How to Apply the “Marathon Mindset” to Avoid Burnout

You know how they say Oprah has the same 24 hours in a day that you do?

Well, that’s true… but she also has A LOT of help to make her as successful as she is.

Her energy seems endless! 

I mean, if you’re as ambitious as Oprah, you have to have stamina, am I right?

Maybe you aren’t interested in building as big of an empire as Oprah…

But you WOULD like to maintain your energy as you work towards doing All.The.Things in YOUR busy life.

That’s why I want to share the ONE mindset shift to help you do that. 

This hack is to think about your day as a marathon instead of a sprint.

With this mentality, it’s no longer about getting to your destination as fast as possible, then stopping.

It becomes about getting to your destination at a strong pace you can maintain all day… and feeling good longer – while still achieving your goal.

On today's episode I'm giving you 4 ways to develop a Marathon Mindset to avoid burnout, sleep well at night, and crush All.The.Things on that to-do list