The sneaky content secret to scale your biz online


Has a cloning device been invented yet?

I mean, it’s 2021.

Where is it?

It should be here already, right? LOL

Well, unfortunately for busy bees like you and me… it’s not out on the market at the moment.

Are any of you super smart tech entrepreneurs?

Could you hook a sister up with a prototype or something? LOL

So in the meantime, until that collab opportunity comes through…

You and I are stuck with trying to figure out how to serve as many people as possible to grow and scale our biz.

But in a way, if you’re struggling with TOO MUCH WORK… it’s actually a pretty good problem to have.

It means you’re excellent at what you do.

So there are several ways you can switch your approach up to serve MORE people at the same time.

And it all boils down to CONTENT.

Here are a few options.

1. You could create some sort of freebie -- known as a lead magnet.

This is a really smart way to attract more of your ideal customers and bring them into your world in an AUTOMATED way.

This will save you from making one off appointments and calls introducing yourself and what you have to offer.

You put some content together and offer it in a downloadable format. Maybe a checklist or a guidebook.

Recipes and how-tos are also super popular freebies.

2. Group sessions.

If you’re a coach or someone who offers education, consider forming some sort of membership group where you offer your brilliance 1-to-many instead of 1-to-1.

So your CONTENT gets shared in a more scalable, but still personal and direct, way.

People will still get what they want from you, but you’re able to serve more of them at the same time.

Or #3 -- my personal fav…

Create an online mini-course.

When you go this route, you can be thoughtful and strategic about what you’re putting out into the world… and here’s the beauty of it.

You do this ONE TIME… and your content gets used over and over again.

Which means you are able to help wayyyyy more people… with wayyyy less effort on your part.

Now, I know this idea is intriguing.

Yep, Billion with a B. And in less than 5 years!

And it’s more than just online schools and higher education.

People are consuming online education for just about EVERYTHING right now.

They’re super into it… which means it’s an opportunity for you to package up your knowledge… what people ask you about alllll the time… and monetize it.

This works really well in the network marketing industry too.

When you create an online mini-course, you can take your product’s benefits and how it solves people’s problems… and create a short class or mini educational session about it.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you have an essential oil biz.

Well, you know that EOs are a great alternative to highly toxic household chemicals.

And you know that most of your potential customers REALLY want natural, but effective, alternatives to those chemicals.

You could create a really simple mini-course.

Like “10 quick ways to reduce your toxic load”,

And one of the “quick ways” you teach them about is about essential oils.

The action step you’d tell them to take would be to get some essential oils through you.

And become a member so they get the wholesale discount.

If you wanted to, you could charge a fee for this class.

Or you could choose to give it away for free, with the end goal of monetizing your efforts through people buying oils through you.

Here’s how I’d like for you to think about an online mini-course.

You probably already have content about your biz… how it helps people… how it makes a difference in their lives.

All ya gotta do is REPURPOSE IT.

Reformat it into a mini-course.

When you think about it this way, like 80% of the work is already done.

Like, you probably have some sort of ebook… or email series…

Or perhaps some teaching points you go through and demo when you lead in-person or online oil classes…

Use that as your source material for your mini-course!

But let’s say you’re still scratching your head about HOW to actually do this… or if it’s even for you.

My friend Amy Porterfield has this really cool 2-minute quiz about how to find the RIGHT (and most profitable) way to build your OWN digital course.

You wind up with a little roadmap showing you how to turn your expertise into a wildly successful educational tool.

Which really sets you apart in ANY industry.

You can take the quiz at

… it’s totally free.

And really useful.

I wanna tell you an inspiring story about someone I know who created an online course… and now is HOOKED.

One of my friends is an in-demand wedding photographer.

She’s so successful, in fact, that other photographers started asking to pick her brain ALLLLL the time.

At first, she did this for free.

Until someone asked her if she offered coaching sessions.

She totally didn’t even think of this option!

She saw herself as a photographer, after all.

Not an educator or coach.

So then she started doing 1-on-1 coaching.

Charging for it this time.

But she realized she was spending a lot of time with these 1:1 sessions… and actually repeating herself.

Over and over again with the different people she was talking to.

That’s when she had the A-HA moment about creating an online course.

Long story short… she made half a million dollars in her first launch. NO JOKE.

And now, in addition to traveling the world shooting weddings and fashion editorials…

She has a second revenue stream with an online course.

Again, she recorded this course ONE TIME… and is able to relaunch it over and over again to bring in revenue.

Best of all, she’s able to help WAY MORE people this way.

Which is really what she loves about her biz.

