How to Detox Your Liver for Optimal Weight, More Energy & Youthful Skin

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I’m wondering if you’ve ever heard of mitochondrial dysfunction?

I know… kind of a scientific term… but it’s a hot topic RN because it’s actually a root cause of TONNNNSSSS of health issues…

Including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, obesity, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and dementia.

More people than you imagine have it… and have ZERO idea.

We assume the symptoms we’re experiencing are due to other things.

For example, low energy (even after a full night’s rest) is a HUGE red flag of mitochondrial dysfunction.

So is brain fog, lack of creativity, or forgetfulness.

Anxiety, stress, depression, or other mental health concerns are signs of mitochondrial dysfunction, too.

And SO many people struggle with these, right? Maybe even you.
Most of the time, we accept symptoms like this as part of getting older. 

But they don’t have to be!

And you absolutely do NOT have to resign yourself to slowing down… 

I mean, I’m convinced I’m actually aging backwards.

Soon, my 13yo is going to be older than me. And MAN is she gonna be mad when that day comes, LOL.

I’ll get to give her all the trending makeup tips instead of her giving them to me. 
(BTW, I can’t believe I’m sharing makeup with my 13yo, LOL)

Anyway, I’m aging backwards ‘cause I’ve been a pioneer in the anti aging and longevity movement for a lonnnnngggg time – and when I learn more, I continue to adapt.

For instance, I recently started using brand new solutions to help get to the TRUE root cause of these age-related issues: the mitochondria. 

Which are the energy centers of our cells. They’re what keep us young and energized. They literally power every single cell in our bodies. 

And as we age, they slow down. Which is made worse by inflammation, toxins, and other factors we can totally influence.

So today I’m gonna share how to clear out toxins so your mitochondria can function the way they did in your teens and twenties – which yes, is totally possible.

Sound good?

Imagine if you could figure out a way to slow down your aging process too…

Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

The system I personally use to restore mitochondria function… reverse premature aging… boost immune function… keep excess weight off… and have LOADS of energy on the daily…

Is called MetaPWR.

And for those of you who have seen me IRL, you know it’s working.

And for those of you who have been asking me what my secret is… well HYG.

MetaPWR is a daily supplement and wellness system designed to help clear out toxic waste and fuel up your cells with the nutrients they need to perform like they did in our youth.

I’ve put together a special MetaPWR page just for you so you can check it out yourself.  

So lemme give ya more deets on on this whole mitochondria thing, because I know that once you know, you’ll want to get in on this protocol too.

Think of mitochondria like little engines inside your cells.

When those engines are given the right fuel… and they’re taken care of… they’re gonna be able to do their jobs.

Which is to produce the energy that not only impacts our ability to show up, function, and get through the day… but also ensure every system in our body works at optimal levels.

Whether that’s to fight off infection. Or sweep out waste. Or keep your skin tight, smooth, glowing, and youthful-looking.

You get the idea.

As we get older, mitochondria function declines – BUT there ARE things you can do to get them firing off energy like they did in our teens and twenties. #nojoke

One of the biggest factors affecting mitochondria function is toxic load.

Every day, we’re exposed to free radicals, oxidative stress, heavy metals, and harmful toxins, which lead to increased inflammation and chronic poor energy.

So, to restore mitochondria performance – and therefore give us back our natural energy – the obvious answer is to slash toxic load, right?

Don’t worry, I’m gonna share with you exactly how to do this. 

In the meantime, I highly recommend starting with two things.

First is to ensure the pathways for waste to leave your body are clear and free-flowing. 

‘Cause if those are blocked, all you’re gonna do with a detox is recirculate waste back through your body. Yuck.

So this means if you aren’t peeing 6-7 times in a 24-hour period… or breaking a sweat on the regular…

Toxins (and toxic energy) get stuck.

So you wanna:
  • Drink about half your weight in ounces of water per day…
  • Eat fiber and probiotics to keep your microbiome happy and processing nutrients well…
  • And move your body at least 30 minutes per day to clear the way for those toxins to flow out through your skin.
Once those pathways are good to go, you can go to step 2: Detox your liver.

