How One Choice Can Change Your Life + Relationships

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I'm paving the way in the holistic wellness space for ambitious women, like you, to look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

You may find this a little shocking—especially if you know me IRL—but I’m actually a bit of an introvert.

I love being around people… socializing (especially if they’re coming over to my house, so I can stay in my slippers! LOL)...

But I also need time to recharge AWAY from them.

And sometimes, in those moments, I reflect back on the interactions I just made.

‘Cause even though I do my best to be INTENTIONAL during social time—it’s only after I’ve left the situation that I think about things like…

What impression did I leave behind?

Even subconsciously. Or without meaning to.

Of course you know… what you DO matters more than what you SAY—especially if you have kids.

But it’s the same in all relationships.

And it’s your ACTIONS (or in some cases, inactions) that REALLY tell the story of who you are… whether you’re a person of your word… and the truth of your standards.

For example, growing up, I knew good grades were expected.

And when I got them, I was rewarded.

My parents set expectations—and because they followed through on them, that’s what I ended up prioritizing. Same with my sister and brother. 

The opposite is true too.

When you don’t follow through, it tells a story.

Like, I bet you have a friend who is allllllways late.  

Like so late, you can literally plan around her never showing up on time. 

Or who—more often than not—ditches out of plans at the last minute.

How do you feel when she does this to you?

When she rolls up 30 min late to lunch… or doesn’t show up at ALL to the party you planned?

You probably feel unvalued, right?
  • Like you aren’t important enough for her to be there.
  • Like she’s literally wasted your time.
  • Like you aren’t a priority enough for her to commit to you—and do what she says she will.

Assuming she’s a good person, she’s probably not TRYING to make you feel this way, right?

But this behavior unintentionally impacts you… and colors your relationship.

It actually informs your belief system.

The thing is, as human beings, we are social creatures. Yep, even introverts. LOL

We live in communities—and our actions and decisions impact everyone around us, whether we realize it or not. 

The way we choose to live our lives can inspire and influence others, especially those closest to us, like our kids.

Notice how I used the word CHOOSE?

EVERYTHING is a choice.

How you speak… the thoughts you have… the work you do… where you spend your time…

Even if you don’t think of it like that every day, everything is a choice.

And BTW, speaking of choices—one of the most impactful ones I ever made was choosing to step out of the safe, well-traveled path my parents thought they could design for me…

According to their definition of a professional.

AKA: a doctor, lawyer, or accountant.

Yet I decided to choose my own path. A career I was passionate about. 

Something I believed was worth doing day in and day out.AND work for myself.

Start my own business. 

Yeah, it was scary AF at the beginning.

Especially because I was a mom with a toddler on my hip… but I’m SO grateful I did it.

Because not only am I fully in control of how much I earn… how much I work… and how I spend my time…

But now I’m now seeing that my 13yo daughter notices this too.

And she’s created her own side hustle, as my content co-creator in my biz.

Have you seen any of the Reels and TikToks create together? It’s all Madeline. She’s finding the content as inspo that we recreate together. 

Oh—and—I’m actually teaching my own super potent masterclass about how to create your own fun and profitable side hustle.  

If you're looking for a cash infusion. Sharing something you love. 

I call it Biz Mastery—and I’ve worked it out so you don’t have to pay for it right now. For a limited time.

Because you’re part of my inner circle, when you go to, you get a complimentary pass.

That’s the private link, so use that one—not one you find on Google, ok?

Or, to make it even easier, just drop me the word FREEDOM on any of my social posts. Or DM me.

And that’s our secret code word so I know you tuned in today, ok?So anyway, back to Madeline real quick…

She’s literally told me just the other day how jelly her friends are that we have this kind of relationship. 

And that she’s earning all this cash to support her Sephora and Brandy Melville habit.  Lol. 

AND that I have the flexibility to hang out with her… take her on a Target haul…  pretty much whenever.

Like, every week, I get to go watch her at dance class… 

Take her to Sephora when she wants to check out the latest makeup or skincare product everyone’s talking about on TikTok… (which is a lot, LOL)

Or take her with me when I fly across the world to speak at a conference. We were in AU a little while ago.  Next on her wish list is NYC.

Anyway… point being… not all moms GET to do this.

When we start to be intentional with our time and focus… and level up each area of our lives, we begin to create a positive ripple effect. 

Because of this, I’m 99% sure Madeline is NOT gonna go down a traditional career path.

She’s gotten a taste of the good life… seen that it’s possible… and wants it too.

When you intentionally CHOOSE (there’s that word again!) to invest in yourself, you not only improve your own life but also inspire and motivate others to do the same.

I mean, to be honest with you… I’m intentional about exposing Madeline to travel, culture, business experiences, and opportunities that will inspire her to dream big and create the life she wants. 

She earns her own money… has started 3 businesses already (remember the slime business two years ago? AND how I said she’s 13?!!)...

And she’s obsessed with becoming a mini-millionnaire. 

She would tell you she’s in training right now. LOL

So, I choose to expose her to the results of hard work… believing in herself… stepping confidently into the non-traditional… NOT going with the flow (in the lemming way, I mean)...

And prioritizing being herself. 


And in doing this, I’m showing her what’s possible—-she’s actually living it and embodying it—and planting seeds of belief in her mind that'll help her achieve her goals.

Whatever she decides to be as she grows up.

Now, this whole “living by example” thing isn’t just if you have kids.

Literally EVERYONE you interact with is influenced by your energy and attitude. 

For example, have you ever been around someone and you just FEEL their energy?

