Why “TGIF” is no way to live

Do you live for the weekend?

You know… livin’ that TGIF life?

Where you draaaaagggggg yourself through the week – focused on crossing the finish line of Friday.

Only to do it week after week after week.

My friends, this is no way to live.

What if I told you that you can banish the Sunday Scaries FOR-EV-AHHHHHHHH.

You know what those are…

That imminent dread you get Sunday night that yet another Monday morning is about to roll around.

And you, like, pre-drain your energy. LOL

Living for the weekend is a mindset you get to totally change.

And it’s actually not hard at all.

This is something we’ve been talking about a lot lately inside Habit Hackers.

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Did you know I was a HUGE Deadhead in college? Still love ‘em. LOL

Point being… when you have time- and financial-freedom… you get to create a life you’re obsessed with… 

ENJOY the work you do and look forward to it… and spend quality time doing things you love with PEOPLE you love.

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All together, no spaces.


So, like I mentioned… we talk about how to stop living for the weekend…

And START enjoying your life – every single day – inside Habit Hackers A LOT.

And the ideal place to start is…

By shifting your relationship with time.

Time is our most valuable resource.

And for many of us, it’s actually the one that stresses us out the most.

I gotta tell ya… There’s ONE phrase that gets me super spicy whenever I hear it.

It’s “I don’t have time.”

If you go around telling everyone – and yourSELF – that you don’t have time for the really important things in your life…

  • Your friends.
  • Being social.
  • Growing your business or career.
  • Making progress toward your dreams and goals…
  • Taking care of yourself.
  • Or, having a hot sex life…
Then it’s not really a time thing.

It’s a priority thing.

It’s a lack of clarity thing.

It’s an overwhelm thing.

I’ll admit that this used to pop out of my mouth without me even realizing it – until I became truly mindful over what it meant.

It meant I was overwhelmed. 

Overwhelm tends to happen when you’re unclear about what’s important… 

How long things take… and the impact of those actions (or, let’s be real – INactions)

YET… when you resolve those challenges…

You get clear on what matters to you… what it takes to complete that goal, project, or task… 

Really whatever it is that you’re saying you don’t have time for…

And actually prioritize it…

It actually gets done – and actually done QUICKER.

So many of us have really unhealthy relationships with time.

You’d be shocked at how many people agree to something (like lunch, drinks, a workout date, going to a party, completing a task, owning a project, signing up for a course, whatever…) and then just don’t show up.

Or maybe you aren’t shocked by that.

Maybe you ARE that person.

Or maybe you have a flakey friend – we alllll have one.

But the uncomfortable truth is… 

It’s disrespectful… not just to the other person… but to yourself.

‘Cause you’re not living in integrity.

You’re not being a person of your word.

So when I hear people complaining about how they don’t have time…

I lean in and remind them… your time is your own.

You HAVE time.

So stop giving away your power.

You get to stop being a flake.

Stop people pleasing – agreeing to shit you don’t really want to do out of some misguided thought that you’re SUPPOSED to do it.

Or that you’re gonna let the other person down.

I hear that one a lot – friends agree to things I ask them to do with me because they don’t want to let me down.

Even when they don’t REALLY wanna do it.

Once they actually told me this… it was a brand new conversation. And a deeper relationship.

And for me… it’s wayyyyy better to be HONEST than to come across as a flake.

Maybe you feel that way too.

And while we’re on the subject of time… doing what you wanna do… and OWNING your truth by being honest…

It’s time to stop living for the weekend.

Enjoy your life EVERY DAY.

I believe that the words “I can’t” are exceptionally dangerous. And they’re holding us back from our true potential. Like, GLOBALLY.

We often say “I can’t” when we mean “It’s not a priority for me” or “I don’t want to”.

Or, if you actually believe you can’t… it’s likely not YOUR belief. It may be one handed down to you – and you haven’t actually ever tried.

