What’s More Important: Email or Social Media?

If you had to guess… which aspect of your biz do you think is more important…

Social media or email?

I’ll give you a second to think about it. 

You got your answer?

In my opinion… the correct answer is… drumroll please… 


Did that surprise you?

I talk A LOT about social media marketing… but email still is king.

Today I’m gonna give you 5 reasons why email is so important in growing and scaling your biz… as well as HOW to grow your list.

And one of the easiest – and best – ways to have people opting into your list consistently… is to create a killer landing page for the web.

Whether you’ve got a landing page up right now… or you’ve tried it before and didn’t see stellar results… or you’ve been thinking about putting one up…

I’ll show ya how to make a landing page designed to get people to join your email list in my upcoming workshop.

It’s free when you come live… and you can sign up at

I’ll tell ya more about that here at the end of the episode… but let’s get back to email for right now.

The first reason why you gotta focus on your email list is… you own those contacts.

Well, unless you accidentally delete 11,000 of them from your database like I did a couple weeks ago.

UGH – did you get an email from me about that?

I’m soooo sorry.

Freakin’ nightmare. LOL

Shows why you shouldn't multitask or rock out to BTS while working with technology. LOL

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is focusing entirely on social media. 

But when you do that… you’re literally building your business on someone else’s property.

Because those social platforms can shut you down with ZERO warning.

Which happened to me at the beginning of this year.

I’ve talked a bit about this on the podcast, but long story short… someone hacked my Facebook account…

Posted inappropriate stuff against the rules of the platforms… and I got shut down.

They shut down Instagram too, because both platforms are owned by Facebook.

It was stressful AF.

It took several weeks for me to get my accounts back – and that’s WITH a concerted effort from dozens of people helping me get through the fustercluck of Facebook customer support.

And when they were “back”, I still couldn’t go live on my platforms or pay for targeted traffic for months. 

Not that I’m still annoyed or anything… LOL

ANYWAY – imagine that happened to you… over a decade’s worth of work spent building your community… and it’s gone. Literally overnight.

And you don’t have an email list or any other means of communication with your people.

No bueno, right?

With your email list, you have direct contact with your peeps – and the risk of having your biz severely hampered by getting hacked or shut down is wayyyyy lower.

You also have more control over ensuring your email gets delivered.

That’s the second reason why you gotta focus on email instead of solely social.

You see, with social media, you’re up against the algorithm.

The average reach of an organic post is about 5%.

Uh huh. That’s right.

Only about 5% of your followers see your posts – unless you pay up. 

Twitter is about 3 and a half percent.

Instagram is around 20%.

And that’s for them to see your posts. That’s not a 20% conversion rate. 

However… with email, short of you getting flagged for spam or sending out messages to a cold list, most deliverability rates are above 85%.

Now I do wanna say… I’m painting with broad strokes here.
There’s nuance in everything… but for the sake of making the point of being in control over who receives your content… 

Email wins – hands down.

I mean, if you’re gonna spend your time creating content for your community… you want it to be seen, right?

And you want your content to convert. 

Email is way better at that.

Now, the third reason why email is so clutch in growing your biz is… you are creating a personal relationship. You’re talking 1 to 1.

I know that might sound a little weird given how many emails you probably get in a day… LOL

But think about how it works on social.

There, you’re speaking one to many.

Kelly may be seeing your post in her feed… but you’re not talking directly to her. And she knows it.

In email, however… it’s more intimate.

You ARE talking directly to her.

You can even use her NAME in the emails – most platforms offer this personalization option as a standard.

To most people, social is more disposable.

We use email for important things. 

Like work… for communicating with your kids’ school… confirming appointments… and purchases… and other things you need to keep track of.

So it’s the perfect relationship building tool – because most of us consider it private.

Relationships are built on connection… intimacy… and trust.

You get more time with people in email.

You can use your voice to connect… tell stories… offer value.

People actually spend more time reading your emails than they do consuming social.

It’s true. 

I saw a stat that said people read a marketing-style email for 12 seconds. Social it’s less than 2 seconds.

So they’re more ENGAGED – they’re clearly more interested… 

And you get more time with them.

Which is what you need in order to create a relationship, right?

By the way, have you read The 5 Love Languages?

It’s this book by Gary Chapman that says each of us has a love language.

It’s how we give and receive love.

And one of them is quality time.

Mine is acts of service.

If Wes or Madeline takes something off my plate… or literally DOES the plates LOL…

I’m super happy. Makes me feel loved.

It’s tied with gifts.

But sometimes I decide to get those for myself. Self love, baby! LOL


All relationships take time to develop. Even ones online.

And email is a really powerful way to connect through the screen.

12 seconds at a time. LOL

Now the fourth reason you should build an email list is… it actually converts better.

I mentioned this earlier. 

