Four Things I learned During the Pandemic

So, let’s be real.

We’ve all been experiencing the emotional roller coaster that’s being called a “global pandemic” in the news.

As I’m writing this, most of us have had shelter-in-place orders for well over a month - two months by now.

Which means our entire sense of “normal” has been in upheaval for awhile.

In fact, it’s gone on long enough that many of the stop-gaps we’d put in place thinking would be temporary have become a new form of “normal”.

That’s true for me. I’m guessing it’s true for you, too. 

Here’s the thing: we can feel defeated by this, or we can choose to take we can look at what’s worked and decide to make it part of our future normal… a normal that we begin to choose.  

That’s what I’m doing.

I’ve got 4 changes I’ve made to my routines that I’m gonna let stick. 

They’ve become lessons I’ve learned, and things I’ve changed about my perspective.

I plan on carrying them forward with me as my “new norm”. 

What I found during this forced time at home was a little mind blowing to me. 

The overarching theme of these 4 lessons I’m about to share is I had created a life of burnout without even realizing it. 

So staying at home, in a sense, became a rescuer for me.

My hope is that by sharing these 4 lessons I’ve learned, it will inspire you to get a little introspective. 

If you need some space to organize your thoughts, you can head over here to download a one-sheet that gives you this space.