Debunking 4 health myths you think are good for you

Hold on to your hat because I’m about to debunk 4 “healthy” habits that – sad to say – aren’t healthy at all.

But there’s hope. I’ll also tell you how to get them back into the legit healthy zone with small hacks and tweaks.

Here’s the thing…

Healthy habits is pretty much all I talk about these days.

I even have dedicated rooms to it on Clubhouse… and hundreds of people show up each week. 

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People wanna know how to be healthy.

I tell them: broccoli. Straight up broccoli. JK JK.

Here’s the thing: there’s a whole lotta noise out there about what “healthy” actually is.

It can be confusing AF.

So on today's episode I’m gonna give you the real deal facts you need to know about some of the most popular habits that you *think* are healthy… but actually – not so much.