Hack Your Vibe: Rewire Your Brain

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So you might know that over the past few years, I’ve become completely obsessed with meditation.

Literally do it every morning.

Now, I know you might be out there saying, “I can’t meditate. I can’t settle my thoughts or sit still.”

Or maybe you’re old school like, “That’s too woo woo for me.”

And I totally get it.

Traditional ways of meditating don’t work for sooooo many people.

So not only do I use a more modern method of meditation (try saying THAT 5 times fast LOL)...

But I actually choose to look at it differently.

I look at it as giving myself 10 minutes to relax and focus inward at least once a day.

Before my day begins.

‘Cause before I started doing this, my brain didn’t stop thinking.

In fact, my thoughts were allll over the place. All the time.

And if you totally get what that experience is – of course you’re gonna have this self-fulfilling prophecy.

You don’t meditate because you have too many thoughts.

And you have too many thoughts because you don’t meditate.

The fact is, we all have a lot of chaos in our lives. 

We’re always go go go… and RARELY give ourselves 5-10 mins to just stop. 

When you come from a place of frantic energy all the time, you’re not gonna see the best results in your life. 

So give yourself a brain break.

A mental reset.

Take just 10 mins to stop, go inward, and slowwwwww the F down.

I promise it’ll actually make you more productive and focused throughout the day. 

Even some of the most well-known people in the world like Deepak Chopra and Paul McCartney meditate each morning without fail.

Not only is meditation deeply calming – no joke, there are actual scientific studies that show meditation helps address chronic inflammation and stress levels... 

But it also allows you to tap into your creativity, intuition, and inner well of resilience much more easily.

AKA: You’re much less likely to flip out when something doesn’t go your way.

Or your husband says something that would normally snap that last remaining shred of patience, LOL.

Now obviously, you know me… so I’m not gonna do the traditional form of meditation you’re probably familiar with.

You know… the one where you sit on the floor in lotus position in pure silence.

Nah, I’m gonna find some sort of next-level twist on it – one that’s backed by science and data.

And that’s why I’m obsessed with BrainTap.

I’ve been using it for over 3 years.

BrainTap is both an app and a headset device that tracks your brain’s biofeedback.

Oh and BTW, if you wanna check it out, I’ve hooked you up with a 14-day free trial of the app. 

And when you use my link and then enter the promo code PARTNER50, you’ll get $50 off the BrainTap Power Bundle and the BrainTap Headset.

Pop on over to to get all the deets.

By the way, that headset is optional, but I honestly had no idea you even could get the app without the headset…

Because when I was introduced to it by my acupuncturist, he ONLY recommended the headset alongside the app which he had me download on my phone in front of him.

Actually, here’s what really happened was…

I walked into his office, stressed the F out.  

And BTW, I think I show up pretty well on the surface. Because most people can’t tell when I’m stressed.

I’m still laser. I maintain my productivity. I get shit done.

But there’s no faking an experienced health practitioner.

So when my session was over, he handed me his headset. And told me to use it, minimum 2-3 times a day for the next week. Until my next visit. 

And here’s what happened…

I didn’t give it back.

I came in a week later and asked him if I could just buy his off of him. For realz.

SO anyway, the headset wasn’t optional for me after that first use.
And I’ve been able to actually track the results over time… and see how my results  align with how I show up and feel each day.

And I wanna clear another thing up – ‘cause I’ve gotten asked about this before.

This is not a normal meditation app.

Yes, I know there are tons of meditation apps and programs out there. Lots of free ones too.

But BrainTap is different.

It works to activate your brain in a way regular meditation never could. 

For example, BrainTap has this proprietary neuro-algorithm that produces brainwave entrainment – which means it synchronizes your brainwaves to a specialized sound.

Lemme break down what exactly this means.

Think of your brain as a musical instrument.

Just like musical instruments produce different sounds, your brain produces electrical patterns called brainwaves. 

These brain waves are linked to different states of mind, like when you're relaxed, focused, or asleep.

Most of us are in a regular state of fight or flight – way more than the instinct is designed for.

This is because we’re operating in a low grade (or even high grade) stress level pretty much all the time.

So brainwave entrainment is a technique that uses sounds or visual stimulants to literally train your brain to relax.

You can literally CHOOSE YOUR VIBE.

Maybe you wanna be more alert and productive. 

Maybe you wanna prep for sleep. 

Maybe you wanna be more creative.

You can use the BrainTap system to rewrite your brain to the vibe you want – and get there super effectively.

It’s insane.

Plus, each meditation or visualization track is coded to ensure maximum neuroplasticity.

