Creating a money-making presence on social media can seem overwhelming, I know. Especially when your current social media metrics are so low not even a dump truck could give them a lift.

The Social Media Struggle is Real

If I’m being honest, it downright STINKS.

  • You spent hours and hours every day checking your news feed for likes, comments and shares and hearing crickets. (there was that one time you got a comment.  “Hey, Beautiful” your eyes perked up, you sat straight up in your chair and then you realized it was your creepy cousin in Saskatchewan who never understood why we park in a driveway and drive on parkway.) #gottablocksomefolks

  • You’ve done a livestream every day for a week. You steered away from using your company name and products and you’ve even been working extra hard on your call to action, with zero leads - you feel broken.

  • You spent 10 hours crafting the perfect series of Instagram images, your followers finally hit  500 (Whoo-hoo!)  you celebrate with a thank you gif of Leonardo DiCaprio raising a champagne toast. The next day, 200 of your followers have unfollowed. What the Falafel happened?

  • You’ve tried your favorite influencer’s “exact steps” for growing a tribe of raving fans and you’re so focused on getting just 1 person interested in your product that you’re worried you’ll never figure out how to unlock the social media safe. Maybe waiting for this social media trend to die is the answer. Spoiler Alert: it’s not.

  • You’re not sure another course or program can help you, but you’re ready for REAL answers. You’re tired of wasting your time, money and energy on methods that give you ZERO results. 

Truth bomb:  Your efforts thus far haven’t helped you achieve a single sale 
or recruit one team member a single bit.

Maybe they’ve given you some great ideas or things you know you “should do, but you still somehow get overwhelmed and backslide into old habits like “hearting” motivational quotes and watching talking dog videos (how do they do that anyway?)

You’re starting to just give up altogether because it’s looking like NOTHING will work. I know because I see my clients and team members struggle with this over and over again, which is why I’m so excited to bring all of my expert solutions to YOU for a fraction of the cost.

You are my muse
Hello, I’m Hayley and I help new entrepreneurs  consciously create a life and business they love. One of my favorite ways to get mega results for them is through teaching how to build a business and brand on Social Media. 

When I started building my business using social media, Facebook had 12 million active users and there was no such thing as live streams or stories. The only way you could build your business online was strategically crafting messages and manually reaching out to each individual person. (I’m sweating in my Lululemon's just thinking about it). 

Today, there are more than 3.03 billion active social media user on multiple social media channels and the ways to connect with your audience outnumber the people effectively using social media for business. *That’s great news* It means you can just get this half right and still have massive growth in your business.
I know it doesn’t feel like it yet, but when I discovered all the different methods, systems and platforms the marketing gurus were squawking about could be boiled down to this one simple word, all the overwhelm, self-sabotage and fear around social media melted into my hot matcha green tea.

The real problem is NOT tech-overwhelm. The real problem is NOT lack of confidence. The problem is NOT your arm jiggle or the color of your hair. (That’s absurd.)

The real problem is lack of RELATIONSHIPS.

The Solution is Social Media Socializing Skills.

Introducing Socialize Your Social Media
DJ! Drop the beat. *Fist Pump* (boomp boomp boomp boomp)

Come get your brain waxed and your soul buffed with me in my new SOCIALIZE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA course. 

Because do you know what happens when you finally know how to socialize like a human on social media with ease?

  • You wake up every morning excited to read your comments and messages in your DM. (You know where it all goes down.) 

  • Livestream who? Oh yeah! You whip out your phone on the fly and record a quick video that brings all the buyers to the yard. 

  • Oh there’s a troll...dissin’ my biz again. You got this. No, You're Not Overreacting. You're Not Reading Into It Too Much. And You're Not Being Overly Emotional, Either. You’re turning that troll into a treasure because you now have Social SKILLZ.

  • The dollars come flooding into your business. You recruit winners with ease. You’re finally trusting your inner super mama --wait what’s that? ANUTHAAA ONEEEE! SALE!

  • It doesn’t even matter that you don’t have 10 thousand followers or 900 people viewing you  open a new box of essential oils live on Facebook because you are building relationships with people you just met online in your PJ’s
Socialize Your 
Social Media 


Total Package Value = $997

But Hayley, what if I post too often or I run out of things to say on social media? 
(and other questions that you’ll never ask again after taking this course.)

Repeat after me:

You are not a bother.
You are not a bother.
You are not a bother.

You're doing me a favor by socializing on social. You're doing all of us a favor by bringing your work into the world.

SOCIALIZE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA: A course in social media etiquette that will change the way you prospect, recruit and grow your tribe online.

