Why Your Story is Inspirational & The Key to Being Successful

Do you ever look at someone and think… 

“MAN -- she has it all.”

Or… “I wish I could be that together”?

That recently happened to me at a network marketing event I was at.

You see, this person was relatively new to the organization -- and when she saw me and how high up I was… she instantly thought I had it all together.

What’s funny is… if you know me and my story… you know just how untrue this was for me when I was at her stage.

I’ll give you the reader's digest version…

Is that even still a thing?

What about Cliffs notes?

I’m sure there’s a new version of this quick summary format… and thankfully Madeline hasn’t really hit that stage in school yet. LOL

Although with SOME of her homework, I really wish there was -- because I have NO FREAKING IDEA how to do some of the things she has to do…

Anyway… LOL

Where I was going with this is... when I started my holistic health journey, I certainly did NOT have my shiz together.

In fact, I started getting into health because I literally HAD to.

I was in a high pressure job… where I was completely miserable… and feeling STUCK.

I was constantly sick from stress… and didn’t know HOW to actually take care of my body.

Without going into the gory details, let’s just say I couldn’t keep food down… I was weak AF… 

I was a crappy mom… and crappy wife… crappy at ev-er-y-thiiiiiiing.

Literally couldn’t even carry my then 2-year-old daughter up a friggin flight of stairs.

My priorities were all over the place… and lemme tell ya…

Clearly NONE of them were in the correct order.

But you know something? 

Sometimes the darkest moments are what helps us rise to the top.

That moment I was sobbing on the stairs… scared out of my freaking mind that I couldn’t even take care of my daughter…

It was what I now see as my origin story.

Hayley 2.0.

After a lifetime of following someone else’s path -- doing what I had been conditioned to think was the “quote unquote” “right thing” --

I got desperate enough to call an Eastern medicine doctor in my area.

And lemme tell ya… I put my professional lawyer skills to work… LOL

Because instead of waiting the 6-weeks-plus like other new clients… I managed to convince him to see me immediately.

Once I got there… he ran tests… and then told me my body was literally shutting down.

All the toxicity from my stressful go-go-go lifestyle… 

Not resting properly… or getting the proper nutrition… 

Of reaching for prescriptions to deal with the pain and discomfort in my body… mind… AND emotions…

Which BTW are signals your body is saying: SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT HERE, STOP IGNORING ME!

Well, the chronic system-wide inflammation I had put myself into came to a tipping point.

I mean, I actually landed myself in the hospital doing all this crap to myself…

And once I heard a DIFFERENT voice… one that actually got through to me -- literally rose about the chatter… because it resonated with me at a deep level… 

I decided to make a change.

And ya know what?

It… was… SCARY!

At first, that change involved… learning yoga… eating whole foods… going plant-based… 

Exercising regularly… meditating… designing my day with REST as a priority… so I could sleep without popping sleep aids.

And wake up without pouring myself a pot of coffee.

Yep, you heard me right. LOL

Over time, I healed.

I saw a new path where I felt better... I WAS better.

Then I had this crazy thought… one that actually scared me at first…

What if I could make this be my JOB?

That then led to even MORE thoughts… as thoughts tend to do. LOL

Do I REALLY have to follow the traditional path I’ve been on my whole life?

Who says I couldn’t find a way to be healthier… less stressed… AND financially prosperous?

Why CAN’T I have everything I want?

So I did some digging… some talking with people I knew in the wellness space…

And that’s when I discovered affiliate marketing.

Which was a way to create passive income… selling products I absolutely LOVED.

For me, it’s been essential oils for OVER NINE YEARS.

So I started doing that.

And in conjunction with all the other holistic health hacks and routines I adopted during my healing process…

I started being known in the space.

Both within my organization and outside of it.

Because I shared my story… and how it led me to not just the oils that helped me to heal…

But actually how I turned my whole life around -- and prosperity followed.

So I tell you all that because… in an instant… the minute that woman tapped my shoulder and told me she admired me… 

That she was inspired by my success… and it seemed like I had it all together… 

My first thought was… GIRLLLLLL, you have no idea. LOL

I worked my PATOOTY off to get to this point -- where it seems like I have it all together.

And the primary way I did it was by using my story… yes, the crappy parts and all…

As my way to connect with the people who eventually became my community.

And not through fake glossy Instagram posts… or pretending like I knew everything…


I was able to achieve success through a combination of:
  • Hard work
  • Authenticity
  • Actually caring about the people in my community… and wanting to help them make their own lives better… AND
  • Using my STORY as the foundation for why I got into oils… and how they help me to get where I am today.

Of course, this all took time.

It takes a long time to become an overnight success. LOL

But there’s ONE thing that helped me be successful… and you can steal it right now too.

I started before I was ready.

 You think I somehow saved up a ton of money… got all my ducks in a row… and then went: “Ok... now I can begin”??


I decided: “Ya know what… I’m gonna do this thing… and figure it out along the way.”

Because what I absolutely knew was that what worked for everyone else didn’t always work for me.

I mean, I could take one look at my pantry-sized medicine cabinet -- filled with prescriptions that didn’t help me personally -- to see that one plain as day.

So I gave myself permission -- and grace -- to start… make mistakes… and learn along the way.

AKA: imperfect action.

THAT is the real secret to my success.

And over time, I HAVE learned a fewwwwww things. LOL

I’ve pivoted… found teammates who are supportive and collaborative… and we grow TOGETHER.

And through it all, I’ve relied on my origin story -- which BTW is still evolving, just like yours is -- as the catalyst to move my way to the top…

And stay there.

So that’s what I really want to share with you today.

That person you admire… who you see as having it all?

They probably have a lottttttt of story underneath what you see as a glossy veneer.

And to someone else… YOU could be an inspirational figure.

Lemme give ya the real deal truth here, ok?

Somedays, I swear to you… when my hair is in a ratty top knot…

I’m still in my sweaty gym clothes… and I feel like I’m super behind in my work…

And I read an email, a DM, or some kind message on social that says someone looks up to me… 

I think to myself… Really? ME?!
We all have those moments of doubt… of imposter syndrome.

But ya gotta woman up… and be like: YES!

I AM an inspiration. I AM a badass.

I’m a GD cheetah!

You’ll get that one if you read Glennon Doyle. LOL

So my friends… 

Whatever you’re setting out to do this year…

Whether it's to make more money…

Finally get out of that soul-sucking job and step into your PASSION…

To take better care of your body…

Or even just be more present for your family…

Just start.

Commit to imperfect action.

Give yourself grace.

You WILL fall off the bike… and you WILL get back on. 

And ya know what?

You’ll be fine.

The universe has your back… as Gabby Bernstein says.

So let’s set the intention together today -- right here, right now -- to be gentle on ourselves.

To keep pushing for growth -- not perfection.

To see challenges as stepping stones -- not roadblocks -- on your journey. 

And to be ok with being YOU.

Flaws and all.

You can’t go back in time to start when you were younger… thinner… or had bouncier hair. LOL

You can only go forward from here.

Don’t wait until you’re ready.

That day won’t come.

You don’t have to be a victim to your circumstances.

You have everything you need right now to START.

And listen… I know where you are…

That first step is friggin HARD.

Which is why I’m hosting a FREE workshop… all about creating the life of your dreams…

You’ll learn how to create healthier habits… so you can show up like a boss in your work… and your life.

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