Overcome any objection with this mindful approach to sales

Hey my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to the Whole You Podcast where I share tips to help women like you implement healthy hacks and habits so you can eat smarter, rest better, and get it ALL done. 
Today we’re talking sales. You know, just that thing that’s crucial to your business. 
And I wonder… did you just have a reaction to the word “sales” when I said it?
Like, did your ears perk up or did you get excited butterflies in your stomach?
Or did you feel a negative reaction, like “UGH… sales…”
Here’s the deal.
Ha -- deal… Sales…
See what I did there? LOL
Ok so the DEAL is… sales are what make you a real business.
If you don’t care about sales, then you’ve got a hobby.
No shame in that, but this episode is all about BIZ BUILDING.
Now, the reason that so many people have a negative response to selling is entirely due to their MINDSET.
It comes from a place of scarcity.
If you shy away from sales or try to avoid it, I’d like to encourage to think about WHY.
Do you feel like you’re asking for a favor?
Do you maybe not believe in your product or service enough?
Do you feel like it’s shady or dirty?
Get the bottom of WHY you respond to sales.
Because what I’ll tell you is that sales is actually pretty exciting… especially if you love what you have to offer.
When you shift your mindset to one of… I am providing VALUE… then sales doesn’t seem so sketchy anymore.
And the other part of this is to understand that you are not for everyone.
There will probably be plenty of people who raise their hands to go into business with you…
And there’s gonna be people who DON’T.
Which is totally fine.
There’s also a difference between nurturing someone… and hounding them.
Nurturing means they haven’t said NO in a definitive way.
It’s more like a “not now” situation.
I think it’s ok to let the HARD NO people go off and do their own thing.
Spend your energy where you’re making the biggest impact, right?
I consider this a MINDFUL approach to sales.
And I’ve got a guest on today’s show who is in total alignment with this practice too.
He calls his approach INTENTIONAL selling.
Neal Tricarico has worked with some of the biggest names in the world.
He was Director of Sales for Tony (freaking) Robbins. 
That alone… he’s big time, right?
Neal’s also worked with other visionaries such as Deepak Chopra… where he headed up the sales departments for Deepak’s live events, retreats, and meditation teacher trainings…
He’s worked with Ryan Deiss - a major player in the digital marketing space who is basically a rockstar in that circle…
...and Roland Frasier, who is a HUGE name in the entrepreneurial space. Like, billion-dollar deals HUGE.
So Neal? Yeah, he knows his shiz when it comes to sales.
He’s currently the Head of Sales at The Scalable Company, where he’s bringing his new approach to INTENTIONAL selling, worldwide. 
I’m talking with him today about his new, powerful approach to selling and building lasting relationships.
Because a big key for us to remember as biz owners is that it allll comes down to relationships. 
He’ll also share how to overcome almost any objection. 
I bet that both intrigues you and gives you an internal sigh of relief.
But that’s part of the sales process is what most people hate the most…
LOL… we’re gonna change your mindset on that today too.
I hope today shows you that sales can be MINDFUL. And it’s nothing to be afraid of. 
When you think about sales from a mindful, relationship space… you’ll start selling with intention.
And Neal’s gonna give us the inside scoop on how we, as entrepreneurs, can do it, too.
So let’s welcome Neal.
Interview questions: 

  1. Hey Neal, welcome. I’m so excited to be chatting with you today! Just looking at your resume of some of the leaders you’ve worked with… Wow. Could you please introduce yourself briefly and give some insight into your background, how you got here, and what you’re up to now?
  2. I’m in the network marketing biz… what tips do you have for network marketers who really want to scale their biz, become financially independent, and live their passion?
  3. Some biz owners are a little uncomfortable with the idea of selling. Can you share some of your experiences in shifting this mindset yourself or in teams you’ve managed?
  4. You’re basically changing the framework of how we sell. Can you briefly explain the difference between the traditional transaction sales model, and your new approach that centers on intention?
  5. You talk about how this new intention-focused approach helps decrease the pushback or resistance from the customer - aka “objections.” What is your process for overcoming objections?
  6. What is the most common objection you encounter, and how do you surmount it?
  7. So much of sales is building rapport with your customer and relationship-building. What advice would you give our audience on how to build lasting relationships in sales?
  8. For small business owners who don’t have big teams and maybe aren’t super comfortable with the selling process yet, what advice do you have for them to take your approach and apply it in their biz?
  9. You’ve been in sales for 23 years. [23-freaking-years!]  I’d love to hear if there’s any knowledge you could condense for our listeners from your decades of knowledge. Any final hacks you would give them on selling in this new landscape?
  10. Neal, how can people connect with you online? Do you have a website or social account you want to share?
Hayley closing CTA:

Wow. How amazing was THAT conversation, friends?

I hope you all learned as much from Neal as I did. 

Sales isn’t always easy but I personally love his heart-centered, mindful approach to it…

I think it makes a huge difference not only in actual sales results… but in how sales is perceived.

At the end of the day, sales should be mutually beneficial, don’t you think?

Your client or customer receives value… and you receive a financial benefit. 

This relationship approach is way more authentic.

It’s totally changing the game on what it means to be a “sales person” doesn’t it?

Like, wouldn’t it be nice if all industries approached sales this way?

Maybe they will as this intentional selling concept becomes more mainstream.

People like you and me are redefining and reshaping the traditional “sales landscape.”

If the past year taught us anything, it’s that EVERYTHING is changing.

Including how we sell. 

Well actually… ESPECIALLY how we sell.

A lot of biz is moving online… and I think that trend is gonna keep growing… even after all this mess gets sorted out in the world.

So if hearing Neal talk about his selling framework was impactful for you…

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I’d love to hear what you think about this new intentional selling method… and if you have any best practices YOU want to share.

Hit me up on social and tell me your story!

Friends, I hope you have a wonderful week… I’ll see ya online.