Who to blame re: broken boundaries

Today I’m sharing 3 hacks that’ll get you into peak productivity mode… by setting boundaries.

These are tips you can apply immediately. 

You might want to grab a pen and paper to go through the exercises and take notes.

I’m all about getting shiz done as effectively and efficiently as possible.
In fact, I’ve been in several Clubhouse rooms lately where the topic of productivity has been coming up over and over again.
(PS: Are you on Clubhouse? Find me on there – @hayleyhobson – it’s pretty much my new fav thing.)
Sometimes boundaries get broken that impact productivity.
I say this not to make you feel attacked or ashamed.
I say it because it means you have POWER to change it.
It’s fully in your control whether you allow boundaries to be crossed repeatedly when it comes to your productivity.
Because there ARE healthy habits when it comes to getting all your shiz done… and done well.

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