The Success Trifecta: Grit, Determination + Resilience

Have you ever had something really terrible happen in your life?

Maybe something happens in your family… a loss… the end of a relationship… a falling out that literally rocks your world.

Or maybe it’s something in your work life.

Like you got fired… or laid off… or if you have your own biz – you aren’t seeing the results you want.

BTW, if that’s where you’re at right now… and you’re like “Man – things don’t feel so stable and secure anymore. 

I have no idea what’s gonna happen… or if I can afford my lifestyle the way costs keep going up…”

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Anyway, the reason I’m asking if something awful has ever happened to you is…

I’m curious how you handled it.

This is something that’s always fascinated me.

You see – I’m friends with two sisters.

And the way they handle hardship is completely different.

The older one – my closest friend – is resilient AF.

Meaning, she kinda hits pause for a minute to process what happened… and then is like, OK – let’s get to work.

Whether that’s to fix the problem… or mourn the loss… or put on a brave face for her kids. And deal with it privately.

Yet her younger sister… well, she kinda melts down.

She copes by turning to reallllyyyyy unhealthy habits. Or acts out. Or flies off the handle with her anger… or ghosts everyone and goes radio silent.

You never know what you’re gonna get… 

Now, I wanna acknowledge that everyone is different. We all handle shit in our own way.

But can you guess which of the sisters is more successful in life?

Which one is actually happier on the daily?

Which one has happier, emotionally resilient children? Because they’re both moms.

It’s the older one.

Bet you could guess that.

Now I wanna say… I’m not being judgy about this.

I love them both.

And as I said, I find this sort of thing fascinating.

Maybe I should have been an anthropologist or sociologist in another life…

Because it’s so intriguing to me how they grew up in the same household and respond so wildly differently to the same situations.

BT Dubs, if you know the answer about this, would you please DM me? Because it intrigues me so much. LOL

Anyway… I bring this up because right now, we’re all having to deal with things outside our control.

Especially in our professional lives.

Here’s an example – and I hope I’m not talking out of turn here…

But in my network marketing biz, I notice two categories of people on my team.

The resilient “I’m gonna figure this shit out and make it HAPPEN” people…

And the “sit back and wait” people.

How you deal with uncertainty and changes comes down to mindset, my friends.

Which means you are in control of how you proceed.

You get to consciously decide – and take action – on it.

Now, you may have been born with a certain default setting.

You may be good at certain things… or have certain natural skills, talents, and drives you can lean on in your work…

But mindset is changeable.

And what I’m suggesting is developing a mindset of grit, determination, and resilience.

We can all do that, right?

Which actually reminds me.

Have you watched “The Most Hated Man on the Internet” yet?

It’s a 3-part docuseries on Netflix.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you GOTTA watch it.

Not for the d-bag kid who is the primary subject of the show…

But for the badass mom – Charlotte Laws.

You want a picture of grit, determination, and resilience?

It’s Charlotte.

I’ll give you a non-spoiler version of why you should watch.

Charlotte’s daughter had intimate photos hacked from her computer – and posted on a website by the hacker.

She told her mom… and mom went into action.

And Charlotte – the mom – didn’t give up. Even when threatened – which went on for YEARS.

And despite that – she kept going. Kept crusading for her daughter and the dozens of other women in the same position.

Charlotte Laws’ activism is so inspiring – and I hope you tune in to watch the show for that alone.

Now, I really hope your version of grit, determination, and resilience doesn’t have to stem from that level.

But we all have things in our lives that give us the opportunity to pull up that grit… or collapse in ourselves.

We have this choice literally every single day.

I learned early on in my career that you never say “I don’t know” to a question.

You say, “Let me find out for you.”

Throwing up your hands when you don’t have the answer t is gonna keep you small. It’s gonna keep you locked into limitation.

“Let me find out for you” is solutions-oriented.

And what I’ve realized is that when you’re able to make life easier for others, you get rewarded for it.

I actually want you to pay attention to this in the real world.

Like, let’s say you go to a restaurant and you ask about something on the menu.

Like – what kind of peppers are in the fajitas?

And if your server says, “I’m not sure,” or “I actually don’t know” without proactively offering to find out for you…

Notice how you feel.

When this happens to me – and believe me, it happens to me a lot. It’s not that I’m a picky eater necessarily.

As a vegan who has struggled with digestive issues her whole life, I literally have to ask these questions.

It’s the difference between being able to go on with my day – or being doubled over with belly pains.

Anyway, when this happens to me, I used to get irritated.

Because like I said, I learned early on that you shift into solutions mode. “I don’t have the answer but let me find out for you.”

So the giving up attitude of “I don’t know” without any sort of “let me find out for you” reaaaallllyyyy used to get under my skin.

