Shanda Sumpter: Biz Success Driven by Healthy Habits

You guys… I’m so excited to get into today’s episode with you! This week, I’m interviewing someone you’re gonna LOVE. Trust me.

Her name is Shanda Sumpter. She’s a true powerhouse.
Over the last year, I’ve gotten to know her SUPER well… and she’s inspired me pretty much on the daily with her badassery. We met on Clubhouse.  Well, actually I think I met her husband, Ash first.  And when we did finally connect off platform, I was THRILLED to learn she doesn’t live that far from me in San Diego. Instant besties and pretty much neighbors? I mean, it can’t get much better than that.
If you’ve been around for a hot minute in the world of online biz building, chances are you’ve already heard her name.
Shanda exploded onto the scene just a couple short years ago. She’s totally revolutionized how entrepreneurs grow their email lists through her unique strategies that focus on using summits and challenges.
She’s even revolutionized MY biz this year. Not even sure if she knows that. And I’m loving it.
This girl gets results. Thousands of entrepreneurs have not only grown their email lists… but have totally transformed the success of their businesses by adding more zeros to their bank accounts.
And that’s why I’m excited to interview Shanda today. Not only is she a brilliant biz owner, but her energy and focus is crazy amazing. And it’s completely driven by her healthy habits and hacks. Including what she calls flex time.  I’m sure we’ll get into that soon with her. So obviously you’re gonna love this convo.
Let’s get into it! Welcome, Shanda!
Interview Questions:
  • Shanda, you've got an amazing online biz. Can you share a quick recap on what you do in HeartCore Biz?
  • Can you tell us what you did before you were an online biz badass?
  • What was a turning point for you that brought you from the ‘before’ (what you previously did) to starting HeartCore?
  • Did you have any moment that made you question whether you’d made the right choice going into business for yourself?
  • What online tools have been the MOST influential in growing your biz - email? Social? Etc
  • How do you decide what goals to focus on, and which are going to distract you from your direction?
  • What kind of health hacks did you have to rely on while you were building your new biz?
  • Let’s talk about habits. And how they relate to your business success. How have your habits changed over the last year - not just because of what we’ve all been dealing with, but as you’ve watched your bizgrow exponentially?
  • Do you have any tried and true eating or sleep habits that keep you focused and productive?
  • If you could go back to the start of your current journey, would you do anything differently?
  • How do you balance work and life being a mom and entrepreneur?
  • How do you encourage your family to focus on their healthy habits as well?
  • What lessons or takeaways would you want an aspiring entrepreneur who’s focused on hacking her health to use as her grounding point in the next step of her journey?
Hayley closing CTA:
Thank you so much for that insight, Shanda. Wow. I told you guys how amazing she is, didn’t I?

I love how she leverages her habits for business success. She’s “case and point” that proves that healthy habits are the foundation for every single thing you do in life. Even your biz.

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In Habit Hackers, you’ll pick up loads of healthy hacks for busy people with jam-packed schedules. And I totally get that for most people, there are other people you need to consider in your health journey. 

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And that’s why the health hacks inside Habit Hackers are realistic. Small shifts that over time lead to holistic wellness. 

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Community MATTERS. It’s really hard to do it alone. In Habit Hackers I’ve seen some truly astounding stories of people who have literally changed their lives because of the group. 

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And I’ll see ya online.