5 easy (and cheap) ways to detox at home

Here’s the big-time secret “health” companies don’t want you to know...

Our bodies are made to detox.

It isn’t necessary to run out and buy all these expensive detox programs and procedures and pills and drinks and teas…

They’re not going to do much for ya.

Except take a bite out of your wallet.

Sorry “health” companies, we are on to ya.

So what does work?

Creating a regular routine to support your body’s own natural detoxification superpowers.

On today's episode I’m giving you…

5 Easy – and Cheap – Ways to Detox Naturally

Two quick notes before we begin.

  1. I’m not a doctor. This isn’t medical advice. Always talk with a medical professional to make sure what I’m saying here is ok for you. 🩺
  2. You don’t have to do all these detox hacks at the same time. 🙂

We’ve been covering this recently inside my Habit Hackers online community.

And the idea is to use habit stacking when making changes.

So, for these detox hacks, I recommend:
  • Start with just one.
  • Do it for a week.
  • If you feel like you’re able to keep you the first hack, then add another one to your routine. If you try to do All.The.Things at once… none of them will stick.

Give this episode a listen, it's one of my favs this month!