Don’t Skip These 3 Must-Do’s with Email Marketing with Marie Forleo

I don’t know who needs to hear this but… email marketing is not dead. 

It’s super easy to write off email because it seems like social media is king. But, newsflash, you don’t own your follower list on Insta and your peeps don’t come to Insta to shop (they come to be entertained). 

And worse, if the servers went down tonight on Facebook, all those fans on your page would be down with it. Yikes.

When you lump all your eggs into one basket - like social media - you end up creating a risk in your biz. Not good. 

Not to mention you give someone else all the power in terms of you sharing your message. Because the amount of control you have over the social media algorithms is about as strong as my willpower around a well made cacao latte with cayenne pepper right now.  

Which means if you’re not putting just as much energy into building your email list, you’ve got a hole in your biz strategy.

The good news is, you can start shifting your focus to email right now. 

And…..I’ve got three must-do’s that you can put into place right away. 

Plus, my mentor and the queen of online business Marie Forleo is my guest on today's episode, and the knowledge bombs she's dropping are so worth the listen!

And while we’re on the subject of building your biz and avoiding mistakes like putting all your strategy eggs in one basket… you need to know that Marie Forleo is teaching a free masterclass this week - February 20th and 22nd.

I know I’m gonna be there and I hope you will be too. 

If you have a business, whether it’s network marketing, coaching or health and wellness and you’re interested in bringing even part of it into the online world, you cannot miss this class.