April 28th & 29th

We’re all searching for a safe space. 

On the outside, we’re doing our best to keep routines stable. Show a face that’s calm and prepared. 
But on the inside we’re craving connection.

We’re hoping someone will say “it’s going to be okay.”

Mostly, we’re looking for ideas to help cope with a reality that feels like it belongs on a series we’d binge on Netflix.

A couple weeks ago, I woke up and had this thought: 

What if there was a safe space that promised connection and reassurance?

The good news is that space exists.

It’s called the Healthy Habits & Holistic Happiness Online Wellness Summit and you’re invited to attend.

The Summit is 100% free. 

Yep.  There's No catch. 

It’s important to me that you know I see you. And I want you to know I’m here to support you.  

On April 28th and 29th, you’ll be treated to talks and interactive workshops from some of the industry’s best leaders and presenters in the health and wellness arena. 

The Healthy Hacks & Holistic Happiness Online Wellness Summit is totally free, completely virtual, and all about YOU.
This means your mind will be properly nurtured by experts who can teach you to release your fears.

This means your physical health will be supported at a time when every choice or option in the world seems overwhelming.

This means you’ll receive guidance around balancing your life and your responsibilities.

Dr. Sasha Shillcutt 

Cardiac Anesthesiologist & Founder + CEO of Brave Enough
Michael Hyatt

Best Selling Author, Creator of Full Focus Planner & Leadership Expert
Elena Brower

Certified Yogi and Meditation + Mindfulness Expert
Dr. Patrick Porter

Creator & Founder of BrainTap & BioHack + NeuroHacking Expert
Tricia Callahan

Leading Authority on Meal Planning Made Simple and Nutrition Expert
Jennifer Allwood

Creator of "Fear Is Not The Boss Of You" movement
Paula Faris

ABC News Correspondent & Emmy Award Winning Journalist
Alissa Cohen

Leading Authority on Raw & Vibrant Living and Whole Life Expert 
Suzi Dafnis

CEO of HerBusiness and Business Growth Expert for Female Entrepreneurs
Vanessa Ovens

Founder of Food Alchemy & Expert on Plant Medicine
Tara Bliss

Ceremonial Group Mentor and  Human Design Student
Ashley Turner

Psychotherapist and Certified Yogi + Anxiety Management Expert
Deb Erickson

Authority on NeuroHacking and Leading Mindset Coach
Dr. John Grey

Best Selling Author of  "5 Minute Relationship Repair"
The  Summit has been carefully designed to give you:
Teachings to help adjust your thoughts from fear to hope. 
Guidance to help center your heart and mind so you find the calm and comfort you need.
Ideas how you can juggle the realities of life right now with ease and grace. 
Help choosing the right protocols or solutions you find yourself deliberating over right now. 
Actions which will result in momentum instead of stagnation. 

A Personal Invitation From Hayley:

Consider this your invitation to find space to nurture what you need right now. 

You deserve to feel refreshed.  Connected.  Supported.

And that’s exactly how you’ll walk away feeling at the end of these 2 days.

You deserve to join me in this haven - this safe virtual bubble.

And you deserve to know you’re not alone and we’re talking through this together.

Maybe we have to temporarily physical distance. But we don’t have to social distance. 

Let’s hold space for each other to thrive despite these temporary circumstances

I'm so excited to partner with these 13 speakers and bring you the Healthy Habits & Holistic Happiness Online Wellness Summit, and I'd be honored if you'd attend.