Hey Biz Owner: Do This To Achieve Your Dreams - With Special Guest Michelle Poler

What would you do if you had a mindset hack that helped you overcome fear?

What would change in your day-to-day life and biz if you didn’t let fear stop you from achieving your goals?

It’s exciting to think about. 

And it’s totally possible.

It’s what we’re covering on today’s episode. Which is a very special one. 

Because I’m guessing you’ve been stopped before by negative self-talk. 

Or doubt.  Or fear. Or whatever you want to call it. 

I have someone on the show today who knows all about how to take that fear and turn it into action. 

Her name is Michelle Poler. 

I had the pleasure of hearing Michelle speak last year at doTERRA’s 2019 Leadership gathering. 

During her talk, I was struck by a couple things -

First -- Michelle has incredible energy. 

You’re going to get a taste of that today in the interview. 

She’s just plain fun.

Two -- Her story is pretty inspiring. 

In 2015, after becoming really frustrated at her own inability to just enjoy life, she decided to embark on a challenge.

She decided to face 100 of her fears in 100 days. And she’d document the whole thing. 

Publicly. As in, online.

Well, the project took off. (To say the least)

And Michelle ended up creating a social movement, called Hello Fears -- where she has been able to inspire others to stop living behind-the-scenes and face their fears. 

One of my favorite things Michelle has said about this whole “facing your fears” thing is -- “The need to fit in can hurt your authenticity.” 

That’s such an interesting thought, isn’t it?

We think we’re being authentic. 

I mean, we try.

But are we? Really?

What parts of ourselves are we dimming simply out of fear?

Listen to this interview I did with Michelle and start facing your fears today!