Three Hacks For Making Sure You Stick with Your Fitness Routine

Here’s a fact about me: It’s almost impossible for me to not exercise.
Maybe sweat and cardio movements intimidate you. Maybe the idea of committing to a fitness routine makes your eye twitch. Maybe you’ve never stepped foot into a gym in your life!
If that’s you, I get it. 
Even though I’m the opposite, I can understand why not everyone is as passionate about fitness as I am.
To be fair, the main reason I am (and maybe this is TMI) is because without it… things aren’t normal for me. 
I’m literally referencing my body being able to detoxify itself. Movement is what keeps me healthy at every level - physical, mental and emotional. 
So without it, I have a huge hole in my holistic routine. 
If you’re someone who doesn’t view movement as part of her holistic routine, it could be because (until now) you’ve lacked the tools that make it easy.
Many times I think one simple roadblock stands in the way of women achieving their physical fitness goals: consistency.
Because, ultimately, a lack of consistency boils down to a sloppy time management. 
If that’s you, then the 3 hacks for consistency on today's episode are going to really help.