This unexpected marketing hack will reignite your biz

I have got a MAJOR scoop for you today.

I’m sharing the ONE THING that, by implementing into my biz, allowed me to grow my email list AND make money while doing it.

And you can do it too.

Now, before your anxiety spikes thinking about how much work this is, or all the reasons why there’s no way in the world YOU could ever do this…

I’m giving you the super easy plan that allows you to take baby steps to try it out. 

Because I personally know that a simple mini course can get you noticed by new, ideal clients and build your email list… without a ton of effort. 

It’s completely doable and I’m going to walk you through it today. 

But before we get there, let’s back way up and talk about WHY you might consider creating some sort of online course or program.

First, you don’t need to be the kind of person looking to build an empire and become a digital marketing guru. Far from it.

When I decided to put together my first mini course, I knew nothing about digital marketing. In fact, I barely knew how to use Facebook. 

So here I was, working way too hard on lead generation. I was hustling hard basically to stay in place. 

I knew, conceptually, I needed to reach new people, collect emails, and build up my pipeline of interested buyers. 

And there was no way I could do it other than in a simple, consistent way so I could focus on what I really love…

...which is sharing tips, tricks, and hacks to help women feel great and get everything done.

Listen to today's episode to hear all about the major hint I'm giving you to get you on the fast track!