Fitness Hacks for Busy People with Marlie Cohen

Before I became certified as a Holistic Health and Life Coach, I had a career as a Pilates and yoga instructor. In addition to working with clients one on one and instructing group classes, I also held the position as Mind-Body Coordinator for a major health club. 

It was my job to make sure my students had access to classes that were both challenging but do-able (multi levels). 

I spent years coordinating movement routines that flowed.

Breath to movement.  Movement to breath.

Themed through the body with the ultimate goal of strength and expansion.  It’s kind of like this little known superpower I have. 

My passion for staying fit in both body and mind hasn’t waned.  However, instead of teaching Pilates “workouts” I coach others along their holistic wellness journeys. 

So to talk fitness with me, I’ve brought in Marlie Cohen from Kale and Krunches for podcast this week. She’s sharing her unique viewpoint on how to balance staying fit with regular life.

Marlie keeps it real, and I know you guys are all hungry for a good dose of realness + solid advice on what balance can look like. 

And if you're looking for some fun workout at home ideas while we're all stuck inside, download my free fun handout with all of my fave ideas exercising around your house!