From ZERO to 175,000 people in your organization in just 6 years...  

And from over 40 Countries….

How does that sound to you?

Ummmmmm….. Awesome? 

I bet. And the thing is, you can totally do it. It’s just gonna take a little bit of time.  
But the plan is S.I.M.P.L.E

Introducing SOCIAL DOWNLINE!  

You’ve just got to identify WHO you want to target, (that’s your ideal customer or builder avatar in fancy marketing lingo) and then CONNECT with that audience (that’s authentic copy that converts girlfriend, not cheesy sales tactics).

And do it ONLINE because, duh, there are more people hanging out online than in your hood.

You’re rolling your eyes and telling yourself you don’t know where to start….

Or what to do next…

Hey, I get it because I was there too.  But I’m not going to let you get away with that story anymore because it’s an old one that’s not going to get you anywhere.

And the truth of the matter is, if a girl like me, from Jersey, with no online experience, not even a Facebook page (#notkidding) could figure it out, then you can too. #pinkyswear.

And so I got busy….

And sure, maybe I didn’t shower for days and yeah, there were a lot of messy buns and dinners which primarily consumed of Boulder Canyon Chips as my primary vegetable...but I went into action and now I’m going to hang out with you every step of the way for 8 weeks and show you my way.

I spent tens of thousands of dollars learning what I'm teaching you in this course. But I'm offering you all my best wisdom about how to build a successful networking biz online for only $597!


You’re still shaking your head and saying, “You got lucky, Hayley.”

Girl, no I didn’t.  I GOT FRIGGIN BUSY.

And it didn’t always look pretty.  And yes, I had moments (or months) where I was a total hot mess.  

From scratch.

How?  You’re going to sign up right now to take The Social Downline with me as your guide!

Paid in Full

3 Month Payment Plan

Social Downline is an 8 week course designed to help you build your networking business online. 

It doesn’t matter where you're starting - I’m going to teach you what I did and what I STILL do in my business to build my empire. And yes, there is room in this world for multiple empires.
Here’s what you’re gonna get:


How to Create a Personal Brand 
And Your Ideal Customer Or Builder Avatar

WEEK 2: 

An Understanding Why 90% Of Networkers Fail To Build Large Organizations and What You Can Do To Prevent That From Happening To YOU.

Training On Social Media Marketing:  You'll Get The Latest Tactics To Increase Your Reach.


The Ins & Outs About Internet Marketing, Lead Generation And Email Marketing: aka Driving Traffic And Following Up Automatically!

WEEK 5: 

How to Create A Website (and Content That Converts) and Increase Your SEO So Your Site Is A Virtual Cash Machine.

WEEK 6: 

Help With Online Resources And Tools To Present Like A Rockstar So You Can Reach More People Across The Globe

WEEK 7: 

How To Use Sales Funnels And Video Marketing To Close More Sales
WEEK 8: 

We'll Bring The Puzzle Together So You Can Start Bring Your Networking Biz Online And Never Look Back.

What People Are Saying...
Barbara Lunsford Childs
Thank you Hayley for a The Social Downline course! Every time I go through it I learn more about what I need to run my business. Your expertise is invaluable and I will continue to take the course each time it’s offered!
Heather Blanchard
I’m so thankful for this course full of all the  key info about building your social network and expanding your business. Thanks to The Social Downline, my site is now up with three blogs to boot and now setting up campaigns to grow my business. I’m so glad I signed up for this invaluable course!
Tracy Maynard
Considering how little I know about computers and websites, I’m much farther along with building my online business than I ever thought I would be thanks to The Social Downline!
Have you been stuck on the sidelines for too long?

Are you tired of watching your friends and mentors grow successful businesses online while you can’t even get your mom to visit your website?

Do you feel like a fish out of water when it comes to connecting with people online?

Is growing your Instagram following literally the last thing you want to do every day because it’s so overwhelming to you?

Does the stress of wanting moving your business into the online world but not knowing how keeping you up at night?

I can assure you of this….

Once you’ve graduated from this course, the Social Downline, and implement what I’m teaching you, you’ll feel empowered to stake your claim in the world of online business!

You’ll understand exactly how to build a brand identity separate from your Networking company’s brand, design your own beauty of a website, build your opt-in freebie so peeps you don’t even know GIVE you their email address and actually attract people who have been looking for you.

Thank goodness!  It’s about time you shared your gifts with the world! 
You’ll have the tools you need to be the visionary behind your own website instead of relying on someone else to run it for you.

Social media will be your Queendom, and you’ll be the Queen!

People will start recognizing  you as an expert in what you do, and…

You’ll be feeling SUPER CONFIDENT sharing all those secrets you’ve been selfishly keeping to yourself! 

It’s not rocket science.  

And You don’t need a PHD. (although kudos to you if you have one).

You don’t even have to be tech savvvvyy.

But what you DO need is to say is HELLLLLLS YES to yourself right now and COMMIT.

It’s not your fault you're not an online Ninja turtle yet.  You haven’t been hanging out with me long enough. But froggy, I’m here to tell you that your prince has arrived.  Are you ready for a big smooch?

This course IS for you IF:

You're tired of the fact you're aren't generating leads anymore.

Your don't feel authentic in your "marketing" at all - in fact, you have no marketing strategy in your biz. You're just posting images of your product and hoping people will buy.

You are ready to get out of the limited market you're in. Play bigger. Expand your reach.

You're ready to see your organization explode with leads from outside your home town.

You're ready to meet people from around the globe.

You aren't really sure how to break into the online world in your business.

You're kinda sorta in doing a few things on social media but nothing is really converting.

You are READY for a more automated follow up system because you've heard about all those "other" people who are creating "followings" who reach out to THEM.
This course is NOT for you IF:

You're fine where you are in your business.

You don't really care if your numbers grow.

 You are perfectly happy building your business 100% face to face.

 You aren't ready for a national or international business yet.

 You want to work more "old school" and spend more time vs learning how to build authentic relationships online with built in automation that works.
 Sign up right now to take The Social Downline with me as your guide!