Vision Casting Ritual: At-Home Practice to Manifest Your Dream Life

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I'm paving the way in the holistic wellness space for ambitious women, like you, to look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

Today we’re gonna talk about Vision.

And what exactly it means… ‘cause without a vision, you have no destination. For your LIFE.

It’s literally impossible to create a roadmap or a PLAN to get what you want, without first knowing exactly WHAT you want. 

Make sense?

You create your goals, design your habits, and apply actions based on your vision. 

That’s why I believe creating a vision is the first step in living your 10/10 life. 

I actually have a ritual I do for casting a vision.

First of all, I get my journal out.

I set up my diffuser… make sure I won’t be disturbed… and I put together what I call my Vision Blend.

It’s an essential oil blend of frankincense, sandalwood, ylang ylang, roman chamomile, lime, and patchouli to stimulate mental clarity.

And PS: I’ve put together a special link where you can grab them all for yourself.

So once I have my Vision blend going in my diffuser…

I ask myself a few key questions.

Stay until the end of this episode for the journal prompts, because you’re gonna want to understand what vision means before you do the ritual too.

Ok so as I said, vision is the force that drives us forward. 

It’s the declaration we make to create something in the future, without any evidence that we can create it. 

When we set a vision for ourselves—and BELIEVE IT… embody it—it’s a miracle how much the universe works with us/for us. 

Having a vision gives us a sense of purpose, direction, and focus. 

Vision is a mental image of possibility. 

What we want to create in the future. 

But, HOW do we create a compelling vision for our lives?

Well, creating a vision requires a lot of reflection, introspection, and clarity of thought. 

It requires us to dig deep into our hearts first and then our minds in order to identify what truly matters to us.

So, let's explore some practical steps to create a compelling vision for our lives.

The first step is to identify your values and passions.

  • What do you truly love to do?
  • What do you value the most in life? 
  • What are you passionate about? 
  • What brings you joy and fulfillment?
  • If you had all the time in the world, had all your responsibilities taken care of… what would you do with your life?

Make a list of all the things that matter to you. This will give you a sense of clarity and direction in creating your vision.

When I did this exercise years ago… I realized I was passionate about healthy, wholistic living.

About feeling independent—financially, with my time, with my relationships.

And while I didn’t necessarily start out knowing HOW I was gonna get that for myself…

I was determined that it WAS going to be my life.

I’m gonna share something a bit vulnerable with you… that many people don’t know.

I was married before Wes.

And to be real with you, when that relationship ended, I was financially strapped.

I literally felt trapped and stuck—NOT a great time in my life.
So I made the declaration to myself that I was NEVER gonna let someone else determine my financial situation again.

I was gonna make my own money… invest wisely… AND follow my passion.

Which was having freedom… doing something in the wellness space (which I absolutely loved)... and I was gonna have a family.

And ya know what?

With that vision… I MADE.IT.HAPPEN.

I created.

And trust me when I say… if I can do this, so can you.

Ok so the next step is to create a mental image of your vision.

Imagine yourself in the future, living the life you desire. 

Visualize all the details of your ideal life—the people you’re surrounded with, the places you visit, the work you do, the relationships you have, and the impact you make.

The more vivid and detailed your mental image is, the more compelling your vision will be.

Which leads directly into the next step…

Write it down.

Remember that journal I mentioned?

Yep, during my vision ritual, I literally write down a STORY of what my vision is.

My journal is literally my planner. 

My Full Focus Planner.  

Because there are prompts there daily, weekly and quarterly for you to dream. 

Look back.  

Notice what worked.  

What didn’t.

And I like to keep it all in one place. 

This is something you’ll wanna do too.

‘Cause writing down your vision makes it more tangible and real. 

You want to write it as if it’s happening NOW—AKA: in the present tense.

For example, "I am a successful entrepreneur, running a thriving business that makes a positive impact in the world. 

I work 5 hours a day, exercise every day, and sleep well every single night. I have a close relationship with my daughter. I feel amazing in my body and mind, and I wake up excited each morning, looking forward to what the day brings."

I mean, you can even get MORE detailed if you want… literally telling the story of what you get to do on the daily.

For example, do you want a thriving career in a specific industry that brings you fulfillment, joy, and purpose… AND a million dollar bank account to match?

An intimate, loving, magical relationship with your partner?

Identify what that looks like for yourself.

And write it out as if it’s happening RIGHT NOW.

As if you already have it.

Not only does this style of writing in the present tense literally rewire your brain to see it as fact… but it’ll also help you remember it and stay focused on it.

‘Cause humans are natural storytellers.
It’s how we see the world, so use this brain hack during your vision casting ritual.

Ok so I know you wanna get into what this ritual looks like.

So let’s dive in.

As I said, the first thing I do is grab my journal and find a place where I won’t be disturbed for like 30-60 minutes.

I set up my diffuser and drop in my Vision blend, which again has frankincense, sandalwood, ylang ylang, roman chamomile, lime, and patchouli in it. To stimulate mental clarity.

And then I choose one area of my life—let’s say, relationships— and I write out my journal prompts.

Which I’ll share with you here in just a sec… and I allow myself to write, stream-of-consciousness style.

Not self-editing as I go.

‘Cause I’ve found that as I write, more clarity comes.

Ya gotta kinda clear all the junk out before you get to the really good stuff.

The TRUE stuff.

Ok so here are the questions I write down and ask myself, once I’ve honed in a particular aspect of life I want to vision cast.

  1. What is my current situation in this area? Then I’ll describe it.

  2. What is my current level of satisfaction in this area? And I rate it on a 1–10 scale, where 1 is super sucky or not satisfied at all… and 10 is “I’m livin’ the dream.”

The third question is: What is currently standing in my way of having a 10 in this area? This question can be a little triggering—and where a lot of self-editing, blaming, self beat up and judging comes in. So just be honest with yourself on this one. 

Question 4 is… What level do I desire to achieve and why? 

This is another area to be honest.

Do you truly want a 10? And if so, why?

Next… ask yourself “Why is it important for me to work on this area right now?”

Get specific.

And finally, “What does a 10/10 look like in this area?”

And I imagine my ideal situation. 

This is where I write my story.

Including the emotional experiences I want to have. How I want to FEEL. The impact I want to create.

Oh and PS, I’ll throw these questions into the show notes so you don’t have to try to scribble them down now.

Especially if you’re driving RN LOL.

Again, the key is to use present tense statements. Writing from the point of view that it’s happening now. 

You can repeat this exercise with multiple aspects of your life.

  • Your work.
  • Your finances.
  • Your personal life.
  • Your health.
  • Your spiritual side.
  • Your home environment.

Whatever your 10 out of 10 life looks like… whatever areas are mission critical for you… you get to create that vision for yourself.

And then take action to make it happen.

And if you ever want more support, you know you can always drop into the 10/10 Club where I coach ya on the weekly. 😉

BTW, I’ve actually pulled together all the oils in the Vision blend for ya.

When you go to, you’ll see that I’ve created a special page with all of them in there for you. 

So you don’t have to bop around trying to find them yourself… or run the risk of getting shitty quality oils.
Some of which are actually toxic.

The ones I put together are pure—many of them are food grade so you can ingest them if they’re designed for that. 

For example, Lime.

Remember: vision is a powerful force that drives us forward. 

It gives us a sense of purpose, direction, and focus. 

To create a compelling vision for our lives, we identify our values and passions. We create a mental image of our vision and write it down. In the present tense.

Creating a vision is the very first step in living our 10/10 life. So, go ahead and create your vision today.

And LMK how your vision casting ritual goes, ok?

See ya next week, friends!