Marketing Funnel 101 – Do You Need One for Your Biz?

Whether you’re thinking about starting an online biz… if you’ve got one already… or  you're in the midst of launching one right now…

You’ve probably heard the phrase “marketing funnel.”

And yeah, I know… it sounds super complicated. 

Maybe even HARD. Expensive. Or confusing AF. LOL

But today I’m gonna break this down for ya – so you see just how simple it is… and decide if YOU need one for your biz.

Because I promise you…

It’s not too late. You’re NOT too old. You’re not behind the 8 ball already.

Now is the PERFECT time to learn this. And it’s completely doable. 100% guaranteed.

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For today, though, we’re gonna take a Marketing Funnel 101 approach.

Very simply put, a marketing funnel is just an online way to move a prospective client or customer from point A to point B… all the way to an eventual sale…. in an automated way. 

Via a few key stages.

It may help to think of it like a relationship – the journey of a relationship.

You know there are stages for that too, right?

The first stage is… well, you decide, “Ya know what? I’m ready for a new relationship.”

Whether that’s friendship or a romantic relationship.

So obviously you first have to make a decision that you want something different.

THEN you take action.

And start exploring your options – maybe even signing up for a dating app.

In marketing terms, this is what we call “top of funnel”.

If you think about the shape of a funnel, you’ll probably notice that the top is the biggest part.

That’s where the most amount of people come in.

You joining a dating app is a top of funnel activity.

You’re like, sure I’ll check this out. 

And you give over a little bit of personal info. Your email or maybe your socials.

But you’re not all that invested yet. 

It’s the same with your biz.

Top of funnel for your biz would be someone checking out what you have to offer – whether that’s:

  • A freebie – such as a checklist or an ebook or some sort of downloadable guide.
  • Or maybe you offer a mini-training.
  • Or a multi-day challenge or virtual summit.
All in exchange for an email address. 

This stage is very exciting for a lot of people.

They’re opening up to something new and fresh… whether that’s learning a new skill that will help them with their career, work, or biz…

Or some sort of personal goal they’re working on.

The one and ONLY goal at the top of funnel stage is collecting that email address.

You’re not worrying about her going all in on working with you.

Just an email.

The second part of this relationship journey is what we call middle of funnel.

Or nurturing the relationship.

In dating terms, you’ve started the conversation with someone you like…

You’re dating… having fun… getting to know one another.

Middle of the funnel activities are essentially the same sort of thing.

But in an automated way.

You’re sending emails offering value… 

Maybe some blog content… tips… sharing stories about who you are that she can relate to.

Quick solutions to common problems…

For me, I focus on holistic hacks… for both biz and health challenges.

People LOVVVVEEEE that kind of stuff.

From a tactical perspective, you write maybe 5-7 emails (or whatever you feel your ideal customer or client needs to feel welcomed to your world and valued).

You walk her through a process of getting to know, like, and trust you.

Which is the foundation for any strong relationship.

Because the ENTIRE purpose of this stage of the relationship is to decide if you wanna take things further.

Let’s say your goal in dating to get married – or be in a stable, long-term, healthy relationship.

In your biz, it is most likely some sort of financial transaction.

Whether that’s for this person to buy from you… work with you as a coach or whatever kind of biz you have… or employ your services.

So middle of the funnel is actually pretty dang important, wouldn’t you say?

Like, how weird would it be for you to be texting with some guy on a dating app and within seconds he was like, hey wanna get married?

For most women I know, that would be full on red flags-ville.

That’s essentially what you’re putting out there if you immediately hit up someone who just joined your email list with a sales message.

Major yuck vibes for the majority of peeps.

Middle of the funnel is the getting to know you stage – and just like dating, it’s where you build a relationship.

So that when it’s time to decide to go steady – OMG I sound like my mother right now LOL.

Ummm, when it’s time to be exclusive… it feels like a natural next step. 

And if the person in your funnel decides you’re not “the one” – that’s cool too.

It’s better to know that and not keep chasing her. 

AKA spending time, money, and effort to get her to work with you.

So let’s go back to the person who is all in with you – and you’ve been nurturing this relationship via a series of automated emails.

Which, from a tactical perspective, means you create once – and use an email system to automatically send them for you on a schedule.

Pretty smart, right?

The final stage of this process slash online relationship is…

The Bottom of the Funnel.

Bring back to mind the shape of a funnel.

Wide at the top that narrows down at the bottom.

Toward a specific goal or next step.

Which for your biz is for them to take action on a sale.

In the mind of the person in your funnel, the value has stacked up… 

And she can’t believe how much your tips, tricks, and content have already helped her out.

And she feels like she’s in relationship with you. She knows you… she likes you… and she trusts you.

So she feels prepared, inspired, and ready to buy.

One big note here.

When it comes to what next step you offer her… 

It pays to know your ideal customer or client.

And tie your offer into the thing she signed up for.

For example, if she came into your funnel because she wanted 3 quick social media hacks to improve her Instagram presence…

You’d be priming her for some sort of social media related purchase.

Like an online course… a paid training with you… or maybe a bundle of resources.

It wouldn’t be a smart move to instantly hit her up with an expensive coaching program… or something completely outside of why she signed up.

It sounds nuts but trust me… people do it.

I’ve seen people out there want to get in on popular trends, but they’re not at all related to what they do – or WANT to do – that it backfires.

All those people in your email list are gonna bail if you suddenly act like you don’t know them anymore.

Happens in real life relationships too.

One more pro tip on your sales offers – or actually, in ALL of your emails…

Be very very clear about what you want her to do.

Only choose ONE action.

For example, don’t send an email that’s like:

Buy my essential oil products that help you with stress.

Or sign up for my in person workshop in your area.

Or sign up to be part of my team.

It’s like… WHAT!? Information overload.

Statistics prove that if you offer more than one thing in an email, she will choose nothing.

So keep it simple. Keep it clear. And give her ONE THING – and one thing only – to do.

Now, I know this is a lot to take in…

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Of course, you could totally hire someone to build it for you.

But, from what I’ve seen, many marketing contractors out for hire, don’t truly understand this. So just be careful and make sure you give them a TON of direction. 

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Alright, friends, hope this helped you feel more confident than you actually KNOW what a marketing funnel is…

And you’re ready to learn how to actually implement it into your own biz… by coming to my masterclass.

Can’t wait to teach this one for ya…

Have a great week… and I'll see ya online.