4 Steps To Greater Authenticity Online

How tired are you of being told to “just be authentic”?


The whole “authenticity” thing has become pretty repetitive (and annoying)

You could turn it into a game with your Instagram feed. Every post you see asking you to be authentic, take a vitamin C shot. 

On second thought, don’t play that game. You may not recover.

Joking aside, there’s a reason it won’t go away. 

I think the internet, in some sense, made it incredibly difficult to be authentic.

It’s all too easy to curate a specific persona online, isn’t it? The result is you almost lose touch with who you are. 

I think, to some extent, we’re all guilty of this.

You’re put in a position where you pick and choose the parts of your identity you’ll share online.

In other words, you set out to curate “perfection” -- you purposely intend to position yourself in a specific way, for reasons that may be very personal to you.

Come listen to today's episode and we'll chat more about authenticity online!

My guest on today's episode is Dr. Sasha Shilcut. She's a professor, physician, author, and the founder of Brave Enough.
I loved this interview, and I know you will too!