Like, you know instantly that they’re not vibing well because it radiates off of them.

And how does that make you feel?

It impacts you, too, right? Shifts your emotion and colors your entire way of being and how you respond.

Same goes when you spend time with someone who's vibing well.

They make you feel GOOD.

Like a confident badass… or maybe just being in their presence is like a warm, comforting hug.

So let me ask you… 
  • What’s your vibe?
  • How do people feel when they’re around you?
  • How do you WANT them to feel?
  • What example do you want to set?
  • What message do you want to convey?
  • What legacy do you want to leave?

These are the kinds of things you get to think about when you decide to become intentional.

But let’s get real… being intentional with our time and focus is easier said than done. 

It requires discipline, commitment, and a willingness to make difficult choices. 

It means being thoughtful and aware of how we show up. 

It means shutting off autopilot and putting energy and effort into our way of BEing on the daily.

Every. Damn. Day.

I’m committed to this… which is also why I calendar in time to recharge at the end of the day.

Whenever I talk about this topic, people are like, “That’s cool Hayley, I’m so in. But, uhhhhh, what do I actually DO? HOW do I get intentional with my life + biz?”

Great question.

Well, to help answer that, I thought I’d share a few tips with you. 

The first one is to create a vision for your life.

By VISION, I mean the fuel that drives you.

A declaration you’ve made to create something in the future. 
With no evidence, BTW, that you can create it.

But you BELIEVE it. So you are GOING to create it.

For example, for me, almost 10 years ago, I had a VISION that I was going to expand my rank to Presidential Diamond in my biz.

And my INTENTION was that I was going to do it. No matter what. 

Literally, nothing was going to stop me.

If I went down one path and hit a block, I was gonna work around it. And keep going.

And then I created goals and action steps that aligned with my intention… and therefore manifested my vision.

Like, I looked at my sales—how far I was away from achieving that rank—and was like, “Ok, I’m gonna follow up with 10 people every day.” 

“And I’m going to teach my team/my leaders, how to do the same.” Being authentic, of course. 

Or maybe I had a thought like, “I need to bring in $1,000 in sales this week.” And then I created a mechanism to do that.

And if one mechanism to make that happen wasn’t working, I switched to another.

Because my intention was that I WAS going to make it happen. So nothing was going to stop me.

Intention is your way of being. 

And it’s non-negotiable. 

That’s what I mean about vision and intention.

So, your step is to take time to reflect on what you truly want—-YOUR vision. 

I can’t tell you what it should be—that’s up to you.

So, what are your biggest dreams and aspirations? Write them down. 

And make sure they’re meaningful and things you actually want—not what you believe is expected of you.

Once you have that vision and your intention—AKA the commitment that you’re gonna get it, no matter what…

Set your goals.

What do you need to do to make your vision a reality? 
  • Get specific.
  • Make them measurable.
  • Set time parameters. 
  • And develop a concrete action plan to achieve them.

Remember… your goals can change—and the mechanism to achieve them can change.

But your INTENTION is that you are gonna be un-effing-stoppable in the pursuit of them.

Now this next tip might surprise you…

It’s to prioritize self-care.

Make time for activities and routines that nourish your mind, body, and soul. 

For me, it includes daily exercise, meditation, and journaling.

It means taking care of my body… with supplements and progressive relaxation and sleeping well.

It means eating nutrient-rich foods, nourishing my microbiome, caring for my skin… 

It means investing in WHO I spend my time with… and taking care of my own energy and mindset on the daily.

Which goes nicely into my 4th tip…

Surround yourself with positivity.

Seek out people who inspire and motivate you. Who challenge you to BE better. DO better.

Who hold you accountable and who demonstrate (in their own lives) how high you can  vibrate.

Do not take advice or coaching from people who have NOT achieved results in their lives. 

Your friends, family, even coaches love to talk. And give advice.

LOOK at their results before you take their advice or coaching.

When you hang around low frequency people (AKA negative or stagnant energy)... that’s what you will attract.

That’s what I mean about the impact you make on others.

Those same people impact YOU too.

Choose high vibing people in your life. 

And if you don’t have that high vibe person, get that person.

I can be that person for you!

If you have a vision like mine… which involves having the flexibility to spend bucket loads of time with my daughter…

Be fully present in her life…

Be part of her girl crew—even though I’m technically her mom—and create memories with her…

Then go ahead and create it.

The truth is, I’m able to do that because I INTENTIONALLY designed my career to align with that vision.

I chose a business model that aligned with my vision: to be wholistically whealthy

And it legit turned into a full-fledged biz!

So in Biz Mastery—which is only around 20 minutes or so, BTW—I show you the steps I took to do this.

And how you can too—even if you’re thrilled with what you do for a living.

Hey, who said you can’t be multi passionate?

This model allows you to explore MORE of your passions in a way that generates extra spending cash.

I guide you through a process that helps you figure out what kind of side hustle is ideal for you…

How to find the right clients or customers that’ll align with it…

And how to custom-tailor offers so it’s an absolute no-brainer to get them to say YES to working with you.

Not a bad way to spend 20-30 minutes, huh?

I'm launching this masterclass right now and I've got a secret link for my inner circle (AKA: you) so you get in free.

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I’ll see it and drop ya the link.

You can DM me the word FREEDOM too.

Sound good?

Amazing – ok, that’s it for me this week.

Remember…  every choice you make has an impact on everyone around you. 

So use those choices wisely… and make your impact a good one.

Until next week, I’ll see ya online.