Sticking to your New Year's Resolutions: Proven strategies to overcome setbacks + keep going

Happy 2023! Woooohooooo!!!!
Did you set a New Year’s Resolution? 
I like to set New Year’s INTENTIONS
Resolutions tend to be black and white. Pass or fail.
Intentions are more open and accessible. They allow for flexibility and creativity… while still being focused on a desired outcome.
My 2022 intention was to create a 6-hour workday. Which I did.  

My 2023 Intention is to create a much deeper connection with people in my life. Which I’ve already started to do with several.  
Intimate, soul connections. Friendships. Relationships that are innocent. Playful. Joyful. Soulful. Next level.  
Maybe you want that too. Or your intention is about your health.
Like: Drop those holiday pounds that crept on. Or fit back into your skinny jeans. 
Maybe it’s getting more toned… fit… and STOP getting winded going up a few flights of stairs.
Health-related goals are super common at the New Year.
Which is why I decided to create a 30-day health + wellness challenge!

I haven’t done a wellness-related challenge in a hot minute… but I’ve really felt called to it lately.

Especially since I’ve been SOOOOO obsessed with the anti-aging and longevity system I’ve been using the past few months called MetaPWR.
This 30-day challenge will jumpstart your health goals…
So you can boost your energy at a CELLULAR level.
AKA: the kind of energy that has ZERO crashes… lasts all day… and is stable.
Not the up and down bullshit that happens when you rely on sugar and caffeine to get through the day.
Now, being part of the online challenge IS free… and you can let me know you wanna ACTIVELY participate by going to
Or dropping me the word CHALLENGE as a comment on any of my social posts…
But there ARE two wellness products you’ll wanna get so you can see real results.
First is the MetaPWR anti-aging and wellness system I mentioned to you… which has both a metabolic essential oil blend and a collagen, NAD, NMN and resveratrol powder that helps restore your mitochondria to optimal level. 
Mitochondria are the energy center of our cells – and as we get older, they stop working as well. 
The powder in the MetaPWR is cutting-edge tech – and it’s 12x more bioavailable than other ones on the market. AKA: your body can actually soak up and PROCESS those nutrients. 
There are also a few supplements in the kit that will help improve your metabolic health – AKA so your body can finally release any extra weight it’s been holding onto… curb cravings… and retrain your body to burn FAT effectively.
The second one is the infamous Lifelong Vitality supplements I take, which are full of food grade vitamins, omegas, as well as natural, healthy, good for ya antioxidants, metabolism boosters, and nutrients most of us have trouble soaking in through our diet.
And while energy IS the core feature of the challenge – I’ve personally experienced some crazy amazing benefits I didn’t expect, like:
  • My nails and hair are growing longer, stronger, and faster – my hairstylist legit commented on it!

  • I also have WAY sharper thoughts. My daughter Madeline’s having a harder time sneaking things by me. LOL

  • My deep sleep cycle has increased by like 30-60 min a night. This is insane. A normal deep sleep cycle is about 90 min. Most people get less than an hour these days. Mine is well over 2 hours now. Often close to 3 hours. And BTW, its during our deep sleep cycle that we repair our bodies and our brain health.

  • And bonus, I’m in a way better mood. Probably has to do with the deep sleep cycle being extended. So it’s this incredible cycle that has me feeling younger every day.
OMG, I SO didn’t mean to go off on a tangent like this, but you can probably tell I’m super passionate about this.
So in the challenge, we’re gonna go through a 30-day cycle together… AND you’re gonna get science-based training videos, action steps, and a guided experience every step of the way.
PLUS, ongoing coaching and support from me.
That’s right… direct access to me and my team through the whole month.
Supporting you… holding you accountable… celebrating your wins WITH you…
And helping you achieve your wellness goals – or resolutions if that’s what you prefer to call them.
Wanna know why we’re doing this for a whole month?

Because most people totally ditch out on their New Year’s Resolutions by January 13th.
It’s actually called known as “Quitter’s Day”.
For real, it’s a thing.
Did you know that 91% of people who do Resolutions FAIL?
But you’re not going to be that person,
Because you’re exceptional – you're certainly not average.
AND you’re gonna have the support and concrete PLAN that may have stopped you from achieving your goals in the past.
Recently I dropped some knowledge on how to CREATE a New Year's goal that sticks…
So today, I thought I’d go deeper.
Into what happens when you begin to slip up… have a bad day… fall off the horse.
Basically, what to do right before you hit your OWN quitter’s day.
I’m talkin’ about concrete strategies to CONSISTENTLY show up for yourself.
Be who you are… AND be your own best friend.
There’s no point comparing yourself to everyone else. 
We’re all dealt a different hand in life. 
So we’re gonna focus on YOU.
And your motivators.
If you’ve tried to achieve this goal before, but haven’t done it yet… ask yourself WHY.
The REAL reason.
You may have to dig deep. Sometimes, that real reason is buried way below your conscious mind. You’d be shocked at what I discovered when I dig.
If you haven’t tried this goal before, WHY is it calling to you now?
Why does it finally get to be a priority?
You probably can’t do this without getting super clear on your drivers AND your past obstacles.
Knowing is half the battle.
When you write your WHY down… as well as what has historically tripped you up…
You can look at that little piece of paper (or a note on your phone)...
Before you throw in the towel.
And remind yourself what your dream is. 

