Why having a cool online freebie isn’t the secret to total biz success

I want to apologize to you today.
Because I feel like in recent weeks, I may have said some things that gave you the wrong impression about having a cool online freebie.
To catch you up real quick, a freebie is a piece of content you can offer online as an incentive for a lead to join your mailing list. 
So you can begin to share what you do in your OFFLINE biz to an ONLINE audience.
It could be:
  • A guide or ebook.
  • A downloadable template.
  • A recipe kit.
  • I’ve even seen audio files – like affirmations or guided meditations – be given away as freebies!
So here’s what I want to clarify…
It’s a TACTIC. And it’s ONE part of taking your biz online.
But it’s not enough to make a cool freebie and post it online.
Which, I think, is why I’ve been hearing people saying to me lately: 
“I have a cool freebie and I posted it online… SO NOW WHAT?”
Well, on today's episode I’m gonna give you the “So Now What”.

I'm super excited for this episode, so give it a listen!