That just means the sessions strengthen your brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections… 

Which results in a more flexible and resilient brain.

After some time on the app and headset, even my massage therapist and energy worker noticed differences in my body – in the way my muscles and fascia were responding.

I kid you not.  

I think of it like an anti-aging routine for the brain. #youngAF
And it helps you optimize your brain’s peak potential. Which is totally critical when you’re focusing on productivity.

Ok so here’s my routine.

RPM – Rise. Pee. Meditate.

Or actually, it’s more like R – P – BT – M.

Rise. Pee. Brush Teeth. Meditate. LOL

So here’s my morning meditation ritual.

First, I get up before the rest of my fam, so I have the house to myself.

It’s nice and quiet.

No one needs me or is asking where they put their homework or their car keys.

It’s just me, the dog, and a nice quiet house.

I sit on the couch, settle into the cushions, put on my headset… and choose my meditation.

The headset is super cool.

You close your eyes to listen to the meditation on your app, and the headset will flash certain lights at certain points of the meditation…

Along with specific sound beats in each ear at different times for that whole entrainment thing I mentioned.

The light thing is really unique. Because what this headset does is mimic the light frequencies found in nature. 

For example, there are more blue light frequencies at night, which tells your brain it’s time to go to sleep.

And during the day, there’s more yellow and red light frequencies, which tell your brain to be awake and alert.

So depending on the meditation you choose – and the vibe you’re looking for, like relaxation vs activation – the light therapy enhances the effects.

It literally drives the experience to a completely different level. 

I kinda think of it like it’s going deeper into my brain for extra healing and relaxation. LOL

Anyway, for me, I have a few meditation favs that are my go-tos…

A few for being grounded and focused… or calm and patient… or creative and productive.

Or, I’ll go buck wild and try something completely new.

‘Cause there are over 2,000 meditations in the app – and you can pick from any of them.

And I’ll meditate for between 10-20 minutes. Depending on my day, my mood, and what vibe I’m looking to create that day.

By the way, I’ve seen meditations in there to break addictions, such as smoking. 

And to lose weight.

No joke.

Of course, if you’ve been listening to my podcast or following along with me on social, then you are hyper aware that long term stress leads to weight gain.

So it makes perfect sense that there would be meditations to help with weight release, because it becomes a natural side effect when you break that daily fight-or-flight treadmill so many of us are on.


When my meditation track finishes up, I put everything away, and start getting ready for the day.

Put on my clothes – which usually means joggers or what I’m gonna wear to my morning workout class, LOL.

Do my skincare routine, etc etc.

By then, everyone is starting to wake up and the day is off to an official start.

Honestly, if I tried to meditate later in the day or at night, it would be a lot harder for me.

‘Cause with my schedule, my attention would be diverted.

And I’d be way more tempted to just skip it.

Maybe you can relate to that.

Although I have been known to travel with my device and pull it out on a flight.  Or run a track before bed with an intention to tap into deeper Delta waves when I sleep.

Anyway, if your attention gets diverted, too – and you’ve wanted to get the benefits of meditation, ‘cause there are plenty – then…

Getting up a half hour earlier is a good way to start getting your daily meditation in.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t meditate at night.

Maybe that would work for you better.

Just for me, mornings are better for me and it’s when I’m able to have the most consistency in my practice.

And I actually FEEL better throughout the day. 

There are a bazillion ways to meditate… and what I’ll say is… there’s no real wrong way to do it. 

Other than to NOT do it at all. LOL

A meditation teacher I know says that the best type of meditation is the one you do consistently.


So that could be listening to guided meditations… 

Doing a walking meditation… 

Or following a particular style like Zen, mindfulness, TM, or whatever else you personally prefer.
Consistency is what matters, my friends.

If you have a hard time falling asleep at night… or sleeping well… maybe doing a sleep-focused meditation at night would be your jam, just like I mentioned a minute ago, but…

Like anything worth doing… it doesn't pay to try it once and then throw up your hands going – “This didn’t work for me.”

You gotta find what does work for ya.

Get creative. Step into committed action. And go after what ya want.

‘Cause we all need to give ourselves a break from our own thoughts.

They don’t have to run the show.

They don’t have to be the boss in how we feel and show up every day.

You CAN train your brain…

And that’s why I’m soooooo in love with BrainTap.

So if you’re down to give it a shot – and if you do, totally drop me a message and lemme know what you think…

Pop on over to my special link, which is

And try the app free for 14 days.

Or, if you wanna get the headset right away, drop the promo code PARTNER50 during checkout to score an extra 50 bucks off.

That’s it for today, friends.

Happy meditating… and I’ll catch ya online.