Cleaning your liver is SUPER good for mitochondrial function.

Its job is to protect you from harmful toxins by breaking them down into urine.

When toxins aren’t cycled out from the body, it gets harder for your body to conduct apoptosis – the natural process of killing off dying or damaged cells. 

Which is a GOOD process – we want healthy apoptosis!

Toxins also slowly damage those healthy, young cells that come out of the apoptosis process, leading to accelerated aging. 

Not only physical signs like gray hair, thinning hair, and fine lines and wrinkles in the skin…

But also inside the body, like low energy… bruising more easily… and other symptoms you likely associate with getting older.

So clearing out toxins literally helps you stay young and fresh – inside and out.

The next reason you might want to detox your liver is so you have more energy.

The kind of energy that lasts all day and doesn’t come from stimulants Iike sugar or caffeine.

For this one, look to your diet.

If you’re feeling sluggish all the time, then you may be consuming too many processed foods, alcohol, fried food, and carbs – causing your liver to work harder than it needs to.

This makes you feel exhausted and BLECH because your liver is working overtime to eliminate those toxins and fats from your body.

The more toxins you have going through the body, the more buildup – and therefore the harder the liver has to work.

So feed your liver what it needs to thrive.

For example, liver cells LOVVVVVEEEEE nutrients found in green vegetables, especially leafy green ones, like arugula, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

So eating liver-friendly foods is a super simple lifestyle tweak you can make to help your mitochondria.

Ooh, one more perk of detoxing your liver – it’ll actually make your SKIN look better.

When you’ve got an overworked liver struggling to release toxins, your body is gonna push excess waste out through your skin pores. 

And this is a reason why you get clogged pores – that lead to all sorts of skin complications like acne, wrinkles, and dry, dull skin. As an adult.

Resetting your liver with a detox can stop the flow of excess toxins going through your pores and actually clear up your skin.

Pretty awesome, right?

MetaPWR is full of active ingredients to refill your mitochondria with the nutrients most of us are missing.

Ones we just can’t get from our diet – or can’t soak in well.

MetaPWR is really geared to restore mitochondrial function – with NMN and NAD technology – the enzymes responsible for the performance of your cellular energy centers.

Plus collagen and resveratrol, which helps your joints, your skin, your muscles all become healthy, strong, and resilient. 

Just like when you were in high school and college.

MetaPWR is also ideal for kick-starting your metabolism again.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

So you can not only have more energy… but be able to tighten up those belt loops wayyyy easier.

Because the weight release begins at a cellular level. AND you aren’t resorting to harsh measures to make it happen, so it stays off better.

One thing to understand is that a lot of this energy production happens inside your microbiome.

Which means taking care of your digestive system is gonna go a long way to getting you the results you want.

Every 3 months or so, I do a digestive detox protocol that involves Zendocrine® Detoxification Complex from my fav wellness brand, dōTERRA.

It supports the healthy cleansing of the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin. All those detox pathways we talked about.

And I’ll also use the Zendocrine® Essential Oil Blend, which supports the body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxins. So they work together super well.

Plus, I do a daily protocol of MetaPWR.

Essentially involves adding a lemon-orange flavored collagen powder with NMN and NAD to my morning glass of water.

AND using metabolism supplements that curb unhealthy cravings… boost how well my body soaks up nutrients from food… and gives long-lasting natural energy. Without spikes or crashes.

I can’t speak highly enough about MetaPWR.

It’s been a game-changer for me and I know it will be for you too.

If you wanna do it on your own, pop on over to – or drop me the word REVERSE on any of my social posts.

And just so ya know… you’ll find these links in the show notes. So if you’re driving or walking the dog RN, you don’t have to try to remember all this info. I’ve posted it right there for ya when you’re ready. 

Ok, that’s it for me today, friends…

Thanks for being here and I’ll see you (and your squeaky clean liver!) online.