Why Monday morning is the WORST time to start a new habit


Everyone always wants to start new habits on Monday.

What’s up with that?

I’ve been guilty of it too.

Maybe it’s that you intend to create a new habit but want to give yourself the space to live in the “bad place” for just a little bit longer. You know... one more weekend...

Or maybe it’s that you are still working yourself up to making change.

Because change is hard! But sometimes, staying where you are is actually harder.

Monday feels like a good day because it’s the start of a fresh week. It’s like a natural beginning.

But what happens…

You go ALL-IN on Monday… and then crash and burn pretty quickly after that.

So let’s spend some time today breaking HOW to make habits that actually stick.

I’ll share THREE things you need to create lasting healthy habits.

By “healthy habits,” I mean anything that helps you work towards a positive goal you have in mind for yourself…

… it could be your actual health, like eating cleaner, or exercising, or losing weight.

Or just cutting back on that sugar habit.

That one’s hard, I know.

...or it could be for your biz… like spending more time doing what you love, and stressing less over the parts you’re not all that into.

Habits start with intention, right?

So let’s dig into that right now on the episode.