Three Ways You Can Stop Overthinking Everything

If you’re someone who has trouble letting stuff go, this post is for you.

If you find yourself constantly questioning your own decisions - whether it’s in your personal life, or in your business -- this post is for you.

If you get a pang of worry after you send someone a text and they don’t respond to it immediately … your first internal reaction is “what did I do wrong?!” - this post is for you.

Or if you spend wayyyy too much time worrying about the future. Which, btw, is a place in your life you can’t predict or control anyway. And logically you know that but you can’t help thinking about it anyway. Then this post is absolutely for you. 

These are all signs of overthinking, AKA worrying.

And if you’re someone who overthinks, you need to know that the constant commentary in your brain isn't doing you any favors when it comes to reducing your stress.

In fact it’s just adding to the stress. A fact which I’m sure you’re painfully aware. 

It can interrupt your sleep. 

Interrupt your eating habits. 

Interrupt your ability to simply function day to day. 

So IF this sounds like you and you are a person who has a ton of “what if’s” and “shoulds” running through your brain on a daily basis, and they are wearing you the frig out… then the 3 hacks not today's episode are going to bring some relief.