Get Closer to Your Purpose In 5 Steps

Does “finding your purpose” sound a little overwhelming?

It kinda seems like this distant thing we’re all searching for....

Our brains are designed to find order in chaos. 

We search for patterns of meaning in everything. It’s like we’re walking up to everything we love, asking “are you my purpose?”

But what if I told you there was a way you could walk through a process that helped you uncover a deeper meaning behind your everyday actions?

Because there is.

Maybe you have a sense of what your deeper meaning is.

But chances are it’s probably a little vague, like - “I want to help people feel better.”

That’s definitely a noble cause, but how will you know if you succeeded?

Vague thoughts and feelings are difficult to connect to. 

Here’s the truth, you can’t really find a lifelong purpose in a vague thought, right?

That’s why on today's episode I’m giving you 5 steps to get closer to your purpose (aka, your WHY).

I'm joined by my special guest, Paula Faris on the episode. 

Paula  is a senior national correspondent at ABC News and host of the popular podcast Journeys of Faith with Paula Faris, which gives an intimate look at how some of the world’s most influential people lean on faith and spirituality in the best and worst of times. 
An Emmy Award-winning journalist, she previously was co-anchor of the Good Morning America weekend edition, as well as a co-host of The View. 

You don't want to miss this interview!