As in… when you’ve built your relationship online through email…

And you send out some sort of sales-related message…

Whether that’s to buy your online course…

Or sign up for a program you’re offering…

Or even purchase physical products through you…

Email converts at an average of 60%.

Know what social media alone is?


It all comes back to relationship building.

You build your business by getting people to know, like, and trust you.

Which, as I’ve just shared… is easier and more impactful to do via email.

Again… painting in broad strokes here.

Doesn’t mean you’ll send out one email and 60% of your list will buy immediately.

It’s an average over time.

But it shows the incredible power of building a list, doesn’t it?

The other great thing about email is it’s highly targetable.

That’s the fifth reason you want an email list for your biz.

You can do a TON of customization… segmentation… and behavior-based targeting with your email list.

Can’t do that with social.

Not really. And definitely not well.

For example…

Let’s say you have a few different offerings in your biz.

Maybe you have an in-person fitness training business… and you also do affiliate marketing for essential oils.

Not everyone is gonna be able to do fitness training with you.

You’re locked in by geography there.

But everyone COULD work with you on the essential oil side of your biz.

So you wouldn’t want to blast your local fitness emails to people who live on the other side of the country, would you?

It’s irrelevant to them.

And doing that skyrockets your chances of them leaving your list entirely.

But with email… and strategic landing pages… you can segment the local peeps from non-local ones.

And send them appropriate, RELEVANT messages on the regular.

Because the fact is… we live in a hyper-relevant world now.

Sending out blanket emails about shiz people aren’t interested in or can’t do is a 1 way ticket to Unsubscribe-ville.

Ok this is a silly example…

But every once in a while, Netflix will serve me up some sort of TV show in the “you might like this show” option they have.

And I actually get kinda mad if it’s not right.

Like, I dunno, if they said I might like a meat eating competition TV show. LOL

I wouldn’t be surprised if that existed, BTW.

But for me, it wouldn’t be relevant.

And we’ve been SOOOOO conditioned to expect these algorithms to know us. 

That when they don’t, we’re kinda like… what the hell?

Or maybe that’s just me.

Do you get offended at algorithms? LOL

You know what… don’t tell me.

I’m gonna pretend that I’m totally normal and you said yes.

Ok. Moving on. LOL

The point is… with email, you have WAYYYY more customization features than you do on social.

Not only can you send emails to specific lists… 

You can also send emails by behavior.

Like, if someone opened an email but didn’t click.

Or has engaged with your email in the last 30 days.

You can also choose to exclude or remove people who haven’t engaged in a really long time.

In fact, that’s actually a smart idea because not only can it save you money by reducing the number of emails you’re sending… 

It will actually give you a clearer indication of how well your messages are performing.

With social… it’s way murkier.

And you don’t have the ability to tailor your content as much.

Which means you’re trying to appeal to the greatest number of people… instead of getting hyper relevant to an individual.

Make sense?

Now… you probably have more than just one thing you offer in your business. 

And you probably have more than 1 ideal customer type.

The awesome thing about the internet is… you can go after multiple groups… with multiple offers… with landing pages.

Which means you’re building your email list (with hyper relevant, juicy content)... at a more scalable level.

You CAN go after your local fitness peeps… 

AND your nationwide essential oil peeps… 

By creating different landing pages.

Which feeds into your email list.

And help you grow BOTH sides of your biz… in a 24/7, hands off, kind of way.

Landing pages are one of those online biz things you KNOW you should have… but it can feel overwhelming.

Like… what do you say to get people to hand over their email address to you?What should the page LOOK like?

And then there’s the tech side.

Which honestly is the thing most people stress about.

And I KNOW this.

Because that’s how I was feeling when I first started out.

I mean, they don’t teach you this sort of stuff in school.

Most of the time you have to go through a whole bunch of trial and error.

Until now.

I’m inviting you to my free Workshop. 

It’s called How to Create a Landing Page to Jumpstart Your Email List.

If you know you need a strong Landing Page to build your email list, but don’t exactly know what to do or what to say or where to even start… this workshop’s for you! 

And it’s free when you show up live… on Wednesday, April 6th at  10am Pacific – which is 1pm Eastern.

You can reserve your pass at

Because your landing page is the first step to fill your email list up with your ideal customers or clients.

And once you understand this methodology… you can apply it over and over again.

You’ll even be walked through a tutorial style session for the tech side.

So you can stop being scared about learning something new and messing up… and feel confident that you can bring in high quality leads to your list… consistently.

Again the link is – and I’ll post it here in the show notes as well as this week’s newsletter.

You know… the EMAIL I send ya every week with juicy business and wellness hacks?

Yep, that’s my insiders club… so you’ll want to be on there.

Ok friends – I can’t wait to see ya inside the workshop…

Have a great week – and I’ll see ya online.