Now… I know this is an amazing, inspiring story… especially with that half a mill number I dropped on ya.

But thinking about how to do it can also feel overwhelming.

So I want you to know… you don’t HAVE to go all-in like she did.

You could create a really simple mini-course… and give it away as a lead generating strategy.

Or charge a minimal amount. Maybe $20.

It doesn’t have to be crazy long either.

Some of the best courses I know are actually less than an hour.

So release from your mind how profesh and massive a course has to be to have an impact.

That’s why I’m suggesting you think of it as a MINI course.

And HOW you choose to deliver content is up to you too.

Maybe you think you have to have this super high end produced video for it to be effective.

Completely untrue.

Here are some creative ways to put out your online course… in a way that feels comfortable to you.

You could do it fully written.

Deliver your content via email.

It could be written into the body of the email or maybe as PDF downloads.

You could put your knowledge into a series of little ebooks, checklists, or guides.

If you’re a pretty good writer, this is a fantastic option to consider for your version of a mini-course.

If you’re really great at TALKING to people about your biz… and sharing expertise that way…

You could deliver an audio-only course.

People LOVVVVEEEEE listening to content.

It’s why podcasts and audiobooks are so popular.

Slapping on some headphones to listen and learn while you do something else is awesome.

This is called multi-GOALING. And it’s different than multi-TASKING.

I mean, if you're able to learn something AND workout on your exercise bike…

Well, that’s the kind of productivity hack just about everyone is down for.

You’re literally working on two goals at the same time. And it WORKS!

For your mini-course, if you need a combination of formats to get your point across -- you could offer your course webinar-style.

As in create a visual presentation, like a Powerpoint, and record yourself presenting it on Zoom.

Even doing a Loom video works.

This is a great hybrid solution if video is ideal for your mini-course topic, but you don’t wanna be on camera the whole time.

Because yes, it DOES take practice to know what to do with your arms. LOL

Seriously, I should do a mini-course just about how to use your body in videos.

It took me a long time to figure that one out.

Does that ever happen to you?

You don’t even think about what your body does until someone points a camera at you.

And you suddenly get all awkward AF.

Remember that scene in Talladega Nights?

Where Ricky Bobby is being interviewed for the first time and he goes, “I don’t know what to do with my hands” and throws them up awkwardly in front of his body. LOL

It’s one of my fav scenes because I knowwwww how that feels!

If that resonates with you, the webinar-style of a video course is a good solution.

Ok so we’ve covered some points about HOW to deliver your online mini-course...

But the MOST important part of the equation is the WHAT.

Meaning WHAT you wanna share with your community.


So get yourself a piece of paper and write down the top 5-10 things people ask you about in your biz.

Or that you’re interested in sharing with your community.

A good place to start is to think about problems and solutions.

What problems does your ideal customer have that YOU are uniquely qualified to solve?

And remember… when I say uniquely qualified, I mean at a deep level.

Let’s go back to that essential oil example.

I want you to think about being uniquely qualified in terms of who you are as a person.

  • What made you get into essential oils in the first place?
  • What’s YOUR personal story of how they have helped you?
  • What problems do they fix for you?
  • What desires have you achieved because of them?

THESE are your unique selling points.

Because you’re right.

Lots of people market and sell essential oils.

And it can be easy to slip into thinking “well, what I do isn’t unique. I’ve got nothin’ to put into a mini-course.”

But YOU, my friend, ARE unique.

Own that shiz, ok?

It is your secret sauce to attract your ideal customer.

And I promise that you will have your own unique spin on what you’re offering in your mini-course that no one else has.

Because YOU are YOU.

And that’s what people connect with.

Here are some examples of mini-course ideas that would be super compelling to people… depending upon who your ideal client or customer is.

A mini course about how to reduce toxic load in your home.

Or how to get a better night’s sleep in just 7 days.

Or how to look younger next year.

All of these ideas could incorporate essential oils super easily.

Now, if you really want to take a deep dive into WHAT your mini-course could be about… and what YOUR unique approach could be…

Then definitely take Amy’s quiz.

It’s a super powerful tool to help you know what is possible for you and your biz… and what action step to start with first.

Because we alllll know… that first step? It’s actually the hardest one.

So check it out and see what you come up with.

I’ll drop the link into the show notes for this episode… and in the newsletter.

So you can grab it super easily.

My friends, as you can tell, I find this topic SO INTERESTING.

It really gets me going… because your impact must be scalable if you want it to work for your biz.

You’re just ONE person.

A beautiful, unique, and amazing person…

But just one.

At least until those cloning devices come out. LOL

Have an awesome week… and I’ll see ya online.