Eco-friendly lunchtime hacks (even your kid will eat)

Be honest: how many times have you searched on Pinterest for “healthy lunch ideas”? 

I’m guessing more than a handful of times. 

I’m right there with you. This is something I’ve been researching like crazy lately because... 

I want Madeline to eat. 
Real food not crap. 
That she will actually like, not trade. 

And food that is as eco-friendly as possible.

I mean what working mom isn’t looking for a few more ideas for her kids’ lunches? Or even her own lunches. 

The thing is… we aren’t really going to be talking recipes or things like that. These are tips to pack low waste, economical, environmentally friendly meals your kid will enjoy.

Is that even possible? 

Turns out, it is. 

I came up with 3 things to share with you that have reduced waste and upped our lunchtime sustainability game big time.  And I'm sharing them with you on today's episode.