4 Mental Health Hacks Entrepreneurs Swear By

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the Whole You Podcast where I'm paving the way for ambitious women, like you, to look + feel younger so you can achieve a 10 out of 10 life + unlock financial freedom.

I was thinking the other day about one of the biggest differences between a 9-5 office employee and an entrepreneur…

Other than the fashion. 

I mean, I’m pretty lucky that my office attire is joggers – and not the suit I used to wear as an attorney. LOL

Anyway, the OTHER prime difference is how you spend your TIME when you work for someone else – versus yourself.

Generally, when you work for someone else, your priorities and success metrics are determined by someone else.

What your DAY looks like is determined by someone else. 

It can become a little monotonous.

In fact, one of the reasons people leave their 9 to 5 jobs to become entrepreneurs is to break out of the monotony…

But ya know what’s crazy? 

That daily, expected rhythm is something you actually miss once you ARE an entrepreneur.

Because it’s up to YOU to create it.

And those days when you’re working really hard… 

You might look back with fondness on the days when you showed up, punched the clock, and got served a steady paycheck.

Because one of the biggest hallmarks of being an entrepreneur is actually overworking yourself. 

Which can lead to stress. Which can lead to burnout. 

It can also lead to a bit of loneliness – as most of us are SOLOpreneurs. Especially when we get started.

To be real with ya, I wish there had been more options for community when I first started out over a decade ago.

Like a mastermind-style group I could join – where I could network with the RIGHT people I needed to grow my biz…

Learn all the healthy habits + hacks to elevate every area of my life…

AND maintain my sanity.

I 100% know I’d have fallen in love with my life WAYYYYYY earlier.


Which is why I created my 10/10 Club (AKA Habit Hackers).

It’s always been my vision to help YOU fall in love with YOUR life too… whether that’s by:

  • Making more money… 
  • Getting healthier… leaner… stronger….
  • Looking and FEELING younger… 
  • Becoming more productive… 
  • Being more intimate with your relationship to time… 
  • Or connecting deeper in your relationships with the humans in your life, too.
Knowing that whatever YOU are going through in your journey – whether that’s becoming a badass entrepreneur – or just a better version of yourself…

You aren’t alone.

And while I do my best to share in a podcast… or a blog article… or a 1-hour workshop… or a 20-minute talk in a virtual summit…

Where the magic REALLY happens is when WE are in deeper connection with each other. When you have more access to me.

Which, RN is inside my 10/10 Club mastermind-style community.

BTW, I’m officially launching it on April 5th and I’m personally inviting you to attend my LIVE launch party. So you can get an inside, sneak peek at what it’s all about.

It’s happening on Wednesday, April 5th at 1pm Pacific, and it’s absolutely FREE!

But it’s a party. A connection. So it’s not being recorded. 

You get to RSVP for the party and actually show up. Or you miss out. Totally up to you.  I’m not attached to your choice. Cause it’s yours.

But trust me when I tell ya that RIGHT NOW is the ideal time to get in if it is YOUR intention to show up differently in your life…

To grow your biz… 

Get stronger + healthier (in mind and body)… or you wanna really lean in and develop your social circle AND your lifestyle…

And when you come hang out with me on Zoom, I also plan to share with ya a sneak peek at one of my digital fav courses that I’m up-leveling right now JUST for you.

You can drop me the word CLUBPARTY on social – or DM me – to get your official launch party invite.

Or pop on over to for all the deets.

While we DO cover quite a few biz-building topics in the 10/10 Club, we often talk about more personal stuff like…

  • Struggles we’re having in our marriages. 
  • Raising kids or teenagers.
  • Managing a successful biz while being a mom.
  • How to eat well (even while traveling).
  • Or get enough sleep or personal space in your life (even during a launch).
‘Cause of course you know that your life and biz are totally intertwined.

And if you wanna level up in ONE area, you get to level up in them ALL.

And being strong mentally and emotionally is absolutely critical to being able to do that.

So, let’s talk about…

4 sanity-saving hacks the most successful entrepreneurs swear by.

#1. Exercise.

Not only is getting your sweat on good for your bod, but it’s also necessary for your mental health.

Physical activity releases endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin – all of which help address the buildup of stress. 

And make you FEEL good. And relaxed. And energized. And happy!

I work out daily – usually an F45 or HIIT class or sometimes hop on my Peloton.

And typically first thing in the morning.

Exercise is like spiritual therapy for me. 

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without exercise as a new entrepreneur.

My days were SO crazy and even when I told myself I just COULDN’T find the time…

I learned to SCHEDULE in my workouts.

Literally put them on the calendar like I would a meeting or phone call.

And treated them as a priority – like I would that meeting or phone call.

