Social Media Updates You NEED To Know About!

Sooooo, if you’ve been spending pretty much ANY time on Instagram, have you noticed that REELS are what you see the most?

The Instagram algorithm has been pushing Reels out the most – way more than any other piece of content.

It’s like every third or fourth post in your feed. Check it out for yourself and see if you notice the same thing.

Now your feed has a mixture of images and Reels.

If you’re not into video content, this may be annoying AF. LOL

But is it annoying enough that you stop using it?

Probably not.

But even if you’re an anti-video, anti-Story-watching Luddite like SOME people I know…

If you leverage IG as a biz-building tool for yourself – or you plan to – leaning into video content is a must-do.

I promise…  it’s not as scary as you might be thinking.

I want to help you dominate not only Instagram but other social media platforms for your biz.

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So, with Reels being prioritized above pretty much everything else… do you miss IG being a primary photo sharing app?

I do sometimes, but REELS are actually super fun to make. Especially for you guys.

If you’ve been following me there for a while, you may have seen my daughter in my Reels.

I have a ton of fun making them with her.

Ok so I have to tell you a funny story real quick…

You might be seeing our videos and go, “Awww that’s so sweet that Madeline wants to hang out and do videos with her mom so much!”

Well the truth is… 

It was a literal negotiation. LOL

Earlier this year, she begggggggged me to take her to the BTS concert in Vegas – you know, that K-Pop group, which we are both obsessed with LOL.

And tickets weren’t cheap. Like… NOT. CHEAP.

But she hounded me for WEEKS.

So… we entered negotiations.

She got her concert tickets.

And I got her to commit to 3 Reels a week with me. LOL

‘Cause my videos with her actually do the best. 

So yes, we DO have fun together doing them… BUT.

She’s 13. And NOT into hanging with mom 24/7.

However… as a former attorney, I’ve brought her up to respect the power of a contract. LOL So, win-win.

Anyway… what does the fact that IG is prioritizing Reels over pretty much anything else mean for you and your biz?

Well, it means if you want to keep using IG for your biz… you gotta put yourself out there on video.

Essentially, IG has been prioritizing Reels to compete with TikTok and YouTube Shorts – which are getting billions of views every day.

Therefore, IG needs to invest in video content too.

BT dubs… did you know that YouTube Shorts is the second most used platform for consumers of short form video content?

You might be thinking, ummm I’m sorry, do I now have to worry about putting stuff on YouTube Shorts too?!?

Well, A) we’re not really covering that today.

B) It’s a relatively new platform – only about two years old.

And C) if you don’t know what it is, it probably isn’t relevant to your audience.

About 77% of the people who use it are between 15-35. 

So if you don’t cater to the Gen Z, younger millennial audience… 

I’m not saying ignore it completely, I’m saying baby step your way in with Reels.

‘Cause you can totally get more bang for your buck with a platform you already know and likely use.

As a business owner, in the back of your mind, you probably know why IG wants to compete with TikTok and YouTube Shorts.


Think about it this way.

App-based businesses make their money from advertising revenue… and much of THAT is based on number of downloads. 

PLUS engagement and eyeballs on screen. It allll matters.

Both Instagram and Facebook have been slowing down on their monthly downloads and active users… 

Meanwhile platforms like TikTok and other similar video-based ones are getting younger users – who are really into short form video. 

It’s just, like, their thing.

So yes, it makes sense that IG would wanna get in on that before it’s too late and lose their user base.

I mean, MySpace didn’t roll with the times… and look what happened there.

In terms of what this means for your BUSINESS…

Well, if you use Instagram as one of your primary marketing channels… my friend, you’re gonna wanna learn how to do video.

There’s no good way around this, unfortunately. 

BUT -- I wanna offer you a simple mindset hack that’s gonna change everrrrrything.

And that is? ……………….

Give less EFFs. LOL

What I mean by that is… you do NOT have to have this super polished, totally perfect video for it to have impact.

In fact, that sort of content… well, it’s not as compelling.

