The super embarrassing reason I got into health & wellness 😳

Today I’m getting a little personal with ya…

A year ago at this time, I was making holiday party plans with my friends.

Prepping some fun holiday vacation activities with Madeline.

Figuring out where to get a vegan, GF meal for Thanksgiving (because literally NO ONE has the same eating habits as me!)

But this year feels a little different.

So today, I thought I’d take a reflective, personal approach to the blog by sharing a bit about my story.

Why I Got into the Health and Wellness Biz – and Why I Brought It Online.

And now I’ve done this for SO LONG.
That’s why I’m hosting a free masterclass-style webinar on this same topic.
3 key things every health & wellness biz owner needs for success in 2020 and beyond – so your business can thrive no matter what’s happening in the world.
With 4 class times to choose from between December 1-3.
The link to sign up is
So let me leave you with this…
  • All the challenges you’ve had this year in your small biz?
  • All the worries sitting in your mind about 2021?
  • All the fears you have about going online?
  • All the resistance you feel in thinking about stepping into something new?
I cover ALL of that in this new webinar class...
And I’ll show you how to go online in a way that’s manageable… and actually works.
To join the free masterclass-style webinar, sign up at
Once you sign up, I’ll send you all the info you need to participate. 
I’m asking you to reserve your spot so I can get an accurate headcount and make sure I am preparing the content to fit the right audience, okay?
Amazing! I’m excited to bring this to you next week.
Thank you for being here… I would not be living my passion without you. 🙏🏻💕🎉
I’ll see ya online.