So here’s a mindset switch for ya.

If you tell yourself that it’s smarter for you to spend that hour plugging away at your laptop instead of working out…

Tell yourself it’s PART of your job.

You burning out… or making massive mistakes… or being irritable AF isn’t gonna help your biz in the long term.

Plus, some of your best creativity comes alive when you give yourself breathing space.

So taking the time to take care of your most valuable asset (AKA YOU) is a non-negotiable.

The next mental health hack entrepreneurs swear by is…

#2. Meditation.

You may not wanna hear this… 

Especially because I just added exercise to your daily to-do list…

But spending 10-20 minutes a day in silence is clutch.

‘Cause if you don’t, your brain has a way of storing stress – and it comes out in ways you don’t expect.

If you don’t have a Rip 👇👇👇 to balance out the Beth ☝️☝️☝️in your life, meditation helps you release that stress… and maintain your healthy balance.

The amazing thing is – there are SOOOOO many different kinds of meditation.

If you’ve tried it in the past and decided it’s not for you ‘cause you can’t “control your thoughts” – newsflash… 

That’s the super old-school approach to meditation.

And PS – that kind of meditation was made BY men. FOR men.

Women tend to be a bit less linear. We literally CREATE LIFE with our bodies.

And creativity is NOT a linear process.

So instead, get… well… CREATIVE with your meditation approach. LOL

And even though meditation has been around for over 5,000 years – our lives have dramatically changed.

One thing is the same though… how our bodies and brains respond to stress.

Our fight-or-flight stress response is built into the oldest part of our brain.

It’s meant for survival.

So while most of us don’t have tigers chasing us on the daily…

We do have EMAILS chasing us around. 

Or kids. Or husbands. Or clients. Or whatever causes you the most amount of stress.

Maybe all the things.

So when we feel stress, that fight or flight response kicks in.

And if we don’t actively mitigate it… we can develop anxiety. Or depression. Or even physical manifestations of stress.

In the form of disease. Or getting sick easier.

Entrepreneurs tend to be on high alert more than traditional office workers.

‘Cause the stakes are higher.

For me, before I started meditating daily – and following other protocols for my physical, emotional, and mental health…

I had TERRIBLE anxiety.

And my fight-or-flight response literally gave me stomach aches every day – for 40 years.

I’m not even kidding.

So yeah, you can see why I use meditation to relax my brain and realign my physiology – so I can actually ENJOY my life. And my biz.

And, I dunno, eat a cookie if I want one. LOL

My fav meditation tool is called BrainTap.

It’s this really cool biofeedback tool that combines light, sound beats, data tracking, and meditation via a headset and app.

I use it 10-20 minutes each morning and I swear to you it helps me:
  • Break through mental blocks.
  • Calm my mind and emotions.
  • Ground my energy. 
  • Prepare for the day. 
  • Increase my creativity. 
  • And even sleep more efficiently at night so I wake up…
  • Fully charged and restored.
Now this next one is a little silly – but I swear it keeps me sane.

And is actually good for my biz.

And it’s…

3. Watching feel-good TV.

Does that one surprise you?I know some people believe that to be truly successful in business, you have to cut out anything mindless.

But feel-good TV is another way I personally decompress at the end of the day. Remember that feel-good hormone dopamine? 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, binge-watching a show you love actually releases dopamine and gives you that feel-good high.

My fav feel-good shows RN are:
  • Emily in Paris.
  • Ginny & Georgia.
  • Firefly Lane.
  • And of course – Ted Lasso. 

Which just came out with Season 3 and OMG, I’m obsessed. 

I usually prefer to binge shows, so waiting for several episodes to come out is sooooo hard when I find a show I’m totally into.

And BTW, you can debate me all you want about whether Emily in Paris, Ginny & Georgia, or Firefly Lane are feel-good shows – especially when there are some messed up things that happen to the characters…

But they feel good to ME. 

Ergo, they’re “feel good” shows in my book. LOL

I love the kind of emotionally connected stories that make me laugh… and even cry…

They always make me feel lighter and refreshed.

And I get to gab about the shows inside the 10/10 Club – which makes me feel more connected with YOU.

Now, I bet you’re wondering…

Uh, Hayley? Don’t you run multiple businesses? Where the hell do you find time to watch TV?

Well, it’s because of my next hack…

4. The 6-hour workday.

Some other entrepreneurs, like my friend Amy Porterfield, do a different version of this where they have a 4-day workweek.

I personally do Flex Fridays, where almost every Friday, I take the day off so I can book myself into all my personal appointments I quote unquote “need” to thrive. 

So that I can spend my weekends in connection time with my fam and friends.
(Or time for myself).

