The Secret to Looking + Living Younger

I dunno about you, but growing up, I watched how the women in my life took care of themselves.

What they did right when they woke up… how they moisturized… the products they used… 

And what they passed down to me.

I feel like most little girls experience this, if they’ve had close female role models in their lives.

It’s almost like a right of passage or ritual.

One that I’m actually passing on to my own daughter.

Although I do have to tell ya… she may be more into self-care than me.

I mean, she literally uses Korean sheet masks weekly… and she’s 13. LOL

So I mean yeah… this is a multi-generational thing.

Although when I grew up, we definitely didn’t have the kind of sophisticated beauty, skincare, and health products we have now.

But what’s funny is… a lot of the same kinds of products I remember my grandmother and mom using… 

Well, I still use a version of them today.

For example, Rose. 

To this day, that scent reminds me of my grandma.

What I didn’t know back then is that Rose is actually SUPER good for your skin.

It balances moisture levels in the skin, reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, and promotes a healthy, even skin tone.

Plus, it has amazing aromatherapy properties for your mood.

This is why I use an essential oil product, called Rose Touch, as part of my daily skincare routine.

Among other things. 

I actually have an 8-step skincare routine I do twice a day.

Which literally only takes me about 5 minutes to do.

And weekly, I follow a deeper skin detox regimen that includes exfoliation and mud mask to clean out my pores and restore optimal skin regeneration.

But I’m super excited about something new.

Something you may have heard about in the news or from your girlfriends… or maybe from me!

If you follow me on social, then you’ve been seeing me talk about this A TON lately.

There’s a HUGE anti-aging and longevity movement happening right now.

And we’re at the beginning stages.

You know how the vagus nerve and the microbiome were the hot scientific breakthroughs the past few years?

Well, longevity and anti-aging are about to be at that level.

And I’m not just talking about revitalization for the skin or looking younger and fresher.

Although that’s awesome and certainly everyone I know is totally down for that – including me. LOL

What’s happening right now is regenerating your energy and vitality… at a CELLULAR level. 

Through supplementation… biohacks… diet… lifestyle… and woowoo wellness practices like IV vitamin therapies.

I’ve actually spent a TON of time looking into this… ‘cause I’m all about the latest technologies and products to keep me healthy, strong, and energized.

Not to mention, looking and FEELING young as well.

Sorry not sorry. LOL

Ok so I’m gonna blow your mind right now with the 3 things that are about to BLOW UP on the scene in terms of reversing the aging process… 

Living longer and staying active and mentally on point… 

And keeping disease and excess weight at bay.

Which tends to be a side effect of when our bodies prematurely age.

The first one is called NAD.

NAD is an enzyme that’s responsible for maintaining our most critical biological functions.

Things like immune response, stress response, and metabolism. 

It is also key for metabolizing energy at a cellular level. 

Essentially, the more NAD we have, the healthier, stronger, and more resilient we are. 

Got that?

OK great.

So as we age, NAD declines – which means aging accelerates. 

Which is why we experience more aging-related issues like weight gain, cognitive decline, fatigue, and vision loss…

Not to mention skyrocketing our risk of disease.

But here’s the amazing part… the breakthrough discoveries that are leading to this massive anti-aging and longevity movement.

The latest science is showing that we don’t have to be resigned to this fate. 

We can directly impact NAD through biohacks, lifestyle choices, and supplementation.

But here’s the catch…

We can’t really impact NAD directly.

Meaning, we need to influence NAD production and function through a side door.

And this is where another acronym comes in: NMN.

NMN is a precursor to NAD. 

And while we can’t impact NAD directly… we CAN impact NMN. 

It’s involved in the production of NAD within the body and can help to rejuvenate cells as well as amplify the body’s ability to DNA repair. 

AKA literally prevent age-linked changes in gene expression.

Is your brain exploding yet? LOL. 

Do you feel like you just got a PhD in science? LOL

Lemme break it down for ya…

Long story short… the latest science is showing that by boosting NMN + NAD production (usually by supplement or IV drip, like I do), premature aging can actually be reversed. 



And when combined with other biohacks to improve longevity and resilience against the most common reasons for decline and death (such as heart disease, cancer, memory-related issues like Alzheimer's + dementia)...

Humans can potentially live to 150 years old! 

I’m not even kidding.

I fully expect that within my daughter Madeline’s lifetime, people will be living that long.

So that’s NAD and NMN.

Let’s talk about the THIRD game changing aspect of this longevity movement.


This anti-aging secret weapon is a little controversial right now. 

But I can guarantee you that it’s gonna be THE THING everyone’s talking about super soon. 

I mean, we all know about collagen injections and topicals (like serums, lotions, and creams)...

But the latest breakthroughs are now showing that ingesting collagen via supplements or powders also has really powerful benefits, such as:

  • Delaying the aging process.
  • Improving skin moisture, elasticity, and hydration.
  • Reducing wrinkling and roughness of the skin.
  • Strengthening muscles.
  • Improving bone density (super important as we age).
  • As well as supporting joint health + flexibility (which means you can move better).

I’m big into staying as healthy and active as possible… for as long as possible. 

I want to be here to see my daughter grow up, have a family of her own, and be part of their lives too.

That’s why I’m majorly into cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs like this… 

That literally hack human chemistry without resorting to harmful chemicals or injecting fake ingredients into my body.

So when I heard that there’s a brand new line of anti-aging and longevity products coming out from my FAV company…

The same one that produces all of my skincare…

All of my supplements…

All of my protein powders and holistic wellness products…

You can imagine how psyched I was.

Because what that tells me… this is the GOOD shit.

It’s been vetted… researched… it’s trustworthy… and pure.

It’s good FOR ya.

For realz, when I sat on a recent call to hear all about this product – which is called Meta, BTW…

The benefits and results were jaw dropping.

Not only is it made of all three of the ingredients I told you today — NAD, NMN, and Collagen – in ONE simple to use powder you can add to ANY beverage… 

People who got early stage samples of the system shared how their belt is now 3-4 notches tighter.

Their skin is brighter, more elastic, and healthier.

They have more energy throughout the day.

And, for the serious athletes who have been using it… their performance has gotten better.

Not to mention the impact it’s had on their metabolic health.

Which is a crisis right now that NO ONE is talking about.

Metabolic health refers to the way your body is able to soak up nutrients from food… positively respond to it…

And when you have strong metabolic health, you slash your risk of conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

All of which are TOP health issues today – especially in the US.

There were some other really incredible side effects reported too, like:

  • A dramatic decrease in cravings.
  • Having clearer thoughts.
  • Friends literally stopping them and going, WOW, you look AMAZING. What are you DOING?

I mean, I was in before I heard about the early results from my friends and colleagues trying out the Meta system…

But that sort of reaction?

I was like – gimme gimme gimme.

For reals, I think my very first comment was – when can I get my hands on this? LOL

So the awesome thing is… I just placed my first order.

And the SECOND awesome thing is… I’ve been given the go-ahead to let YOU be one of the first to get your hands on it too.

So if you want to know more… or you’re like me and you’re already IN on being part of this anti-aging and longevity movement…

You can go to a special page I set up.

Or, pop on to any of my social posts and drop me the word REVERSE.

I’ll shoot you the link that way too.
Sound good?

That’s it for me today.
I’m gonna go check my front porch RN to see if it’s arrived yet. LOL
I’ll probably find a new pack of Korean face masks addressed to Madeline out there too.
Oh and some eye concealer.
I’m not even kidding. LOL

Or, comment the word REVERSE on my socials and I’ll shoot ya the link directly.

I’ll see ya online…