever tried to write something… shoot something… or create something…

In short pockets of time between meetings or calls?

It’s virtually impossible.

So don’t try.

Instead, approach your calendar in a way that feels good to you.

The truth is, you are the designer of your day.

And yet most of us let others dictate what we do and when. 

And I gotta tell ya friends, it’s actually why most of us are so frustrated and annoyed with our calendars.

So what if you took back the power?

What if you decided what you did and when… and then let other people work within those boundaries?

Here’s an example:

I’ve decided that between 10am and 1pm, that’s my focus time.

What I focus on in those windows changes – but I never book meetings or calls in that window.

That is MY time to focus and get shit done.

Of course, I will be flexible if absolutely nothing else works and it’s literally the ONLY time someone can meet with me or squeeze me into an appointment… 

But 99% of the time, that’s “me” time for growing my biz.

And you get to do this too.

I want you to remember… you don’t have to accept someone’s first suggestion.

Like, let’s say you’re on the phone booking a doctor’s appointment. Or a hair appointment. Whatever.

And they throw out a time that just is super inconvenient to you.

Like, it’s in the middle of your day. And you know it means you’re gonna lose ALL productivity if you accept it.

Have you ever simply said… “Actually that’s not ideal for me. Do you have anything before 10am?” 

Or whatever time is ideal for YOU and YOUR flow.

I have to tell you… for the longest time, doing this never even entered my mind.

Most of us – especially women – have grown up with the idea that we need to be accommodating.

To bend over backward and people-please. Even if it’s to our own detriment.

So let’s break this habit. ‘Cause it IS a habit. 

And it’s a bad one – especially if you’ve got a career… or you wanna start a side hustle you’re passionate about.

Don’t let other people control your time.

Don’t give up your peace for the sake of “making it nice” for someone else.

I’m not telling you this to be a jerk.

I’m telling you this to empower you.

To give you permission to take up space – and have your most valuable asset, your time, be respected.

But the truth is my friends… if you don’t respect your time, no one else will either.

And that means respecting your choices. Because YOU chose to create your calendar.

And your calendar is a reflection of your priorities.

Time blocking is simply a technique to help you organize your time and remain productive.

If you choose not to use it… if you choose to see it as something constricting rather than something that gives you freedom…

Then you get to shift your mindset about time.

And tweak your time-blocking approach so it works for not only how you actually live your life…

But for how you WANT to live your life.

I’ll give you another recent example.

So in my biz, I actually have someone else manage my calendar.

And yes, I get that not everyone has an assistant to manage their schedule, but you'll still be able to do this yourself.

Anyway, so it was right before Madeline was going back to school.

And I had my whole Saturday morning time blocked with work and personal stuff. Day was fully scheduled.

And then Madeline came to me and said… “Mom, can we go back to school shopping together?”

And I realized… there are only a few more summers where she will ask me to do this with her.

Only a few more years where she’s gonna want to hang out with me like this. 

Go shopping with me instead of asking me to hand over my credit card while she goes shopping with her friends instead. LOL

I know this because it’s how I was at her age.

And in that moment, I realized… I get to clear the decks.

I get to move things around on my schedule so I CAN take the entire day off to create memories with her.

And yes, get her new clothes and notebooks and all the fun stuff I LOVED getting for back to school too. Funny how it brings back those memories when you do this with your kids.

So instead of feeling stressed out about trying to make my time-blocked schedule happen AND quote unquote “squeeze in” Madeline time…

I remembered that my calendar is MINE. My time is MINE. And my calendar reflects my priorities. Which is my daughter.

So, my assistant and I reviewed my calendar… and we moved everything around.

We made it work. And we spent the whole day shopping and hanging out and having FUN together. I’ll never forget this day – and I hope she won’t either.

Friends, you get to create this kind of flexible lifestyle too.

And it starts with your relationship with time… your mindset about time… 

And approaching your time not from the place of “I can’t” or “I don’t have the time…”

But from a place of “HOW can I?”We all have “how can I” inside of us. We just need to remember this. 

And actually apply this mindset in our daily lives – especially when it comes to our time.

Marie Forleo and I are spending a ton of TIME (ha!) in our upcoming event talking about this.

Plus specific hacks to intentionally create more breathing room in your life. Without blowing your responsibilities… or giving up FUN. 

Yes! You’ll actually get to create MORE space for fun… 

And still have time for your goals, your career, or your biz… and take care of yourself and YOUR needs on the daily.

It’s all possible. It’s all totally doable too.

We are living examples.

That’s what we’re talking about in our Get Your Life Back special event. 

Which takes place ONLINE on Wednesday, September 28th at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.

If you’re ready to finally eliminate the stress and constriction you feel about time… 

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And then here’s the most important step: Show up.

First, ‘cause this is a LIVE event. It’s actually a PODCAST PARTY. That’s right, you’re going behind the scenes with us… and even ask us questions LIVE.

But second, show up because you get to commit to your word. 

Remember WHY you chose to sign up. When you add this event to your calendar – ‘cause I WILL send you an invite to put on your own personal calendar – jot yourself a note in there about WHY you chose to sign up.

Set an alarm if you need to.I have a friend who literally sets three alarms for every event she has on her calendar.  That’s what she needs.  Hey, whatever works….

Coach yourself so you show up.

What will it give you that you don’t have now?

Besides someone who keeps her word to herself.

What challenges or problems will knowing how to give yourself more time – more breathing room – help eliminate?

Literally write it down as a reminder to yourself. 

‘Cause what I can tell you from experience is… more than half of the people who sign up for this event won’t prioritize themselves on September 28th.

Something else will suddenly seem more important. And they won’t get this information. 

They won’t get the insights that will show them how to create more FREEDOM time… for the rest of their lives.

I know, it’s crazy to me too.

Don’t let that be you. Add the calendar invite I’ll give to you… and inside it, write down your WHY for yourself… and then show up.

Again, the place to get your free pass is

That’s it for me today, friends… 

I’ll see ya online…