Now my eyes are opened to the truth.

That it’s a mindset issue.

And while it’s not my job to coach them through this, I don’t get mad anymore.

I just notice and go, huh – limited mindset.

And I either politely ask them if they are open to finding out for me… or I choose something else.

It’s not worth my energy to get flared up about this anymore.

The only person I can change is myself…

And teach my daughter to have a solutions-mindset – because it’s going to set her up for long-term success.

What I know for a fact is, because I always adopted a “let me find out” attitude in my work, I got promotions. 

I got raises. I got moved up the ladder faster than my colleagues who just sat there and did their jobs.

And to be real with you… some of them were actually BETTER at their jobs than I was.

But because I went out of my way to find solutions and get RESULTS, I made other people’s lives easier.

I showed adaptability, flexibility, grit, and determination.

AKA: leadership.

And I’ve continued this through starting my own biz.

Now it shows up a bit differently.

Instead of “let me find out for you,” it’s more about helping people come up with solutions to their problems.

As a coach, my job isn’t to tell others what to do.

My job is to help them come up with their own solutions. And take action on them. And be there as an accountability partner.

We all tell ourselves limiting stories. 

Like, “Well, I tried it once and it didn’t work, so I’m out.”

Or “I HAVEN’T tried this before so I’m probably going to suck at it, so I’m not gonna bother.”

Or “This is the way it’s always been done.”

Or right now, this is a big one – “Things are out of my control – so I’m not gonna do anything.” 

But is that going to get you where you want to go in life?

That hasn’t been my experience.

My experience has been when I pause, consider, and take action – results happen.

Mindset matters.

You can literally have allllll the tactics and strategies in the world…

But if you don’t have a flexible, adaptable mindset – the kind of attitude that says “I may not know what to do but I’m gonna figure this out.”

Then it’s not going to matter.

What else are you pretending not to know?

Here’s an example from my own biz.

I pump out a lot of content on the regular.

Not just because I enjoy it – but because I know it’s going to serve my biz for where I personally want to get.

But not every piece is a winner.

Not everything I do goes viral or resonates with my community.

And you know what?

That’s ok. It’s a learning experience.

Sometimes I feel like I have something to say and I’m compelled to say it.

Even if right now, my community isn’t in a place to receive it.

Down the line they may be. And it will be there for them.

I personally pay attention to the numbers in my business – and curate content I feel will help my community.

Right where they are. Right now.

And I’m not always on the money with it.

It’s ok – I don’t beat myself up about it.

I don’t let this stop me from connecting. Or shrink inwards, telling myself a story that no one wants to hear what I have to say.

The truth is – you don’t have to be for everyone.

You don’t have to hit the nail on the head every single day, with every single person.

You’re bound to have seasons in your life and your biz where you get to reassess what’s important to you.

Who you want to be. What you want your biz and your vision to be.

No one says you’re locked forever into the decisions you make today.

I mean, I gotta tell ya… one thing that people both love and hate about me (which honestly, I actually love about myself)...

…is that I’m not afraid to make decisions.

Sure, they may wind up becoming non-optimal decisions – but because I carry a flexible, resilient mindset – I know I have the opportunity to make another decision later.

And I do.

So why am I sharing all this?

Because, as I shared, you get to have this mindset too.

It’s a decision. One you can make every day.

Be brave enough to make decisions – knowing you will likely have a chance to make another one later.

Don’t wait to take action. 

There’s literally never going to be a PERFECT moment.

Your perfect moment is NOW. 

So stay persistent in your goals. Stay consistent in making progress toward them.

I know we’re in an uncertain time right now.

None of us knows what the future holds…

But what I can tell you – without absolute certainty – is that you can always bet on yourself.

You have something to share with the world.

And whether you already have your own biz…

Or you have a hobby you love and are like, hmm I wonder if I could make a little extra money from this…

Or maybe you have a ton of past work and knowledge you’re not monetizing yet…

The possibilities are endless.

Because the fact is, you CAN take this knowledge and turn it into an offer you put online.

Even if you’re not techy. Or think you’re not creative. Or maybe you’re like UGH – I’m just so damn TIRED right now…

I wanna show you a new path – one that’s totally doable. And FUN.

That’s why I invited Amy Porterfield to come talk with you.

It’s gonna be super fun. Girls chatting about how to futureproof your life.

Create abundance in a time of scarcity.

And actually ENJOY the ride.

But there’s one requirement.

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I’m really stoked for this convo.

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She literally revolutionized my business – and I know she can do the same for you too.

So get your pass now… because we go live next week!

Have a good one my friends… and until next time, I’ll see ya online.