If there IS something you want to do… and you’re locked into this “I can’t” mindset… 

You get to shift out of this scarcity, victim mindset – and into the mindset of “I CAN” or “HOW can I?”

And that starts with a concept called “reframing”.

Which is incredibly empowering.

When you move into “How can I?” you instantly shift into solution mode.

You get to look at what’s on your plate and evaluate what’s actually important to you.

  • Does your to-do list reflect your priorities?
  • Does it reflect your values and desires?
  • Does it reflect how you actually WANT to live your life?
  • Does it reflect your TRUTH?
  • And are you being intentional with HOW you spend your time?
The fact is, you are the designer of your day.

Yet most of us let others dictate what we do and when. 

And I gotta tell ya, friends, it’s actually why most of us are so frustrated and annoyed with our calendars.

So what if you took back the power?

What if you decided what you did and when… and then let other people work within those boundaries?

Here’s an example:

I’ve decided that between 10am and 1pm, Monday - Thursday, that’s my focus time.

What I focus on in those windows changes – but I rarely book meetings or calls in that window (there are always exceptions to every rule).

That’s MY time to focus and get shit done.

Of course, I will be flexible if absolutely nothing else works and it’s literally the ONLY time someone can meet with me or squeeze me into an appointment… 

But 99% of the time, that’s “me” time for working on/working in and growing my biz.

I also ALWAYS schedule taking my daughter to school and picking her up on my calendar as a non-negotiable.

And being “free” from 4-6pm which is what I consider and after school “connection” time.  

That may entail schlepping her to an activity. 

Or do a Boba drink run.  

Or making a Tiktok.  

Or just annoying her… LOL

‘Cause that time is precious to me. It’s a priority I won’t give up.

And you get to do this too.

So let’s break this habit of committing to shit we don’t really wanna do… giving away our time and power to other people… and actually OWNING what we want. No apologies.

‘Cause doing all that? It IS a habit. 

And it’s a bad one – especially if you’ve got a career… or a biz… or something else that’s important to you in your work or personal life.

Don’t let other people control your time.

Don’t give up your peace for the sake of “making it nice” for someone else.

I’m not telling you this to be a jerk.

I’m telling you this to empower you.

But the truth is my friends… if you don’t respect your time, no one else will either.

And that means respecting your choices. 

Being honest about them… communicating them… and following through - for YOURSELF.

Showing the eff up.

Yes. Being a person who shows up. 

Being a person other people can rely on.

Being a person YOU can rely on.

Being in integrity with your truth, your priorities, and what’s important to you.

Which is really a key message I wanna share with you today…

‘Cause it’s the holidays.

And it can totally feel like we’re compressed… doing things out of obligation…

So even if you DO have commitments you’re not completely psyched about (*cough* FAMILY PARTIES *cough* LOL)

You can practice reframing.

When you think or say the words “I have to” – catch yourself.

And change “I have to” to “I GET to”.

‘Cause after all:

  • You GET to choose how you spend your time.
  • You GET to choose your mindset around time.
  • You GET to stop being time-broke.
  • You GET to stop being money-broke.
  • You GET to create time for FUN – every day.
Not just on the weekends.

When you flip the script and start applying this… you get to say goodbye to the “Sunday Scaries”. 

You get to maximize your time all week and build fun in – any friggin’ day you want. Maybe all the days! That’s my personal goal. LOL

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The world has become full of apathetic people.

And I don’t think that’s you.

Maybe you’ve hit the burnout zone… or you’ve become numb to what’s going on around you…

Tons of people are in that boat. And I get it.

But I know it’s not who you actually are on the inside.

You wouldn’t be here if that’s in your DNA.

The truth is, like attracts like.

So there’s something about me you vibe with.

And I wanna invite you to go deeper with me.

And say YES to yourself… the person you are meant to be.

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You will become more strategic.

You will start implementing. 

Taking action.  

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All together, no spaces.


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Alright, friends, I hope you feel more empowered and activated about your time…

Happy holidays to you… and I’ll see ya online!