3 biohacks that boost your biz

Have you heard the term “biohacking” before? 
Maybe heard of the Bulletproof Coffee guy -- Dave Asprey… or that personal trainer Ben Greenfield who is 37 and has biohacked his physical age to be 20 years old?
Well, today I’m gonna give you the downlow on what biohacking is…
From a nutrition perspective…
And how you can USE these techniques for your biz.
I can hear you over there going like, whaaaatt??
“Biohacking my health can impact my business?!”
Yep, my friends… true story.
I’ll explain alllll about this in just a few minutes…
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So now let’s talk biohacking.
And I’ll start with WHY biohacking and your biz are so connected.
It’s actually pretty obvious if ya ask me.
It’s because YOU are the foundation of your business -- right?
ESPECIALLY if you’re an entrepreneur.
So if your health is falling apart… it’s not a stretch to think that your biz has some struggles.
And actually, sometimes it starts the other way around.
Your business starts causing your health issues… 
Like, you start getting really busy with work… and you don’t have a scalable plan in place to handle it.
So what happens? 
  • You work yourself to the bone… 
  • You start sleeping like shiz… 
  • Your self-care and fitness probably goes out the window… 
  • You’re stressed AF…
  • And your nutrition becomes the LAST thing you’re thinking about when you realize it’s 3pm and you haven’t eaten anything yet. But everyone else around you knows it because you’re Hulk level hangry all the time. LOL
Sound familiar?
And when you have all of that going on… do you HONESTLY think you’re putting out the best work possible? Are you actually being productive with your time? Do you even enjoy what you do anymore?
This, my friends, is why I say you are the foundation of your biz…
Without you, your biz isn’t going to thrive.
So let’s get you healthy, ok? For both your sake… and the sake of your biz.
So what IS biohacking?
At the simplest level, it’s making small, incremental changes to your lifestyle… to start making small improvements in your health. 
It’s kinda like doing micro experiments on yourself…
You try small changes… and see how you feel.
And there are actually quite a few different branches within biohacking.
Some of them are WILD… like this subculture called Grinder -- which sees every part of your body as hack-able.
Even, like, injecting yourself with chemicals so you can have night vision… or inserting technology into your body so you can have “built-in” headphones.”
That is NOT the direction we’re going today, friends, LOL. 
We’re gonna keep it a little more mainstream...
With a focus on biohacking your nutrition… so you can grow your biz.
So Hack #1 is something I talk about all the time… and I personally subscribe to it.
That’s intermittent fasting.
You usually want to fast for between 12-16 hours… usually overnight.
The reason this is a biohack is that it actually gives your gut a break… so it can do its cleanup job without being distracted by new input (AKA food) coming in.
Think of it this way… you want to clean your house. Will you do a better job of it when it’s quiet,  you’re alone, and there’s nothing else going on?
Or is it easier for you to do if you’ve got a house full of guests who want your attention?
That’s kinda like what happens with your digestive system. When it’s quiet, it can clean better. Get rid of harmful bacteria and toxins.
It also kicks your body into ketosis… which I am certain you’ve heard about from paleo and keto fans.
But it’s actually a natural process your body goes through on its own while fasting…
Basically, the process of ketosis turns your body fat into energy. When you’re eating, it turns the glucose from food into energy. 
So intermittent fasting is actually good on several levels for your health.
And again… if your health is on point… you’re going to be able to focus on your biz.
You’re gonna be more productive… less distracted… and able to balance that whole work-life thing that keeps us on our toes 24/7.
Now the next nutrition-based biohack I wanna share with you is… adaptogens.
Adaptogens are soooo important for your adrenal glands. 
You know what those are… they’re the organs that kick into overdrive when you’re stressed.
Adaptogens are herbs and plants with properties known to balance hormones -- particularly stress hormones. 
Hmm, stress? 
Do you ever get stressed in your work? LOL
When you’re stressed AF do you feel productive?
If you do, please send me your secrets -- because I know when I have too much on my plate… it’s like my brain goes on the fritz. 
