How to stop saying “busy, but good”

Tell me if this convo’s ever happened to you.

Them: “Hey, how’ve you been?”

You: “Good. Busy, but good.”

But are you good?

And are you mayyybbeeee busy for the sake of being busy?

Little bit of a #truthbomb there for ya.

Here’s the thing about that word, busy… it seems important, right.

Being busy means we have:
  • Biz to take care of.
  • Families and schedules to manage.
  • Customers to serve.
  • Beautiful things to create.
  • Work to be done.

“Busy” is a status... a symbol of exclusivity.

But if we’re all sooooo busy… is it that exclusive?

And more importantly, is it worth it?

Or are we all just going nowhere fast?

Well, it depends what you’re busy with. AKA what you spend your time on.

And, if you create pockets of “unbusy” time for yourself.

Because here’s what I’ll tell ya:

Creativity, ideas, and inspiration come from a place of stillness.

I mean, if you’re too busy grinding away on the daily, how are you supposed to come up with what’s next for you?

You’re probably not.

You probably get that ZING of inspiration when you’re doing “unproductive” things.

Being busy AF isn’t making you better. 
It’s stressing you out.

Which means you’re probably adding more “busy-ness” to try to keep up with the inefficiencies.

Hello, vicious circle.

So, let’s talk today about 4 hacks to add more “unproductive” time into your life.

This will help you get super clear on what you actually need to be busy on yourself, what’s unnecessary, and how to get through those legit busy periods without losing your friggin mind.