From Dreaming to Doing: Open Up Possibility

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I help ambitious women like you, look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

Let’s start today off by painting a picture, shall we…?

What do you want to create for yourself?

For your life?

I know. It’s a big question, right?

But what I personally find super crazy is… most of us don’t think about these things.

We just get up, go through the day, plop ourselves down in front of our devices before bed, then do the whole thing all over again the next day.

Is that really the way you wanna live?

Like one of the chair-locked humans in Wall-E?

When you were a little kid, you had a vision for yourself.

Of who you wanted to be when you grew up.

But as you got older, you may have lost that vision.

It’s pretty common.

As adults, we fall into the practicalities of… well, adulting – and find ourselves adrift. Even without meaning to.

So, I wanna ask you one more tough question.

What’s your vision?

The one that will allow you to transform your life  – living full out, without sticking to tight budgets. Or limiting your lifestyle.

Have you forgotten how to dream?

Do you often find yourself thinking you’re not enough? 

Or that you don’t have enough money to pursue something bigger?

I believe we hold ourselves back from what we really want – wayyyyy too friggin often.

Yes, we actually do this to ourselves.

But do you really wanna live with regrets and goals you never achieve?

Do you wanna continue to play small?

Or do you wanna find out what YOU love and what YOU really want… and then actually go after it?

Now, you’re probably sitting there going, “Yeah, OK Hayley, but it’s not that easy. I have circumstances and responsibilities and commitments and other factors you don’t know about.”

And to that I say…

“If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.” 

That’s a quote from Jim Kwik and I’m obsessed with it.

‘Cause I totally believe it’s true.

If you wanna buy your own BS, you get to keep it.

OR – you can DECIDE to release your limitations and get creative.

Look for solutions. Take committed action. 

And I’m here to help you with that. AND I know I can.

Because I believe 100% is possible, 100% of the time

And that you get to CREATE a life you love — every single day. 

Most of us don’t do it ‘cause we don’t think we deserve it. 

Or it feels hard. 

Or we’re at a place where we feel like it’s never going to happen, so why bother trying. 

Or worse – we’ve literally been conditioned to believe it can’t happen to us… 

So we’ve been telling ourselves stories for years… and keeping ourselves small. 

But not anymore. 

I want you to imagine what your 10/10 life feels like.

Like now.

No seriously, take 2 minutes RN and do it.

Think about every area of your life. 

Your health. Your relationships. Your finances. Just to name a few. 

What would happen if you lean in wholeheartedly? 

If you choose to believe.


If you raise your vibration… your expectations… and pour your energy into actually showing up for yourself. 


Imagine what would be possible for you when you do that?I wanna help you explore that… in more than just 2 minutes. LOL

That’s exactly what my upcoming LIVE virtual workshop is all about.

And it’s this Thursday, September 7th. 

It’s called 100% Is Possible, 100% of the Time: How to fall in love with every area of your life.

The 2-hour workshop starts at 4pm Pacific which is 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, and 7pm Eastern.

Key thing to know about this.

When you sign up – and I’ll give you the link here in just a sec – you get to go all in.

Meaning, you are committing to being on camera. The whole time.

You’re also committing to engage. Share. Being vulnerable. And honest.

No half-assing your participation. Your whole ass will be there and be present. LOL

And there are no recordings. So you get be there live.

So if you’re like, hell yes I’m all in with you… then let me know you’re coming by RSVPing at

That’s the number 100.

Or you can DM me the number 100 on my socials and I’ll send the link to ya.

So, let’s get back into this a little bit.

Consider it a bit of a preview or a prep for the workshop.

Get reallllllll honest with yourself and consider this question… 

What kind of life do you want to have?

And remember, this can change.

What you wanted when you were 8 years old is probably different than what you want now.

Although I’m convinced a lifetime supply of Goldfish crackers will be on my daughter Madeline’s ‘must have’ list 30 years from now. LOL

Anyway… the point is… what you REALLY want out of life can and will change.

You should ask yourself this many times throughout your life because our priorities, vision, and goals are always shifting. 

Push yourself to think outside your box. 

‘Cause opportunities open up all the time. 

You just have to be creative enough to see them. 

You have to be OPEN enough to DECIDE to see them.

And this brings me to a perfect example of getting creative…

During the last 100% Is Possible event…

One of the participants said she did not have enough money to do something she really wanted to do.

And I took this as an opportunity to coach her on getting creative.

I broke it down for her…

If you take the number you want… let’s say it was $200 a month… then that breaks down to be about $50 per week.

Which isn’t a lot of money when you put it that way.

So I asked her to come up with some creative ways she could hit that mini-goal.

I wanna share the list she came up with.

She said she could cut back on her current budget – maybe trim the fat off streaming services she didn’t use that often. 

Or buy fewer groceries – so she had less wasted food she threw away.

She said she could finally take action on the side hustle she’d been thinking about for 2 years… and create an extra stream of income.