I can’t concentrate on ANYYYYTHING really.
Not fun.
So yes, I love adaptogens… some of my go-tos are turmeric and ginger. 
I’m pretty sure they’re what have kept me from burning out this year.
See, I just got back from a week on the road and it has been Non. Fricking. Stop. LOL
There are lots of AMAZING adaptogen options out there. Many of them even come in powder or liquid form if you’d rather make a tea or sprinkle them into your meals. 
Fun fact… medicinal mushrooms are making a comeback!
Now, back in college, I was a total Deadhead… but these are NOT the same kind of mushrooms my friends were into back in the day. LOL
Medicinal mushrooms usually come in powdered form -- or a tincture… you don’t eat them like you do portobellos. 
Mmm portobellos… Sorry I haven’t had a home cooked meal in a minute, so that sounds REALLY good right now!
Ok, ok. MEDICINAL mushrooms...
They’re known to reduce pathogens in your blood… as well as lower cholesterol and inflammation. 
Because stress skyrockets inflammation. It’s one of the biggest underlying issues of our society today.
So while you add adaptogenics into your diet super easily by shopping online or at health food stores… you can also bring them into your life through essential oils.
Which you KNOW I’m obsessed with. LOL  
Brew a tea with them… maybe add a drop to your water bottle… 
Find little sneaky ways to add them into your daily routine so you can be in peak productivity mode… by managing the wild swings of stress a little bit better -- NATURALLY.
And speaking of essential oils… that’s what my next hack is:
Bring more peppermint into your life.
This herb is super powerful.
It’s actually a little magical, if ya ask me.
Because there’s one thing… well I guess actually two… that I personally find really make the difference between someone being successful -- or not.
And that’s attitude… and mindset.
Which are both affected by your MOOD.
Like, if you’re always in a bad mood… whether that’s from being stressed out or having a limited mindset… 
Your attitude is gonna suck. 
You’re gonna keep playing small.
It’s super rare to see negative people be successful.
So that’s why I think if you wanna take your biz to the next level… you gotta hack your mood.
Which makes it easier for you to have the right attitude and mindset… especially when the challenges come in.
So, let’s talk about Peppermint specifically.
It’s both calming AND energizing at the same time. How about that?
Peppermint is an amazeballs choice for aromatherapy when you’re stressed or in a crappy mood.
So put a drop into your diffuser… and let the soothing begin.
Or even combo it with a carrier oil… like almond or fractionated coconut… and literally rub it into your skin.
NOW… a word about this tip.
What I really want you to know is that biohacking is PERSONAL.
Meaning everyone is different… and while some of these biohacks may perform for you the way I’m describing… they might not.
Let’s take peppermint for example.
Some people LOVE this scent and taste… and others hate it.
Scent is deeply connected with the emotional center in our brains.
I mean, obviously you know this… 
Like how you can smell something and have an actual physical reaction to it… or spark a memory… just by smelling it.
Good or bad. LOL
So in this case, peppermint’s natural properties are stress-reducing… but if you have a negative reaction to the scent or taste, it actually INCREASES your stress. 
Which obviously we don’t want.
So if you wanna give biohacking with aromatherapy a try… you can try out other essential oils with stress-reducing properties that you actually prefer.
Some examples are:
  • Lavender - DUH
  • Frankincense…another DUH.  Did you know that?
  • Black Spruce.
  • Geranium.
  • Rosemary.
  • And Lemon. This one really helps my daughter.
They’re all known mood-balancers… mood LIFTERS really… so if you find yourself being cranky and crabby -- I highly suggest you not only bring essential oils into your diet… but also into your lifestyle.
That’s a quick little dive into biohacking and what it can do for your biz.
And if you want to learn the TACTICAL side of growing and scaling your biz… like the marketing strategies… the online offers that are REALLY working right now…
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Alright friends… I really wanna hear about how you’re gonna use some new biohack techniques to level up your biz… and your health.
Hit me up on social and let me know!
Ok, until next week… have a good one… and I’ll see ya online.