And that you matter.  
You are enough. 
You deserve this.
No more quitter’s day for you – woohoo!
Your WHY is incredibly powerful.
Make it be something bigger than yourself.
Yeah, being able to pull back on your college jeans is awesome… but WHY is that important to you?
Does it make you feel confident and sexy?
Do you strut into a room and own it? And does that turn into a stronger, more connected relationship? 
Or when you embody this high-vibe energy in your biz, do you end up with more clients… better sales… or greater opportunities?
More money?
That BTS concert in Vegas with your teen she’s been dying to go to? Lol. Ok self projecting. 
‘Cause you know it’s not REALLY about the jeans. Or the accomplishment. Or the concert.
So get clear on the EMOTION. How do you want to FEEL when you achieve that goal?
As for the obstacles, write down exactly what they have been in the past. 
So you can proactively get ahead of them OR avoid them this go-round.
Like, if your story is that your kid’s crazy schedule threw off your consistency last time…
Or you are tempted by all the food your kids leave over…
Or your hubby buys…
Come up with ways to avoid that.
I mean, you’re not really gonna pull your kid out of every activity – so what CAN you do to ensure you follow through on your goal?
Where can you carve out time to prioritize YOURSELF here?
Can you get up 30 minutes early?
Can you wrap up your day on time?
Are there places where you can multi-GOAL?

As in accomplishing two goals at the same time? Not two TASKS – two GOALS.
Get creative. And get specific.
That’s why I love the idea of a 30-day challenge.
It’s long enough to be impactful – so you can see CONCRETE results.
But it’s short enough that it’s completely doable.
Cause we’re right here with you.
AND when you complete a challenge like this, my experience is you’re riding so high on your accomplishment that you wanna keep friggin’ going. 
So it actually turns into a habit. And then a lifestyle.
Point being… I can’t tell you your why. I don’t know what’s held you back before.
So literally write those down for yourself. 
So you have a North Star… AND your roadmap that outlines where the potential trouble spots are so you can get around them.
And here’s what I do when I feel myself edging into the ego-based desire to throw in the towel…
I bring in more FUN.
I get other people involved with me.
Like, if your goal or resolution starts to feel like a burden, it’s time to get creative.
No one said making changes has to be a drag.
Change up your meal plan. Switch up your workout routine. 
Go back to your vision and intention you wrote down…
Reconnect with that.
And then switch up the vehicles, mechanisms, and approaches that are gonna get you toward that vision…
And still honor your intention.
If Plan A doesn’t work for you… move to Plan B… Plan C… you get the idea.
You can also modify your goal.
So you’re still working toward it… but the milestones are different.
The path to get there shifts.
Point being… there’s a reason you created this goal slash resolution.
So get back to that – and before you pitch it out the window entirely or just stop showing up for yourself…
Apply the “how CAN I” mentality.
Instead of defaulting to “I can’t.”
Or, ideally – get yourself a support system that’s gonna help you along the way.
Like in the 30-day longevity challenge I’m inviting you to.
You’ll have a rock solid community of people working toward the same goal as you.
PLUS access to me and my entire operations team, with coaching and ongoing support, AND training lessons delivered right to you.
Let me know that you’re in and you’re committed by dropping your name and email at
Or commenting the word CHALLENGE on any of my social posts…
We kick off the challenge on January 9th… 
So make sure you sign up… then order the MetaPWR and Lifelong Vitality supplements so you’re ready to go!
This FREE 30-day challenge is for you if you want more energy on the daily – without relying on unhealthy crutches like sugar and caffeine.
You’d like to support your cells to regenerate….

Your organs to fight off viruses and pathogens… perform more effectively so you FEEL great inside your body… and help clear out waste efficiently.
With the prime benefits of having better mental processing… clearer, more youthful looking skin… and maybe even releasing weight you don’t need.
Win win!
Hey, I know these results are going to happen. Because they’re happening for everyone incorporating these products so far. 
So, they will happen for you too. You just have to lean in and say yes to yourself. 

BE a person who says yes. And then sticks to your word. 
Again, the link is – or just grab it in the show notes.
Or pop over to my IG, FB, or TikTok and comment the word CHALLENGE. And I’ll help ya get in that way.

That’s it for me today, friends…
Can’t wait to see ya in the challenge – bye!