Remember, social media is about CONNECTION. 

Which means AUTHENTICITY. 

Are you authentically perfect?

No. No one is.

Except Bradley Cooper. OBBBBBBVIOUSLY. LOL

SO… You get to look for new, inventive ways to tweak your current social media practices.

For example, if you rely heavily on written captions to go with your posts…

Turn that into a short form video.

There are a TON of fun features you can use right in the IG platform to make your Reels compelling – without having to put yourself front and center 24/7.

There’s music, and filters, and stickers. You can edit quickly right in there too.

When I say short-form video, I’m talking 30 seconds max.

Stats say under 15 is actually better. So think bite-sized.

With Reels, you get to use storytelling and your literal VOICE to get your message across.

Obviously this requires a bit of a creativity shift.

But it CAN be done. I promise you.

Pay attention to what others do. Use your sleuthing skills. Get curious. And above all else… be OPEN.

And come at these changes with a mindset of “How can I?” versus “I can’t” or “I don’t know how.”

Now here’s a truth bomb I wanna drop on ya…

Done is better than perfect.

Given that IG is prioritizing Reels… if you want to continue to engage with your community – as in show up in their feed…

Look at creating Reels as practice.

I mean, which is better?To have imperfect Reels be seen more regularly by your community…

Or perfect static content that no one sees?

Because IG literally won’t deliver it anymore.

I know which one I would pick.

Because the fact is… if you disappear from someone’s feed?

They likely won’t notice.

And even if they DO… they won’t hunt you down every time they log in to watch your content.

Literally NO ONE does that on social media.

So you gotta meet them where Instagram is directing them the moment they open the app… AKA Reels.

The point is…

If you’re on the ‘Gram for your biz… and you aren’t currently using features like Stories and Reels…

It is time to adapt and learn.

And in fact… the changes? They’re still coming.

Right now, Instagram is looking at 3 new ways to improve the experience on the platform.

#1: They’re testing a new way to categorize Reels – where we can add “TOPIC” tags to our video uploads. 

Which not only helps peeps who have common interests find us… but it will improve recommended content and creators to other users.

The second wild change coming our way is… Candid Challenges.

Which is a feature they’re totally snagging from the BeReal App.

I know I know, I hear you going… WTF is the BeReal App? Is this another thing I need to know? LOL

It’s another photo-sharing app that’s super popular right now with Gen Zers. 

The way it works is…

Everyday at a different time, you're prompted -- along with your friends -- to capture ONE photo of what's happening – right then and there. 

It's got a special camera designed to take both a selfie and a frontal photo simultaneously – posting them within 2 minutes. 

Young people like it because you get to discover what your Friends are up to -- in real time. Versus carefully crafted content. 

The BeReal App is the most downloaded social media app right now. I know, crazy, right?

So obviously, IG is leaning into this exact same concept with their Candid Challenges… to stay relevant and compete.

I’m actually pretty psyched about this one – cuz it’s gonna make content creation way faster for me…

AND I’ll get to connect even more authentically with you guys every day.

And the last thing Instagram is working on is more AI recommended content.

If you use TikTok, then you’re familiar with the For You page.

Well, Facebook and Instagram are testing the same thing – featuring content created by users you don’t yet follow… but the algorithm thinks you’ll like.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, right now, about 15% of content in a person’s Facebook and IG feed is recommended by their AI. 

And he expects these numbers to more than double by the end of 2023.

So think about what this means.

Knowing that FB and IG are already prioritizing video… AND they’re going to be prioritizing sharing your content with people who don’t yet follow you…

It seems like NOW might just be the perfect time to start using Reels, right?

So if you aren’t doing this yet… and you’re experiencing some inner blocks about it…

Remember… give less effs.

And commit to imperfect action. Done is better than perfect.

My Social Media Playbook will give you a couple ideas of quick and easy Reels you could create for YOUR biz. 

Plus, I’ve put together a pro tip for each platform you can swipe right away, so you can start gaining traction right away.

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That’s it for me today, friends… I’ll see ya online!