“I’m so tired…” a story with a happy ending

It’s mid-September. 

How did THAT happen?

Wasn’t it only March 14 years ago?

For me, it all started a few weeks ago when I had to make a super fast (annnnnd stressful!) decision about my daughter’s school situation.

Online… in person… some sort of hybrid deal?

It was a lot. I mean, it still is. 

If you’re feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster with a loose belt in your lap, hanging on by a thread… lemme tell ya, you are NOT alone.

It can be hard to see craziness as an opportunity for growth, but it is.

And yes, I know you are rolling your eyes at me right now, but hear me out!

Think about what life was like on January 1st of this year… 

Did you ever imagine it would look like THIS now? 

Of course not…

Here’s what I’ve learned through all this.

The KEY to making the best of our “new normal” is healthy habits.

When routine goes out the window, it’s stressful. 

And stress can cause a lot of problems. 

  • Your diet can slip. 
  • You can get frustrated more easily, or snap at people when you don’t mean to. 
  • You can feel like you’re running in circles getting nothing done…

I totally get it.

So today, I want to focus on just ONE thing we can do together to chill out a little bit, ok?