The Secret to Creating (+ Keeping) Lifelong Friendships

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I help ambitious women, like you, look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

I had a really interesting experience recently and I thought I’d share.

It’s about creating relationships and friendships – and keeping them.

Even for decades.

So in case you don’t know this about me, I’m a Deadhead.

Yep, it’s true.

Been going to Grateful Dead shows since I was in college.

So ya know… for 5 years. LOL

Anyway… when they announced their farewell tour (I mean, we’ll see about that LOL), I obviously bought tickets immediately.

And literally, people I’ve known for a bazillion years started coming out of the woodwork.

Even guys I dated.

And don’t worry, there’s no energy around that. 

Everyone is happily coupled up with families, but it was so interesting to me that decades later, we were able to hop back into super fun, super fulfilling relationships with one another so easily.

Do you have friendships like that?Where you may not talk all the time, but you get together or you talk out of the blue and BOOM – you feel like you’re right back in it?

Like the years and the distance don’t matter.

The reason I ask is, apparently not a lot of people experience this.

And yet it happens to me constantly.

And I believe the reason is…

I intentionally choose the people I want in my life. 

And I’ve intuitively chosen to surround myself with people who are also aligned with what I call a 10/10 lifestyle concept.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a 10/10 in every area of their life in every moment…

Not at all.

But they’re driven to do better.

BE better.

Regardless of their circumstances.

And especially in their relationships.

Their finances.

Their health.

And in having friggin FUN.

Cause you get to live. And enjoy your life!

Funny how that’s been a theme for, like, 30-plus years and I recently only had the words to explain it.

It’s also what directly led me to create the 10/10 Club.

Because I knew I wanted to surround myself, on a daily basis, not only in my own friendships, but in my coaching relationships, with people who also want to show UP in their lives.

Play bigger. 

Be bigger.

And have fun in my workspace. 

This is what really fuels me… lights me the eff up. 

And brings passion, joy and excitement into my life.

I wanted to create a community with those kinds of people.

So if that’s what lights YOU up too – and I believe it does, because I get asked about it alllll the friggin’ time…

I’m dropping a shameless plug about the 10/10 Club – and the fact that I’m opening it to new members right now.

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Just ask me for a free VIP guest pass to try it  for a week or two. 

I’m that confident you’ll be blown away with the coaching (and connection) you’ll receive in there.

It’s kind of interesting, and yet no coincidence that I inadvertently created an original version of the 10/10 Club with the friendships I created even back in college.

Because what I’ve realized (especially looking back now)...

Is there’s A LOT of power in knowing WHO you want to spend your time with…
And committing to be IN relationship with them.

You know, there’s that old saying that goes, you are the sum of the 5 people you are closest to.

And I totally believe that’s true.

I think it also extends beyond those 5 people.

I mean think about it… if you’re 100% committed to having a life you’re obsessed with…

To creating an amazingly abundant and flexible and elevated lifestyle for yourself…

But you’re around people who drag you down energetically, how likely are you to actually accomplish it?

It’s wayyyy harder that way, right?Not saying you can’t do it.

I’m saying it takes a lot more effort on your part.

And it’s just not necessary.

I believe you get to choose WHO you wanna be around… 

And you show up authentically with them. 

And clearly demonstrate you want to be IN relationship with them…

And then the magic happens.

The Universe literally notices and goes, “I see you, girl. Puttin’ in the work. Shifting your energy. Raising those vibes. Let me get you what you want.”

Ok maybe the Universe doesn't talk like that, but in my head, it does. LOL

Anyway, going to the Dead shows and running into people I haven’t seen in many, many years got me all introspective.

I mean, ya gotta have something to do as you recover from dancing for days. LOL

So I started thinking… HOW am I still friends with people after all these years?

When half of them aren’t even on social media (which is the most convenient way to stay in touch these days).

And WHY?WHY am I able to reconnect so easily with people I connected with when I was literally a kid?

I mean reallllllyyyyy…. 

It’s because I’ve always “done” friendships well.

Or, at least, with the relationships I want to create.

Which are real, truthful, generous, and supportive relationships.

I’m not here for inauthenticity.Or fake friends.

Or people who pretend to be friends in order to get something out of me.

I’ve lived a life in integrity. 

And putting out that kind of energy attracted people who aligned with that vibe.

Those are the ones who’ve stuck around – even if we don’t talk every single day.

And I’m SO grateful for these friends.

‘Cause they’re not gonna BS me.

And I’m not gonna BS them.

It means we tell the truth. 

We hold each other high.  

And we give each other feedback – we let down our walls… we get intimate and real…

And we also hold each other accountable.

It’s a beautiful thing.

And it’s also incredibly fascinating – at least to my friends who I told this story to – that I’m able to be friends with guys I’ve dated in the past.

Literally pretty serious now-exes.

Sooooo many people never speak to their exes after a breakup.

And for me, I feel like, “Well, I loved this person for a reason. So even though there’s no romantic energy behind it anymore, why should we not be friends? Why can’t we have a relationship?”

And you know, honestly, I think it’s a testament to the people I’ve chosen in the past – and who they’ve chosen to partner with – that there’s no weirdness behind this either.

I literally had an ex stay at my house for the most recent Dead show.

And then we met another TWO of my exess… I’m serious… at the show.

And it wasn’t weird at all.

Their wives weren’t weirded out. And my husband wasn’t either.

I mean, how many people can say that?Not a lot, according to a few of my girlfriends I told this story to.

Most of them would light the house on fire with their exes inside. LOL

Anywho, I guess the point I’m making is…

When you know who YOU are… 

And you know who you wanna spend your time with – which literally is your most precious resource…

And you put in the energy and effort to be IN relationship…

Then you’re gonna get good things back.

I swear, new opportunities show up for me left and right when I'm in this kind of relationship flow.

And I feel so happy and warm and content, even days after we saw each other.

Who WOULDN’T want that vibe all the time?

It’s why I created the 10/10 Club.

Because I DO want to create this vibe all the time.

By giving you exclusive access to a proven roadmap to take your life + biz next level. 

I’m literally handing you my knowledge, my resources, and my network. 
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Be responsible and IN intentional connection with others.

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If this story resonated with you today… 

I challenge you to get introspective about your own friendships and relationships.

Are they a 10/10?

Do they light you up?Are they helping you get where you wanna go?

Do they give you energy – or do you feel drained?

This is an exercise for you to do for yourself.

And if all the key relationships in your life – especially the ones you’re around most often – aren’t filling you up…

Then hanging out with me and my peeps in the 10/10 Club may be your ticket to that high vibe energy you’re missing.

‘Cause what I know for sure is, when you consciously surround yourself with that kind of energy, you WILL experience the difference.

And you’ll be much more motivated to show up in your own life and put in the energy to make the changes that deliver results.

I’m thrilled to show you what that looks like – and the exact results I’ve gotten for myself and others…

So you have a vision of what your life and biz could look like too.

That’s what the 10/10 Club is all about.

So again that link (and yes, I’ll put it in the show notes for ya) is:

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I hope to see ya inside the Club…

And I’ll definitely see ya online.