Hers was a beauty brand business. She was selling makeup to her community. And she agreed she could make a commitment to grow her community.

Then I asked her if she was willing to do something out of the box. At least for her.

She hesitated for a minute and then said, “Yes”.

So I asked her if she’d be willing to walk a few dogs a week. Or even pet sit overnight if she could bring her daughter. 

BTW, pet sitting is a super hot business RN with people traveling again. And duh, there is no less shortage of pets. 

So we did the math together.  

And we estimated that if she got $15 per walk and she did 10 walks a week, that’s two walks a day, five days a week, she could make an extra $150/week. That’s $600/month.

Woah! That’s like 3X what her goal was.  

And that’s just one dog per walk. Imagine if she had two or three?

How do I know this? My stepdaughter did this to earn money in college.  

And P.S. She lost like 15 lbs adding in those extra steps a day!

So here’s the thing…

This participant in my event could easily have enough money for what she wanted to do – but had been telling herself the story that she didn’t have the cash.

I share this with you ‘cause…

It’s ALL about perspective and really holding the mindset that anything is possible.

Most people are way more likely to throw their hands up and give up—or accept that the circumstances are stopping them from what they want.

But I always believe there are other ways to look at a specific situation.

Do you remember that movie Lemony Snicket?

Their whole vibe is, “What could be possible? There’s always a solution. You just have to want to find it.”

I literally LIVE by this idea.

The way I approach my lidw is by saying, “How CAN I?” 

It’s the mindset switch that leads to new solutions.

So if you find yourself dropping that dusty old phrase of, “I can’t”...

I encourage you to A) notice this habit – ‘cause it IS a habit…

And then B) consciously switch to “How can I?”

Or “What else is possible?”

‘Cause the truth is… there are SO many more possibilities available to you.

IF you decide to be open.

Ask questions. Get curious. Get CREATIVE.

Use the “how can I?” mindset to go after what you want.

This is also a really great reminder that if you really want to make a change in your life…

Then you get to invest your time, money, and energy to help you.

Whether that’s buying an online course, joining group coaching, or a mastermind…

Making lifestyle shifts or new choices in how you show up each day.

In what you choose to say, do, and believe.

YOU are the one who makes it happen.

No one else can do it for you.

Maybe for you it means getting creative with your schedule.

Moving it around to make time for what will help you get to the next level.

Who told you your schedule has to be the way it is right now?

What does it get to be instead so you can do and have what you want?

Maybe it means creating a side hustle so you have a little extra money.

You can do it.

When you DECIDE… when you BELIEVE… and when you TAKE ACTION.

That’s what a 10/10 life means to me… 

Having the energy, strength, motivation, and MEANS to do everything I wanna do.

Whether that’s shopping organic produce and not getting my panties in a bunch because my fav chips cost $6.99 a bag.  

Or taking the afternoon off to go ride e-bikes with my daughter at the beach.

Or hopping on a plane and flying off to my next bucket list travel destination.

Of course, what my 10/10 life looks like may be completely different from yours.

And that’s fantastic – amazing – exactly how it should be!

And I wanna help you achieve YOUR vision of that 10/10 life.

And we can do that together inside Thursday’s workshop – 100% Is Possible, 100% of the Time.

I’m gonna help you get back in touch with how to dream.

How to create a vision for yourself and your life… without any proof that it’ll happen.

We’re gonna open up the world of possibility together.

And I’m gonna guide you through what would happen if you choose to lean in wholeheartedly.

If you raise your vibration… your expectations… and pour energy into actually showing up for yourself. 

Because from THAT space… you CAN make your vision a practical reality.

First comes the vision… and the believing… and THEN comes the doing.

So that’s what we’ll be going through this Thursday.

Again, you can get your ticket at

It’s a two hour interactive virtual workshop.

AKA: You get to commit to show up… be on camera… engage… participate… and be all in.

It just doesn’t work any other way.

If that’s not for you right now, no worries.

Just don’t sign up.

But if you’re ready… if you want this for yourself and your fam… then pick up the pass I have set aside for you.

It’s this week – Thursday, September 7th… 

From 4-6pm Pacific. Which is 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, and 7pm Eastern.

I know that’s a little later in the day for you East Coasties – 7-9pm.

And that’s intentional.

So you can get your work done… your fam set up for the evening… and you can have time for yourself.

To focus. 

You can also hop onto my socials and comment the number 100 – or DM it to me.

I’ll see it and shoot ya the link directly, ok?

But don’t wait – Thursday will be here before ya know it.

And I don’t have another date planned for this workshop for the rest of the year.

What I do have planned is a lot of travel. Almost every weekend from now through New Years. 

So get yourself signed up. 

Because this is an opportunity for you to get creative with your time and commitments… if you DO want this for yourself.

And you DO believe that NOW is the right time for you to step into the realm of possibility.

Because life IS now.

That’s it for me today, my friends.

I’ll see ya on Thursday… and I’ll definitely see ya online. Bye!