If you can find 2.5 hours between your workout regiment, your itemized list of parenting responsibilities and your DIY skin brightening scrub to transform your business online then you can engage and grow relationships on social media that will free up time in your schedule and put money in your pocketbook. (Your future self says Thank you.)

Imagine getting an Overflow of Qualified Leads in your Direct Message Box daily through the Socialize Your Social Method.  
I.e. Imagine being able to add 100 prospects per day into your pipeline using free social media platforms and proven strategies that you can use again and again. For real.
Now You can with Socialize Your Social Media
---> 7 module course that will change the way you spend your time on social media forever. <---

What You’ll Learn:

Why Social Media doesn’t work the way it did last year. Learn how to use social media algorithms to your advantage, expand your reach and increase your visibility without spending a DIME.

The 3 Simple steps to elevate your brand consistency. We’ll start with the basics so that leads aren’t confused when they experience your brand on other social platforms.

An all-inclusive overview of each major social media platform. Discover which platforms work best for your business and your lifestyle.

How to build an engaged audience. Convert followers into leads and leads into sales because you’ve never been able to pay your rent in likes and shares.

What’s Included:

You’ll get to watch as I walk you through each step of producing thumb-stopping images using my favorite templates. 

You’ll get the basics of creating creative and engaging social media stories that your most compatible customers will save. share and enjoy.

You’ll have LIFETIME Access just in case you had to hide in the pantry with your phone just to find time to read this page. 

Each module is primed and ready for binging as soon as you complete the previous module. No waiting a whole week to get the next step because I know you’re a high achiever on the gifted and talented track. (And ain’t nobody got time for that.)

Customer support is available for any tech snags or questions.

Total Package Value = $997

Purchasing and Payment Details:

As soon as you click the Button below. You’ll be shuffled off to enter your payment details and given immediate access to all 7 Money- Making Social Media Modules.

What People Are Saying...
Barbara Lunsford Childs
Thank you Hayley for your courses! Every time I go through it I learn more about what I need to run my business. Your expertise is invaluable and I will continue to take the course each time it’s offered!
Heather Blanchard

I’m so thankful for your courses full of all the key info about building your social network and expanding your business. Thanks to your courses, my site is now up with three blogs to boot and now setting up campaigns to grow my business. I’m so glad I signed up for your invaluable course! 
Tracy Maynard
Considering how little I know about computers and websites, I’m much farther along with building my online business than I ever thought I would be thanks to your courses!
My Signature Promise to You
The course is hot and ready for you to binge right now. So, there’s no speed bumps in your way to creating your next online empire. There is one thing you have to do to create success online.. You must put in the work. I promise to give you the exact steps to the proven system I have used to grow my multi-million dollar Essential Oil biz and  if you put in the consistent effort to follow the strategies presented in the Socialize Your Social Media Course you will have the foundation to consciously create a biz you will love.
Here’s what you’re gonna get:

  • SEVEN course modules ( binge-ready and packed with video trainings) There’s no such thing as passive learning with this course. We’re getting to WERK! And by the end you’ll have a simple, clear actionable social media plan to keep your business growing. 

  • Lifetime access to videos. Social Media is an ever changing organism. Which means as it changes, so do we. You’ll want to return to the basics often to make sure your not glossing over essential steps.
More About Your Coach

Hayley is a holistic Mom-preneur, or better yet, a Soul-preneur who helps new entrepreneurs consciously create a lifestyle and business they love. She fully claims and accepts her inherent birthright to be a mom, to live her passion, AND make money (and lots of it)!

She’s passionate about supporting entrepreneurs because she knows first hand the struggle of falling into patterns that don’t serve your mission or your well-being. Over the last several years, she’s been responsible for coaching and empowering hundreds of men and women in their quest to build a business for themselves, or simply getting what they want with less effort and stress with her simple approaches. 

Now she’s helping new entrepreneurs like YOU do all of that at the fraction of the cost of hiring her 1:1 with her course SOCIALIZE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. When she’s not teaching or running a multi-million dollar home based business,  you can find her holding boat pose in hot yoga, or running a 10k with her award winning athlete husband, Wes. Yep, she’s a cool, real person (just like you). :)
You weigh the options: use $197 to buy a nice spring dress? (WOMP Womp womp…)

Or use $197 to get a cache of social media success secrets that could bring in the bucks for you to buy a nice spring WARDROBE? (Oooh La La!)

But LIke all good things, this deal WILL come to an end. And then these online socializing secrets will be sealed. FOREVER.

So don’t dilly dally on this deal! Your people are waiting for you.