How Automation Will Save Your Life & Business

Outrageous - but truthful - claim ahead: automation is what will save your life and biz.

Mostly because it saves your sanity… and when you keep your sanity in check, everything else falls right into place. Know what I mean?

And I don’t mean filling your house with robots, outsourcing everything, and putting life on autopilot.

Nope. I mean that kinda sounds like the future someday (and maybe present for some)  but for now? Let’s just start small.

Think about it this way… (if you’re not totally believing me that automation is life saving): how much do you mentally track in your brain on a daily or weekly basis?

Stuff like… the next time you need to go to the store and what specific items you need to purchase.  You know “all the things” you replenish regularly… TP, supplements, laundry detergent, dog food….

Or when your next set of bills are due...

The form you need to fill out for the class trip at your kid’s school...

Deadlines for projects or other work stuff... 

Peeps you need to follow up with...

It’s never ending. And I haven’t even scratched the surface yet… our brains hold a lot of stuff that we have to do in a given day, week or month.

Listen to today's episode to get my 3 tips for easily automating your life and business. 

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