A  6-hour workday is a goal I set for myself back in 2022. And I achieved it.

The way I did this is by having super focused time blocks.

I also have hired well and have a team of employees and freelancers who help with the day-to-day.

If you’re just starting out – and you find yourself working 12-13 hour days…

My friend, it’s time to invest in some help.

Even if it’s a part-time virtual assistant.

Someone to manage your overflowing inbox…

Your calendar…

Do research for you… manage your social media… or write content for you.

Getting help in areas that don’t require YOU specifically to do them lets you create whitespace in your day.

So you can laser-focus on your zone of genius…

And work smarter, not harder…

Not get distracted.

I totally know what it feels like to bury yourself in work.

By believing “It’s all on me”.

I believed this too – and it actually caused some pretty significant damage to my relationships.

That’s what my 6-hour workday is intended to help address.

So now I can be more productive with my time, with highly focused blocks for specific tasks.

Like recording this weekly podcast. Or planning my next marketing launch.

Or creating and then filming social media content.

Or writing and reviewing emails and other copy I need for my biz.

Or getting on calls and meetings that actually move the needle in my biz.

And have more free time without sacrificing quality.

I truly believe that the most important thing in life is relationships…

And while this isn’t a groundbreaking revelation – it kinda has been for me.

That’s why my intention for 2023 is to create healthy, happy, connected relationships. Across the board.

Not just with my fam and friends…

But with my network, too.


What I’ve discovered is that it’s not 100% fulfilling for me to stand in front of an IRL or virtual podium – and just teach biz-building tools. 

Or health hacks.

You can get that from anyone.

What makes all the difference to me is the relationship.  

I legit thrive on feedback. The 2-way dialogue.

I love the exchange of ideas.

The energy of solving problems and optimizing solutions.

So I created the 10/10 Club to not just deliver all the biz knowledge and health/life hacks I’m known for…

But so I can create connected, authentic, 10 out of 10 relationships with everyone in that community.

THAT’s what makes me happy.

That’s what lights me up and fills my soul.

So maybe it’s a little self-serving. LOL

But hey, I think of it as a win-win.

So a bit more about what’s in store for the next evolution of the 10/10 Club slash Habit Hackers.

Yes, you’ll still get group coaching with me – and access to MY network, my team, and other people I leverage to grow my biz…

But now you’ll also be getting the actual tools I use in my own life and biz.

Via the monthly 10/10 Toolkit.

This month, for example, it includes some of my best email marketing tricks. Which will help you grow YOUR biz – and therefore earn more money. While helping more people.

‘Cause the truth is – and this might be a bit uncomfortable to hear…

You 100% should NOT rely on social media or word-of-mouth alone in your biz.

With email, you own your contacts.

With social alone, you’re literally building yourself on someone else’s property.

And they can legit shut you down overnight.

Trust me, I know this for a fact – it’s happened to me.

And it’s an absolute nightmare trying to get it back. If you even can.

With an email list, those are YOUR people.

And, you’re much more likely to see strong results.

In fact, there’s a stat out there that goes, with social alone, your chances of getting a sale are 12.5%.

With email and social, it jumps to 60%.

Anyway, more on that in this month’s 10/10 Toolkit…

Which isn't just about growing your list.

But also how to scrub your list, build deeper relationships, and actually get your readers to open them. 

Which reduces your chances of landing in the spam folder. 

Which you can get when you enroll in the 10/10 Club. 

AND to kick off the official up-leveling of this community… I’m throwing a LIVE launch party on Wednesday, April 5th at 1pm Pacific.

It’s absolutely FREE.

So drop me the word CLUBPARTY on any of my social posts…

DMing me…

And remember – inside the 10/10 Club we also talk about the personal, human side of being an entrepreneur. Or career professional.

Things like:
  • Marriage struggles. 
  • Raising a kid or teenager while being an entrepreneur.
  • How to travel for 2 weeks and only pack a carry-on (no joke, I can do it).
  • The best products to get healthier, stronger, and leaner.
  • Skincare hacks to keep you looking younger and fresher.
  • How to be productive AF (AKA: do more in less time).
  • Smart investment solutions when you don’t have a ton of cash.
  • And ways to grow your biz while having a personal life.
‘Cause how you do anything is how you do everything.

So if you’re like, that sounds amazing – let’s do this!

Then come on to my socials (@hayleyhobson) – and drop me the word CLUBPARTY on my recent posts.

I’ll see it and can give you the link to RSVP to the LIVE launch party on April 5th at 1pm PST directly.

Or go there yourself:

I can’t wait for you to see what’s inside so you can get in on the fun!

That’s it for me today, friends…

Hope to see ya inside the 10/10 Club and I’ll catch ya at the party – bye!